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Found 11 results

  1. Flight One Software has developed, in partnership with Cessna Aircraft Company, the Cessna 162 Skycatcher. This aircraft was Cessna's entry into the general aviation light sport trainer aircraft category. This next generation aircraft gives you a perfect balance of efficient innovations, state-of-the-art technology with the G300 equipped cockpit, along with classic good looks. Flight One Software is proud to bring this authentic rendition of the Cessna 162 Skycatcher to simulation enthusiasts. There are over one-hundred 162 SkyCatchers flying today. Even though Cessna no longer produces the SkyCatcher, this is a quite unique aircraft to add to your simulation library. Flight One Software is glad to now make this aircraft free to the aviation community. The SkyCatcher is now a free product at Flight1. For more info and installation instructions, go here- Click here...
  2. Our first review of 2016 is Andrew Godden's appraisal of Alabeo's Cessna 400 'Corvalis' TT. As usual, Andrew puts the product through some very stringent testing. Read on...
  3. Just published is our final review of the year, the Cessna 207 'Skywagon' by Alabeo. Andrew Godden takes a look at this unique and interesting aircraft and gives his views on its performance in the simulator. Read on...
  4. Here are a couple shots of the old lady and me headed home to east Tennessee for the holidays. Anyone else traveling before the New Year?
  5. I dont know if this is the right places but i found those gauges interesting for a budget cockpit. http://gaugesmith.blogspot.com.br/ I tested only Cessna gauges in a network pc. Useful if you want gauges in other monitors.
  6. Hi guys, I have just completed a great short haul flight from Selfoss to Heimaey above some of ORBXs FTX Global scenery featured in their free demo of the entire island of Iceland, please enjoy! Feedback is always welcomed. Loading everything & everyone up, ready for the daily morning flight from Selfoss to Heimaey. Lining up ready for departure. Climbing up and out of Selfoss Aerodrome. Following Gaulverjabaejarvegur (Road) as a visual reference point. Poking our head up and above the clouds. Nice sunrise this morning for the passengers to enjoy! Passing over / near to Krakuvatn. Cruising along, skimming the clouds as we go. Our first glimpse of Heimaey, surrounded by coastal fog as per usual. Beginning our descent in preparation for our approach onto the Island. The sea looks relatively calm today the fisherman should get a good catch! The passengers are getting a great aerial view of the Island today despite a slight fog! Coming in to land a little high, don't want to hit that church though! Passing over the threshold, throttle cut. Parked up with everyone on their merry way! Looks like another early bird was following me! I highly recommend the trip - you get to see some great landforms and some great sights. Thanks for viewing!! Sam.
  7. Just published is Andrew Godden's review of Alabeo's Cessna 172RG 'Cutlass II' A classic aircraft, has it been given the classic Alabeo treatment? Read on...
  8. Just published is Andrew Godden's review on the Cessna 337H ‘Skymaster’ HD Series, developed by Carenado. Read what Andrew thinks of this unusual twin engine push-pull aircraft. Read on
  9. Oovee Game Studios is proud to present the Cessna 337 Skymaster Sound Pack for Flight Simulator X. Showcasing superior audio quality with original sounds recorded from the real-life prototype, this pack is guaranteed to thrill. Producing a life-like experience, this pack covers all aspects including: - Original internal and external engine sounds. - Start-up and shut-down sounds. - Cockpit vibrations, wind and ground rumbles. - Propeller blade and non-combustion sounds. - Faithful representation of Flaps, Gear, Gyro and Fuel pumps. - Unprecedented audio quality sampled in-game at 16bit-48 KHz utilizing FSX sound cone technology. Perceive the feeling of piloting the legendary Cessna Skymaster with its twin-210 horse powered Continental IO-360 engines as they raw into life when you purchase and download this pack. Tested and recommended with Carenado’s Cessna 337 Skymaster which is also available to purchase at most online Flight Simulator stores. Preview video More here
  10. Our latest review is by Tim Arnot who has been giving the Cessna T181T a thorough flight test. See how Tim rated this turbo GA Tourer. Read on
  11. Spectacular maneuvers in a Cessna: A couple is out with his light aircraft into turbulence and was forced to land. Suddenly the people saw in a residential area of ​​town on Main floor something extraordinary. Only the shock was great, then the wonder of the arts of the pilot. In the middle of a residential area in Lower Franconia has made ​​an emergency landing on Sunday a sport pilot his plane from Hesse. He and his wife who were co-pilot, while only slightly injured. The airplane not a single car scratched, touched a garden fence, not even shaved yet the apple trees in front yards. The two pilots were started in the morning Reichelsheim (EDFB) with the machine towards Aschaffenburg (EDFC). Then - as the first assessment of the police - the engine had a technical defect (engine failure). The pilot decided to make an emergency landing and turned the light aircraft in the middle of a residential area in town on Main floor. There he saw a deserted road. He used it as a runway. First he pulled off with one wing slightly and took a rooftop antenna with a satellite, then the Cessna landed hard on the ground and dragged several feet along the tar. Finally buckled in on itself and the aircraft came to a halt. At that time, a double chain of rescue was begun: The startled residents informed the police, at the same time called for a machine installed in the emergency channel radio for help. The pilot and his wife, both 47y.o., were only slightly injured in the crash and were hospitalized. At the time of the emergency landing were no residents on the street after the crash landing, but many onlookers flocked to the crash site. That the accident ended so lightly is truly "spectacular," said police spokesman Michael Zimmer: "The fact that the pilot in this situation was capable of on a normal wide residential street that is a corridor of six feet to land, really speaks for his flying skills. "The road was temporarily closed for further investigations. The airplane is scrap. Otherwise, only a lantern was broken. source: Sueddeutsche Zeitung The machine is scrap. But what the heck, the main thing is they are alive. http://www.bild.de/news/inland/notlandung/notlandung-in-tempo-30-zone-anwohner-feiern-wunder-von-stockstadt-19651112.bild.html Damn !