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Found 2 results

  1. Where Angels fear to fly........

    My wife thought that it would be fun to fly (in my flight sim) in Texas. and being the dutiful husband that I am (), I took off in the Sate if Texas using real time weather in a Cessna C172SP. The head wind was 57 knots! Unless there was considerable power running, the plane was blown backwards on the runway. I did manage to take off in blinding rain and come back into land. That was the interesting bit......the poor little Cessna did a pretty good impression of the Hawker Siddeley Harrier hovering! I did land.....eventually! (NOT to be tried in a real plane!) And to those in the path of Harvey, keep safe! Martin
  2. Hello, This may be a stupid question, but I recently installed the FTX Tasmania demo because I wanted a glimpse of what orbx scenery looked like. I already have REX and when I went to the weather settings in free flight, it had replaced the REX option with a bunch of ORBX weather options. I start the flight and after a few seconds, REX updates as usual and it switches back to REX weather. Is it normal for ORBX to replace the REX weather setting for its own settings? And if so, does it even matter because REX seems to be working fine. Thanks