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Found 3 results


    Picked this area up in the sale, Southern California......quick trip from KSEE to KSNA.......had to turn of AS16 as the cloud was so low......using one of my A2A craft.....I do think I can adjust the settings it seems to me on performance I could possibly dial up the detail a notch or 2 more....
  2. I am looking for a Boeing, preferably a 737 for P3Dv4, it must be updated for v4. I think the PMDG one is probably a little to much for me, not cost just to many systems but I may be wrong... I think there are a few - Captain Sim, Milviz, maybe iFly 747......my only experiance with Boeings apart from QW757 is a 737 from IXEG in XP11....so I probably need one with a good tutorial.... no rush so if you know one is due for update soon then I can wait. with v4 like XP11 I am only installing stuff I will use, I am waiting for the Aerosoft updates to the 320 which I believe will require a paid upgrade but I may have misunderstood that.... I suppose if the new CRJ might be an option... Budget isn't anissue but it needs to be one that helps me learn.... Any thought welcome........ thaks Wayne
  3. Suggested Settings v4

    Hi, So I thought it would be a good idea to post settings in here that may help others in setting up P3D v4 - Obviously everybody's hardward and setups differ so please only use this as a guide, your experience may differ to mine. Feel free to post your setups here too and also add your machine specs too - as this will make it easier for people to compare specs and settings together. Well here are mine (so far) - If I update I will update this post... Machine Specs: CPU - Intel i7 4790k @ 4.4GHz GPU - Nvidia GTX1070 8GB HD's - 2 SSD's - one for scenery and one with 2 partitions - one for windows and one for P3D install RAM - 16GB Settings: First of all I use a tool called 'HotKey Resolution Changer' found here - https://funk.eu/hrc/ This will set a hotkey to switch between 60Hz and 30Hz monitor refresh rate - I use this as I use v-sync and that will try to keep the fps at whatever the refresh rate of the monitor is. So for instance, if I run unlimited fps and v-sync on, with a refresh rate of 30Hz - I will get 30fps in the sim. The combination of 30Hz, v-sync on, unlimited frames works really well in terms of smoothness. The reason for the last screenshot is to show I use DirectInput rather than Raw Input - this has given me a smoother control with rudder and yoke.