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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, I've been really enjoying the new Real Air Duke V2 recently. It's not often I feel the urge to share my FS screenshots, but I just couldnt stop hitting the V key on my latest flight. The Duke has all the right angles for me, and the VC has to be the highest quality GA interior I've ever had loaded onto my system. The route I took was NZWN to NZHK, via WB VOR and NS VOR, for an NBD/DME 21 approach. Scenery installed below was Orbx's NZNI and NZSI, in conjunction with REAL NZ's payware Woodbourne and Nelson photoreal airports, and their 2013 freeware Hokitika as my final destination. DULEX3 SID from the capital Overheading WB Crossing Nelson Top of descent from 12,000 feet Overheading the beacon to commence the approach Breaking visual in the reversal turn Offset final approach Welcome to Hoki!
  2. Hi everyone, Long time lurker- first time poster here. I’m a ‘real world’ commercial pilot from NZ, and have been a frequent visitor to this website every time I search a FSX addon review! Recently, I’ve really been enjoying the FTX NZNI package from Orbx and thought I’d start up a topic here detailing a collection of scenic VFR flight plans that I’ve created to show off the part of the world that I’ve spent over 600 'non simulated' hours exploring and enjoying. I've also posted a copy of this thread over on their official support forums, but thought it wouldn't hurt to share my posts here too! Hopefully my local aviation knowledge will be of some benefit to overseas simmers and these flights along lesser known routes will add an extra level of immersion into the world of FSX. I’ll add in a few photographs I’ve snapped from various cockpits for a comparison of how realistic I’ve found NZNI to be, along with planG and .PLN files for you to download and navigate with. Any questions welcomed, cheers! First things first- for the most realistic feel to these flights, I recommend setting the following variables inside FSX: -Date, late January. This allows the dry-ish brown and beige summertime terrain textures to load. To my eye, the other seasonal textures appear a little too bright and green, although all the NZ tourism department ‘100% pure’ and ‘clean green’ advertising campaigns would love to disagree with me! -Time, 16:45 local. The late afternoon light provides great shading and provides a very atmospheric feel as the sun gets lower in the sky. All the tones that you wouldn’t see during bright middle of the day flights become apparent and are perfect for screenshots! In the sim, ‘dusk’ doesn’t begin loading until 18:07 NZDT on Jan 23rd, so we have a good hour and a quarter time window to explore under daytime VFR. -Weather. In the middle of summer over here, it’s common for a large high pressure system to anchor itself over the center of the island creating favorable flying conditions for a few days. However, after a week or so, the air becomes stagnant and a hazy layer becomes apparent in the sky, along with CU build up from the lingering moisture. 30km vis from the surface to 10,000ft works well, along with broken clouds from say 3500 to 7500ft. Winds can be from the SW, no stronger than 10 knots, along with some light turbulence which is common nearby the jagged terrain we’ll be virtually exposed to. -Aircraft, a single engine tourer suits each of my routes. Something with a STOL kit would be advantageous, otherwise, compromise by selecting a type with a large engine and little weight in the back. Select the pilot as the only person on board, get rid of any luggage and bring the tanks down to 50% full. We can always pick up more avgas enroute if we need too! My steed of choice is usually the Carenado Rockwell Commander. -Rules. We’ll be operating under Visual Flight Rules, with NZ CAA law dictating we must remain clear of cloud and in sight of the surface below 3000ft AMSL/ 1000ft above terrain (whichever is the higher of the two). Above 3000ft in uncontrolled airspace, we must maintain 1000ft vertical and 2km horizontal separation from cloud, along with a minimum of 5km visibility. A pneumonic to remember is N.O.S.E +500 which stands for North Odd, South Even in relation to VFR cruising levels in New Zealand. Below 3000ft whilst outside of controlled airspace, you may fly in any direction you wish (weather/terrain/traffic permitting)- however, once above, whilst heading from 270 – 089 degrees, you must be at 5500, 7500, 9500 etc. From 090 – 269, your altitude should be 4500, 6500, 8500 etc. NZ Aeronautical Information Publications can be downloaded for free from here. They include .PDF charts for approaching, departing and operating at all of the airfields that we'll be virtually visiting.
  3. Hello All, I hope this hasn’t been posed/mentioned before, however I was browsing through John’s excellent collection of charts, and noticed there are none for New Zealand. For those that want to fly down there, all the New Zealand plates (and for that matter the full Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) along with its supplements) is available online here (no login required): http://www.aip.net.nz/ The charts themselves are here: http://www.aip.net.nz/NavWalk.aspx?section=CHARTS I hope this is useful to those wanting to visit middle earth, and is not detrimental to the excellent collection of plates available here! Unfortunately the airways charts are not online, however the Standard Route Document (SRD) is there, and may be useful for NZ flight planning. Peace and Love, Fred 'mulletman' Clark.