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Found 17 results

  1. needing a little help here please, if a monitor has a res of 2560-1440 and fsx / p3d has a res of 1920- 1080 how is the display effected? does it get stretched? is it more detailed, more pixels? also re xp11 I can't seem to see anything about resolution for that, anyone have any ideas? still haven't pulled the trigger on a new monitor.........more money available now though....
  2. Hi. I currently run FSX Gold on an 8 year old system. Ultimately I would like to fly P3D v4, but for this I will need a completely new rig, and that is unfortunately not financially possible this year. I am looking for an interim upgrade to last me the next year or so. My current system is a Dell Studio XPS 8000, running W7/64 on an i7 860 @ 2.80 GHz with 8 GB RAM and an OEM GeForce GTS 240 with just 1 GB graphics memory. My FS setup includes ORBX Global Base, Vector & OpenLC, Pilot's Global mesh, REX, ASN, plus a couple of study level aircraft and several high end airport sceneries (ORBX, Flytampa, Taxi2gate, UK2000, Aerosoft). I run FSX on DX9. You will appreciate that my current system struggles from time to time. When in the air I can usually get 20-30 fps, but on or close to the ground I might get only 10 fps (or lower), and this is with sliders set at a sensible level. I am looking to upgrade my graphics card to try to squeeze a few extra fps out of the system and get it to run more smoothly. I am very well aware that FSX is very CPU dependent - I read somewhere that it is around 75% CPU and 25% GPU. My CPU cannot be overclocked or upgraded. So I am not expecting miracles from a GPU upgrade, but if I can get a small improvement to make things smoother, that would be a success. My current PSU is 350 W. I really need to get more graphics memory, as 1 GB is too little with the addons that I have. Should I aim for 4 GB, or would 2 GB be sufficient for my setup? I have seen EVGA GTX 1050 2 GB at a reasonable price on Amazon, and I think this would fit my PC case. According to the EVGA web site it needs minimum 300 W (but does add that this is based on an i7 3.20 GHz, which is just slightly higher than my specs). Should I change to a more powerful PSU? Can I do this using the same motherboard? Some 4 GB cards I have seen will need at least 400 W, so I need to work out whether this would be feasible for me. As this will be just an interim upgrade, I do not want to spend the earth (and cannot afford to anyway), so I am just looking for a modest improvement until I can afford the new rig. Thank you for any advice you can give. Adrian
  3. With some Christmas money I am thinking of getting P3D v4.1. I would install ot on a partition called "E". My current FSX is installed on a pertition called "D", and I have another disk for the OS etc called "C". Standard stuff. Currently I have an install of FTX Central on the "C" drive which manages all my FSX Orbx scenary, so I guess that points to the D Drive FSX install. Is it possible to have a second FTX Central install to manage ORBX installed scenary in P3D? My plan is to use FSX for all the work-day FS use and to build P3D for just one aircraft initialy.
  4. J G

    A word of warning!

    I have just done a major Windows 10 update and FSX will no longer start. It seems to be the only program that wont. The update is Feature update to windows 10 version 1709. I dont think this is a security ypdate so if you use FSX on Windows 10 you may want to skip it. The update is easily recognisable as the reboot after it begins with a black screen with the single word "Hi" on it. It then goes on to other white on black words, none of which mention that FSX is screwed. I would like to here from anyone that has had this issue and has solved it or anyone who knows how to role back the update. The issue was solved only after I backed out the update.
  5. Hi all! We've just released update 1.2 for TerraFlora, bringing new features and tweaks to the product. We'd like to thank everyone for their feedback as this update couldn't have been done without it! You can find the full details on updating and changelog here: https://www.turbulentdesigns.co.uk/terraflora-update-1-2-0/ New Features: – Added multiple variants for Fall colouring. – Most broadleaf species now have at least two colour variants to reduce the ‘solid carpet’ effect. This means that were a single species is annotated, you will now see colour variants of that species. This is only apparent in Fall and is quite subtle. – Added Red Maples – We had several requests to add missing Red Maples. We’ve added these as a Fall variant (see above) but their placement is quite sparse reflecting the real world as near as we can. – Acacias reworked: The acacia texture has been completely replaced with a new version and the original canopy plane reinstated. – Documentation PDF added (by popular demand) Here are some screenshots!
  6. Flight1 now have the sales page up and ready to take orders! QualityWings Ultimate 787™ Collection for FSX QualityWings, one of the industry leaders in flight simulation now brings you the The Ultimate 787™ Collection for FSX. The Boeing™ 787 Dreamliner™ is a tech marvel of aviation. Using advanced composites, fuel efficiency, new electrical designs, new engine types, the 787 ushers in the future in aircraft design. You can now experience this airliner in FSX (soon to be available in P3D variants). This product is an officially licensed product from Boeing™, and QualityWings has left almost no stone unturned in covering the vast array of features of the 787. Exterior Models Choose between three highly accurate and detailed models: Boeing™ 787-8 Boeing™ 787-9 Boeing™ 787-10 (Release TBD) Based on hundreds of drawings, photos and videos, the exterior models replicate every small detail of the real airplane. Differences between each variant - such as for the main landing gear - are modeled in great detail. In addition we made sure that material reflectivity, aircraft lights and animations closely resemble the real aircraft. There are over 100 Custom animations on the exterior models including, but not limited to: Realistic Wing Flex 787-9 HLFC System Environmental Control System inlets & outlets 787-specific "Autodrag" function 787-specific Maneuver Load Alleviation All Flight Controls APU Inlet Door Landing gear incl. Shock Strut Compression Passenger & Cargo Doors with correct animation And much, much more… Link... http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=qw787
  7. Hi all! Just a heads up, we have more screenshots and details regarding Terra Flora! We’re excited to announce that Terra Flora is currently nearing the end of BETA testing and will be in your hands shortly! We’ve created a selection of screenshots that demonstrate Terra Flora across the globe. There are a lot more screenshots to come, including some from help of friends showing your favourite products! Here are the facts about Terra Flora: – Replacement for all default autogen to improve your simulation experience on a global scale – High definition vegetation textures created by Russ White to raise the bar in detail – Drastically improved colourisation over default vegetation for realism – Seamless blending between TERRA FLORA and REAL FLORA in future airport updates – Revised and optimised autogen models for performance – Support for FSX, FSX:SE, P3D v3 and P3D v4 Release date: September Pricing: £19.99 Link for more screenshots here: https://www.turbulentdesigns.co.uk/terra-flora-approaching/
  8. Hi All! I'm hoping I've posted this in the correct place. Please feel free to smack me up-side the head if I've done it wrong! We've just released KIDA Idaho Falls Regional Airport for FSX, P3D v3 and v4. Here's the announcement on our news board: https://www.turbulentdesigns.co.uk/kida-idaho-falls-regional-airport-released/ Here's the release trailer: Hope you all like! Thanks, Russ Turbulent Designs
  9. I've been doing a bit of research on MH this afternoon. Still haven't found an answer, so I thought I might appeal to the collective wisdom: Problem: Every once in a while the default FSX ATC gets into (what appears to be) an unstoppable loop. here's how it goes - JKM climb and maintain 8,000 JKM descend and maintain 7,000 JKM climb and maintain 8,000 JKM descend and maintain 7,000 JKM climb and maintain 8,000 Usually I don't let it go quite this far. I request higher (go for a big one, like +5,000). ATC will always grant your wish. After a suitable time, most of which is accounted for by getting 5,000 feet higher, the loop starts again. JKM climb and maintain 13,000 JKM descend and maintain 12,000 JKM climb and maintain 13,000 JKM descend and maintain 12,000 At this point, I cancel IFR and work it out for myself. Not too bad if the WX is reasonable, but it sure is a PITA on an AH flight into meteorological mahem. Especially if there's any stuffed clouds ahead. Have any of you worked out how to shake these guys? I have far better ATC software loaded on my computer but I'm trying to use strictly stock (default) FSX weather, aircraft, and ATC for my AH flying. Sort of a hedge against problems that terminate an AH flight out in left field. This is not an AH issue as far as I can see. ATC does this to me without AH in the loop from time to time. Thoughts?
  10. FSX Mad


    Hi guys his was probably answered before but I am starting to get that dreaded beeping noise that leads to an OOM and ruins my flight. How do I fix it ?
  11. Evening everyone! Some exciting news (I'm especially excited about this as I fly the aircraft in real life and I think the microlight market is one that's lacking in FSX) but there is a new Ikarus C42 model coming to FSX and P3D tomorrow! You can check it out here: http://airsim720.com/ It's created by the chaps at sim720, it's COMCO approved and has been tested by real pilots. Not sure how much, but it looks awesome! I know there are people looking for something like this or even this particular aircraft so pretty chuffed that there's finally going to be one available! Cheers all! Dave
  12. hello pilots, i looking for a painter for my va duo airways , i would like to paint : 2x Q400 majestic if someone is interest about that , contact me at ****************************** using Private Message ps. all paid http://duoairways.co.uk/
  13. hello, this is my first time using a forum for support so ill just get to it. there i was about 3 days ago on VATSIM when i notice my OpenLC europe is smearing or merging with FTX global and vector but i didnt know for sure what it was but this was my assumption. i spoke to a streamer about it and he said it was because my openlc etc was not in the right order of prioroty in my scenery library so i look it up on google and there was a perfect list of where they should be set in the scenery library so i start to put the min order and uon halfway through of moving openlc my scenery library goes blank i have no idea why but it didnt seem to damage my simulator so i did nothing. the next day i started up the sim and got a weird glitching aircraft in the free flight section https://gyazo.com/8d39cae8b86da7bdad3d3e31f834d33e So i think huh this is weird and pick a location and spawn in it and everything is blank as if all the textures were deleted https://gyazo.com/9e300652fa5ee5e0263a5f6363fe55ed i have looked all over for help i tried reinstalling many times uninstalling all of my scenery and deleting the fsx.cfg and scenery.cfg and rebuilt a new one and still nothing. i have no clue what to do and hoping someone can help!
  14. I'm new to the forum and flight sim. I do have about 1000 hours flying multi-pistons. I'm now thinking about flying a turbine Duke for which there is an excellent RealAir sim. At this point, I'm not interested in gaming, but actually using the sim to learn to fly. Is there a preference for FSX or P3D? Is either company positioning itself to work with Oculus in the VR realm? Any help and ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
  15. Post removed by Mutley. No adverts are allowed unless placed in the press release forum by staff or accredited developer.