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Found 1 result

  1. 11/1/2011 : Why I'll never - ever - install "ORBX" scenery ever into my Simulator !!! I have in the past had some really great scenery installed in an older previous version of my Flight Sim - (2002-pro), from reputable creators & designers , and without any problems . I have had now for some time "FSX Gold Acceleration edition", with a brand new Amped up computer with 6 GB of Ram, a good graphics card, and a big hard drive. I have recently tried again for the 2nd time, to install some of "ORBX's" so called FREEWARE scenery into my FSX Flight Sim. Again, for the 2nd time , its became a total Failure, ( there will be no 3rd time ever !!), enough is enough ~ !! I was "Assuming" / Guessing/ under the Assumption - that those guys over at "ORBX" knew what they were doing, after looking at their web site with all those glorious screen shots / photos of their supposed enhanced scenery, they are trying or attempting to sell all of us on for our Flight Simulators . I had my doubts about some of their scenery, Freeware or Payware from the git go, as to rather the majority of us out here would even be able to use it with our computers, as it appears that have some fairly intense looking graphics, that could affect frame rates big time and a users Graphics card as well. That and after spending like 4 hours on their web site reading all about their scenery packages they have to offer , I seen no where on the site at all in "Specific detail" anywhere exactly as to which Flight Sim their products were geared for ??? I assumed they were geared for FSX version, which after hours & hours of reading thru redundt material, I finally found the answer I was looking for, but WHY did I or anyone else really need to spend copious hours looking for that information ?? When clearly it should of been very visible above all their downloads in the Titles, as to rather its for FS2004 or FSX ~ !! So I emailed them and posted about it in their Forums, and BINGO, within 15 minutes of that post - my account was toast , gone, banned, outta there, hung out to dry by either the owner of ORBX or some jugheaded moderator on some powerful Ego Trip ~ !! Also, on both their FREEWARE and PAYWARE add on's I notice there is not 1 word, in the products descriptions or the Titles as to the FACT, that you will also need additional add on's to go along with their sceneries to make them & show up in your simulator. You will find all that out, "after" you download one of their sceneries and it won't show up and YOU spend countless hours in their so-called Help Forums, hopefully looking for an answer to your problem. Why you need to go to some of these HELP forums in the 1st place is beyond me ! If the product was designed and created right - and - throughly & properly Tested before it was released , so any & ALL Bugs could be fixed - you wouldn't need to spend countless of hours in their Forum or anybody elses for that matter ! So, I ended up deleting all those downloads out of my computer over their lack of response and poor attitude. Recently I had an itch to just for grins try one of their airport sceneries I seen,, somewhere else - thought what the heck, I'll try it install it ,,, so, I procedded to download it,, to the ol' puter' and I started the Self Installer and clicked on all the little next icons and agreements and all that other B.S. you go thru - I was Assuming under Assumption once again, (wrong), that because it had a Self - Installer it would do the right job and I'd be up and flying and checking out this new airport in minutes (wrong), turns out the Self Installer , installed all the files in the wrong Directory, what I find really AMAZING, now,,, is that I've never had any problems with ANY of the other recently downloads I've done from Carnedo or Captain Sim, or A2A Simulations or Just Flight or from the VC 10's site or from CR1' softwares sire ALL their self installers worked beautifully and perfectly and Installed everything right where it was supposed to, as it was Designed to do, and PRESTO' I was up flying and enjoying my new aircrafts in minutes , unlike this ORBX site with their poor self installers - and whats even more Amazing - I did NOT need to spend countless of hours in any of those sites FORUMS, seeking an answer as to why their product didn't or couldn't install correctly into my Flight Sim, which left me more time to actually Enjoy Flying some Aircraft, which is why I bought the Flight Simulator in the 1st place - NOT so I could spend endless hours in somebodys Help Forum and endless hours Fixing my Sim, because of some poor creator / Designers package was half assedly put together with lack of concern on anybodys elses part. What really T's me off, really really un-nerves me is the total and complete lack of communication by some of these creators / designers, as to what their products are actually for- such as FS 2004/ fs9 or FSX,,, seen that a lot lately in titles no real definitive clear indictation of what sim its really for, back again to Assuming and guessing reading minds ,,,,,, nor do they list it in their descriptions of their Aircraft or Scenery for whatever reasons. I notice that with ORBX, and I have read all their descriptions & titles in their FREEWARE scenery packages - does it say anywhere - you'll need 2 or 3 other add on's for their scenery to work & show up,,, I was Assuming - guessing - under ther Assumption that all that would of came with whatever I - we - were downloading, since they did not mention anything at all about needing it , so why would I 2nd guess anything ?? It wasn't till after I Tried to install 1 of their scenery packages that I start finding all this out - wondeful huh,,,,,,, so much for enjoying that new airport in just minutes huh ??????? So, now I attempt to download the rest of what they say I need to make their scenery show,,, so, I go and do it,,, after its downloaded I attempt to install it too,,,, and "Bingo"- guess what - their Self - Installer does the exact same thing the other one did - put everything in the wrong Directory again, just like the other one, I went to the airport I was wantin too like 5 times and the scenery is still in its default mode from Fsx,,, so I ended up tearing apart the file/folder structure to find out what happened where everything ended up,,,, NOW your thinking , just direct the Self Installer to the right Directory, its that simple - Right ,,,,,, (wrong) - You can't direct it to any other directory other than the 1 directory those GOONS over at ORBX set up when they set up the Self Ianstaller !!!! I wanna be perfectly clear here - they designed and created the products, they are the ones who's putting the products out there - they themselves created & designed, for all of us to supposedly use & enjoy - their the ones who really truly should take Responsibility for making sure their stuff WORKS properly before any of us ever get our hands on it - there should NOT be any problems with the Self Installer putting all the files Exactly where they need to go within your simulator - IF others can do it , then so can these clowns at ORBX, - - - Captain Sim software and their 707's did it - A2A Simulations and their boeing 377's went where they belong no problem - CR1 Software and their ford trimotors did it and Just Flight and Carenado designers were able to do it - so whats ORBX's problem - not paying attention ?? outta the loop ?? just don't care ??? just want your money - and you figure it out, best you can !!!!!!!!!!!! Ohh and why aren't we told "before hand" that we all need about 2 other additional add on's to make their scenery work ???? Why can't they just include what we need in the download in the 1st damn place- since its being offered for Free anyweay, put it all in 1 package and save us the hours of Ridlicious & redundt stupid agony over trying to fix our sims after we download their JUNK !!! Its people like this that ruin the Flight Sim Experience for the rest of us, thats NOT truly what this should at all be about , is having to spend endless hours trying to fix and Diagnose our sims for whatever we downloaded from some Bozo's trying to sell or give us something that clearly don't know what their doing - I've personally am Fed Up, and had enough of the lousy dedication from those who just don't care and aren't as serious about this hobby as the rest of us !! Keep in mind we spend a great deal of money for computers - software - hardware and Quality add on's so that "WE" may Fly these aircraft in OUR computers - I personally did NOT invest almost $3,000 dollars the last 18 months in my simulator stuff just so I could constantly diagnose & Fix my simulator because of someones elses lack-a-dasical don't give a flyin **** attitude about what "WE" simmers encounter on the other end, because of someone elses poor creation & design's !!! I'm NOT going to even attempt to install ORBX's scenery manually, tho I could very easily, hell I repaint aircraft and flip files all the time and know how to tear into the file/folder structure of flight sim,, but that shouldn't be something any of US should be doing when they offer a Self Installer anyway, and even if they didn't, like some don't - least they could be more "forthcoming" with precise information, and , Clear communication for the rest of "US", but they don't !! I just got thru researching some of this before I ever came here for this "Rant" - so if any of you out there have any doubts - go "Google" - "ORBX install problems" , speaks for it self !!! My Advice to all Simmers - don't waste too much time on somebody elses "JUNK" they throw out here, especially if you find yourself longer than 15 to 30 minutes trying to make it work,,, get rid of it, Trash it - and get back to Flying , that is after all why WE have these simulators and all this hardware & software !!!! There are really good decent Quality software out there and some really great designers & creators too, as mentioned above , but not just from my experience but many others too,,,, "ORBX" just ain't got it, their stuff looks good , evidently it don't perform for jack - diddly - Squat !!! Please post a response to this, your experiences with ORBX or any other Sim, good , badd YOU tell right here - don't be subtle let it out man, we all wanna know ! Don't forget - to Actually Fly Sometime too ~ !!! The Jetranger !