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Found 1 result

  1. Airport Complexity Score We no longer have a file library and only a download capacity for airport diagram bundles. Therefore this complexity score is no longer visible to anyone except Airport Diagram subscribers, who still get it for individual airports with their daily e-mails. If you don't use the airport diagrams from the file library, there's no reason to read this thread. I've developed a "Complexity Score" statistic to give users the ability to judge at a glance how an airport stacks up against others. The score will simply be a number and it will be derived by the standard below. The scoring criteria are subjective and un-scientific, but I've been running it against the new airports produced for a week or so and it appears to do a relatively good job of sorting the airports. Note that the score is intended to reflect both visual and operational complexity, so an airport with a large number of radio frequencies or published approaches could conceivably score higher than one that is visually similar. Beginning tomorrow, 4/27/15, I will begin to include a new statistic on the download page for all new and updated airport diagrams and will also begin to slowly backfit the same data into into the 3,900+ existing diagrams. The latter project will likely take some considerable period of time. I will include a link to this thread in the posting code of each new and edited airport diagram so users can easily refer to the scoring criteria. = = = = = AIRPORT COMPLEXITY SCORING CRITERIA = = = = = Runways: 2 points for each paved runway; 1 point for each un-paved runway. Closed runways receive 1 point less than what would be their normal score so a closed, paved runway gets 1 point and a closed un-paved runway gets 0 points. Asphalt, concrete, tarmac, macadam, bituminous, planks and steel count as paved. The list of un-paved surfaces includes clay, coral; dirt; grass; gravel; oil treated; sand; shale; turf; water; snow; ice. Helipads: Any number = 1 point; none = 0 points Ramps: Any number of ramps and aprons = 1 point; none = 0 points Taxiways: Any number of taxiways, labeled or un-labeled = 1 point; none = 0 points Fuel: Any number of MS fuel pumps = 1 point; none = 0 points Tower: Towered = 1 point; non-towered = 0 points Lighted: If field is lighted, 1 point, including VASI-only lighting; un-lighted gets 0 points. Frequencies: Points equal to the number of published radio frequencies listed in FSX. ILS: Each ILS = 1; a category II or III ILS = 2 points; a Localizer-only approach = 0 points. Navaids: If any NDB, LOM, LMM, DME, VOR or VOR/DME lies on the airport or 20 NM or less from the ARP (Airport Reference Point), 1 point; no navaids within 20 NM = 0 points. Approaches: Points equal to the number of published approaches (available in the FSX GPS) listed in FSX. Buildings: If any within airport fence, or if un-fenced, within the airport "flatten" area, 1 point; no buildings, 0 points. Control tower and MS Fuel pump do not count as buildings. Custom Buildings: If any within airport fence, or if un-fenced, within the airport "flatten" area, 1 point; no custom buildings, 0 points. Oil/fuel tanks count as custom buildings. Multi-plate: If the airport diagram required 2 or more plates, 1 point; 1 plate only, 0 points. = = = = = = = = = = Questions to allardjd@earthlink.net