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No Landing at Madeira

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I have recently purchased and installed Madeira X Scenery not sure which forum to post in hope I have the right one

I had a few problems scenery wise when I started that appears to be ok now.


My biggest problem is that No AI Traffic appear to land despite watching for some time ( I use My Traffic 2013 and Vox ATC )

I have followed all instructions in the manual also instructions given by Aerosoft moderator.


Take off is only ok from runway 5 scenery is excellent with runway 23 the aircraft are ok until the end of taxiway just before entering the runway for take off

at that point it vanishes and another aircraft comes into view.


The manual says to disable the BGL in MY Traffic that sorts the scenery ok if it is set as normal traffic do attempt to land but call missed approach every time also the scenery is not right when you land.

I have checked 4 of my other Aerosoft Airports and they work a dream


Hope someone out there can help


Regard Graham

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As a temp fix  try turning off "Aircraft cast shadows on the ground" under the Aircraft tab and see if that fixes the disappearing aircraft. Double check that your settings match what is in the manual and you do not have any conflicting scenery's in that area. Any other traffic programs might be affecting it also. I would also check to make sure you have all updates and or the latest version.

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Thanks for replies I already have "Aircraft cast shadow on the ground" turned off also I have reinstalled Madeira complete with update complied with there manual settings

I also have FS Global but have disabled the local mesh for Madeira as suggested by Aerosoft.

Also disabled two files in the FSX Scenery Library again as instructed by Aerosoft.

Even one of the developers at Vox is scratching his head trying to see what,s going on.

I have a theory  of runway 23 as this one is built on pillars.


Kind Regards



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