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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Lads (and Lassies), Some questions from a newbie to P3Dv4 (actually v4.1): First, a list of equipment -Win7 Pro, FSUIPC5, CPU i7 4470 @ 3.4Ghz, GPU Nvidia GT730, 1920X1080, 2Gb video RAM, 8Gb DDR3 Memory, High-end 500 Gb HDD. All drivers up to date and all Win7 updates are current. There are a whole lot of airplanes in the xxx\P3Dv4\SimObjects\Airplanes sub-directory that don't show up in the "Select Vehicle" splash screen. An example is the Lear 45. It has a sub-directory entry, complete with (dot)air and (dot)cfg files and a few liveries. However, it does not show on the list of flyable aircraft. Is this, and others like it, AI airplanes that show up as air traffic from time-to time? This specific one caused me some grief because I particularly like flying that plane. It has a sub directory with exactly the same label as FSX (Lear45). So I copied the P3Dv4 directory out to my desktop and renamed it "SAVELear45". I then brought the entire Lear45 file over from FSX and loaded it in place of the folder I'd moved. This process worked seamlessly in P3Dv3, but it is giving me fits in v4. The airplane shows up in the "Select Vehicle" menu. Loads with no issues and flies just fine. Even records logbook hours as it should. This might be a good time to remark that all of my axis controls and some of my button controls are configured using FSUIPC5. Some of the button controls that are configured are the switches at the bottom of the lever travel on my Saitek throttle quadrant. These switches, one at each lever, throttle, prop, mixture, are activated by moving past the lower lever detent and are assigned to; (throttle) = thrust reverser, (pitch) = prop feather, and (mixture) = mixture cutoff. The re-assignments work well when flying any aircraft in FSX or P3Dv3. The grief comes when I shut the engines off by using the switch at the bottom of the mixture lever travel (Idle Cutoff, Cntl-Shft-F1). The engines shut down as they are supposed to, however the keyboard also completely shuts down. None of the keys do anything. The mouse still works OK, so I can get at the on-screen menu and exit the scenario and the sim. Originally, I thought this was an issue exclusive to the ported over Lear, however, such is not the case. The default F22 Raptor does exactly the same thing when I kill the engines this way. This does not happen if I shut the engines down by pulling back on the throttle levers (in a military jet) in the Virtual Cockpit to the idle cutoff stop. It also does not occur if I use the keyboard entry cntl-shft-F1. It only happens if you leave the mixture lever in the idle cut-off position (continually sending the cntl-shft-F1 instruction to the Sim. I've yet to try this in FSX, but seeing as its never happened to me before, I'm going to guess that this is a P3D/FSUIPC5 thing.