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Found 91 results

  1. If you've not seen this before, well you're missing out: Pretty good, eh? Cheers - Dai.
  2. Hello, I just installed REX essential+overdrive and everything works well in the REX interface. I changed the configuration to C:/Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X and created a custom texture pack and installed it. The trouble starts when I try to fly. I go to the main menu on REX and click "i just want to fly". FSX boots up and I go to free flight and choose my plane and location. When I click "fly now" it works but has the regular fsx textures. There is a green bar at the top that says REX is trying to load weather data but then an error message pops up in fsx saying it couldn't load weather themes. I click ok and continue flying fsx with the default fsx textures. How do I get REX textures to work? Am I missing something? Thanks
  3. I've been using Jim Keir's FSX Mission Editor (FSXME) for a number of years and find it invaluable for FSX mission development. Like many apps, however, there's quite a steep learning curve to FSXME, so I thought I'd put this basic tutorial together to help anyone who wants to get into FSX mission building and would like to get to grips with Jim's editor. Here's the link: I hope you enjoy the tutorial and that it gives you the confidence to try FSXME for yourself. Who knows, you could be building your own FSX missions within days! Lastly, a big Thank You to Jim Keir, who had the foresight to develop FSXME in the first place. Cheers - Dai.
  4. Hello Fellow Simmers, It’s been a while since I posted some news about my "yet to make flightsimulator". I check the forums now and then to check what you are all up to ;-) I made a short video to show off my garmin undocked an places in a 7 inch usb monitor. A small step but I’m enjoying it! The testflight was in haeavy IFR (snow) conditions for a touch and go on EHVB.     http://youtu.be/KNH2wAzrsHs cheers, Jan
  5. Here's a new site that provides a quick search of FSX airports: http://fsxdb.com/ Looks interesting... Cheers - Dai.
  6. Spent a few hours in the holiday and finally set up my stick for throttle and mixture, then downloaded this....back to the drawing board or spend a few more hours in a holding pattern! Highly recommended! http://www.flightsimonline.com/Avia57/
  7. Mutley's Hangar guide to Multiplay In FSX Sadly, as many have found out, Microsoft has taken the decision to stop providing FSX users with Mutliplayer capability via Gamespy. Although it's a bit of blow, all is not lost. We can still all enjoy a little Mutliplayer fun is fsx by using 'LAN' and 'Direct Connection' to both host and join Multiplayer games. It just takes a few settings changes to make the system work. So here's a brief rundown of how to change these settings and how to get online. FSX Multiplayer Ok, so let's start here as for some, they may not need to make any changes to firewalls or routers. Connecting to a session from FSX is more or less the same. from the log in screen, instead of clicking 'Internet (Gamespy) you can click ’Local Network (Lan)' to join a game. Where it says name, you can just enter your name or indeed any callsign you like, as this login doesn't require your gamespy id to work. Once you've done that, just click 'Sign in' Next you'll find yourself in the lobby, just like gamespy, but there won't be any sessions running. Instead, you'll see the lobby listed as 'Local Network’ . To connect to a session, you'll need to click ’Connect Directly’ at the bottom of the page. If your hosting, I'll deal with that later on. Once you've clicked on 'Connect Directly' you'll be taken to a screen that will ask you for an IP address. This is the IP address of the host. Hopefully your host will have provided you with it before they set up the session. Just enter the IP address as its written and then click, 'Find Sessions' From here you should join the session your looking for and everything after this is just as it was when using gamespy. All your doing really is cutting out the middleman. All Gamespy basically did was to have the address of the Host and distribute it those wishing to join in. Hosting. If your hosting. Things are a little different. As above, select 'Local Network (LAN)' and sign in. Click 'Host Session´ and just like with gamespy, select your type of flight, session name, description and password if required. Then looking at the 'Session availability' section towards the bottom of the page, make sure you have selected 'Make this session visible to everyone’ and the 'On your local Area Network’ Is ticked (you should be unable to select 'on the internet' anyway.) From Here you can click next and the session set up remains as it was for Gamespy. Now an important note is that for you to be a host, you will need to know IP Address. Getting this is very easy. Simply log on to Google and type in 'What's my IP Address' Google very kindly list it at the top of the page saying 'Your Public IP address is x.xxx.xx.x' You need to supply this address to anyone who wants to join the session, Skype or email is good. Ports, Ports, Ports. Chances are, that your main fsx PC isn't really set up for direct connections and a number of ports will need to be open or forwarded. This sounds difficult, but in practice, its usually not to bad. To test whether your ports are indeed open, you can click here to download a handy little tool from the guys who made FShost, a multiplayer server program that allows players from FS2002, FS2004, FSX and P3D to join in a combined multiplayer game. checkout http://www.chocolate...ware.com/fshost for details. Anyway click on http://www.chocolate...ortTest_1.6.exe to download the port test software and run it. hopefully it will report everything is ok. If it doesn't it will show the ports that aren't open. Which Ports to Open There's a number of different ports reported by different people that FS uses to connect. This list should cover all eventualities. Port(s) Protocol Type 6667 TCP 3783 TCP 27900 TCP 28900 TCP 29900 to 29901 TCP 13139 BOTH TCP and UDP 6515 BOTH TCP and UDP 6500 TCP 2300 to 2400 UDP 23456 UDP 6073 UDP 6112 to 6122 UDP 80 TCP With these ports open, you should have no problem getting a multiplayer game running. Opening the ports however is a little technical. When I tried to host a session, i discovered that whist FSX had allowed exceptions through windows Firewall, By broadband router had not. Instead i had to add the ports above to my broadband firewall. here's a basic idea of how to do it, although it will alter from router to router. 1. Log in to your routers homepage (usually 2. you should have a selection marked 'Security' or simply 'port Forwarding' Click on this. almost all routers have a port forwarding ability. If you can't find it on yours, Google the model number to find out where it is. 3. Once you've clicked on 'security' 'setting' or whatever your routers options are, you'll probably be asked to log in to access the features selected. Chances are its something like 'admin' 'user' or even just blank. unless you've changed the login and password details yourself, it should be set to default. Again, Google is your friend and you should be able to find you routers default login details there. 4. now that your into the advanced settings, you can add exceptions to your routers own firewall. I found that most of these ports weren't listed and I had to add them to the routers list. this is usually fairly simple. 5.To add a port, click on something like 'Services' you should then find an option to add a custom port to the list. This is really simple. you'll be asked for name, type, start port and finish port. For name it's a good idea to call them something like FSX1. so you'll know exactly what the open ports are there for. For type, well referring to the table above, it'll either be TCP, UDP or TCP/UDP Start port is the number of the port Finish port is usually the same number if your entering a single port or the last number in the sequence if your adding multiple ports (6112 to 6122 for example) Once you've filled in the appropriate boxes. click save, apply or whatever the option is. You should then see the port you've just added in the services list. Do this for all the ports above numbering them FSX1, 2, 3 and so on. 6. From here you can head back to your firewall or port forwarding screen. there should be two options, Outbound services and inbound services. all the ports we've added are to go into the Inbound service. There are two that also go into the outbound services as well. To Add the first port to the Inbound services section, click add. This should open up a new window. Again options will vary here depending on your router. from the pull down box, select FSX1 Next you should have a default action, usually Block Always. Change this to Allow always. Next you'll need to enter the IP address of the machine running FSX. This IS NOT the same IP address the public sees, rather the IP address assigned by your home network. To find out your PC network IP address go to the windows search bar in the start menu and type CMD This will open a command Prompt. In the command prompt window type ipconfig This will list your ip address. the line you're looking for is IPv4 Address. it should read something like 192.168.0.x where 'x' is the number given to your computer by the router. take this number and enter it in the 'Send to LAN user' window or equivalent of your router. That's it, you've added the service to your routers firewall. do this for all the ports we opened and add them to the inbound side. to the outbound side, also add ports 23456 and 6073 to allow for two way communication between the host and the rest of the group. That's it. your router should now allow you to start a direct connection multiplayer game.
  8. Most of us were dumbfounded when Microsoft, Bless 'Em, pulled the plug on FSX Multiplayer by stopping their funding for FSX Multiplayer using Gamespy. Into the gap pops a new site called: http://www.fsxbeyond....com/index.html Evan Reiter, of Boston Virtual ATC, has stepped into the breach made by Microsoft's abandonment of Gamespy and set up this new website. As the site name suggests, this is a source of information on what the flight sim community can use to replace Gamespy. I'm sure you'll join me in thanking Evan for his foresight in getting the FSXBeyondGamespy website together so quickly - Well Done, Sir (He must be Welsh! - Ed). Cheers - Dai.
  9. abyfredde79


    Hi guys, im new to the forum and doing my first post. I have some fsx videos i like to share. I do most of my flying with the pmdg 737-800... Here you go: Watch in 1080p i possible, Enjoy! ORBX - Jackson Hole ORBX - Cairns International ORBX - Coffs Harbour
  10. Heraklion Nikos Kazantzakis International Airport is the main airport for Crete. Staff reviewer John Steven has take a virtual vacation to see how this software performs. Read on...
  11. Here's a screenshot from the latest Sheikh Adventure: He's in New York - and he's making trouble - Again! He needs you to get him out of a tight spot... The latest 'Sheikh Mission' can be found in the Download section - Good Luck! And post some screenshots, if you can. Thanks. Cheers - Dai.
  12. Needed some time with the Merlin (EH-101), so I tried the (default) FSX Keys Kayakers Mission. Here's how it went - the start at KEWY: Giving the VIP's a close-up view of the cruise liner: Heading back towards Key West Intl: Over the Naval Base (Navy Key West) after turning towards Johnson Key to search for the Kayakers: Ah! There they are! O.K. - first one coming up: Loadmaster's view at the winch point: Number two on his way up: Back home - everyone's very happy - especially the Kayakers! And we get our just deserts - the Boss renews our contract - Result! It's a great mission - have a go... Cheers - Dai.
  13. Here's your chance to try out the Burj Al Arab Hotel helipad approach which I featured in a video, recently. The helipad is 720 above the sea, which washes around the base of this stylistic 7-star luxury hotel, south west of Dubai City This is what the approach looks like: Check the mission out - it's in the Forum's Download section here: Hope you enjoy the mission - please let me know how you get on - Thanks! Cheers - Dai.
  14. Now then, here's something that's not easy to explain: I've noticed that when approaching helipads on top of buildings and light-houses, you sometimes get bits of the scenery object apparently 'poking through' into the virtual cockpit. Rather than try to explain, I made the following video, containing 4 clips for vertical and horizontal movements at Wolf Rock light-house (Earth SImulations) and a helipad tower (Finney Air). What do you think? http://vimeo.com/45087816 If you find similar problems then I'd be really grateful if you could post a description. And, if you think you have the answer, then I'd be really pleased to hear your view! Thanks - Dai.
  15. Some screen shots from the FSX Oil-Rig Shuttle (default) Mission using the MS Bell 206B. This Mission has some spectacular animations as the oil-rig explodes - a very exciting one which will keep you on your toes... Here we are, mid way through the Mission, approaching the oil-rig after picking the 2nd crew member: The last man is on the gantry - he's got to be rescued... ... before the rig blows up: And the crew taken safely back to Rotterdam: Maybe I'll make another video (Aarghhh! No, spare us, Please!! - Ed) Cheers - Dai.
  16. A short video featuring the Needles Lighthouse scenery from Earth Simulations (free-ware - Thanks, Darren!) and the Dodo-Sim Bell 206 - my favourite rotorcraft: http://vimeo.com/44579890 I'm afraid the music's a bit retro - but that's me, I guess... Enjoy! Cheers - Dai.
  17. Downloaded and installed Splashtop XDisplay (2.99 GBP) on the iPad (Thanks, Tim!) and connected to W7 PC via Splashtop Streamer (free). Works very well - a bit stuttery, but there are 3 other PC's connected to our (family) hub. Here's a photo of the iPod with Plan-G displayed on it, with the main monitor behind showing FSX: I've also undocked the New View from FSX and moved this onto the iPad - seems fine. I'm working towards an iPad display of the basic instruments leaving the FSX VC or external view on the main monitor. I'll report progress... I think I've arrived in the 21st Century... Cheers - Dai. P.S. You'll find the Splashtop stuff here
  18. Here are a couple of screenshots of LWDesigns.com.au's up-coming Huey for FSX: and She's in beta at the moment and Lindsay, of LWDesigns, reckons the model should be available before the end of the year - maybe sooner. The screenshots are from the Narsarsuaq_Ammassivik_Shuttle mission available from the download section, here at Mutley's, using Ulrik's (FlightSim.gl) Narsarsuaq-X scenery. I'll post more shots when I can... Cheers - Dai.
  19. Being the proud owner of an iPad, now (Welcome to the 21st Century! - Ed) I'm wondering whether I can 'connect' it to FSX. I've found AirTrack (link and wondered if any of you iPad boffins had views on this, or similar app. My aim would be to have some instruments displayed on a separate screen with the option of control inputs (gear up/down, flaps, etc). Any advice and help gratefully received - Thanks! Cheers - Dai.
  20. I know FSEconomy has been around for some time, but you still might be interested as it combines functions of Air Hauler with FSPassengers (-ish!). Here's the link to the Introduction page "Getting Started": https://sites.google.com/site/fseoperationsguide/getting-started There's a nice video embedded in this page... Cheers - Dai.
  21. Here's a video of Ulrik Mosfeldt's new scenery for Kangerlussuaq Airport (BGSF). Like most places in Greenland, it's cold but very colourful! Ulrik will be publishing Kangerlussuaq-X soon - I'll keep you posted. Enjoy! Cheers - Dai.
  22. Hi all! Here's the latest creation from Rob Richardson, the Airspeed Ambassador - http://www.robertjamesrichardson.co.uk/index.html I think it uses default sounds, but the correct engine sounds are in the BritSim library Kieran
  23. After nearly 70 years locked away in their secret archives, the MoD have just released this newsreel footage of the Reculver trials of Barnes Wallis's 'bouncing bomb', Upkeep. http://vimeo.com/39361058 Enjoy! Cheers - Dai.
  24. Here's how the 'Old Lady' does it - bang on the Numbers and no bouncing - enjoy! http://vimeo.com/38270062 Music may be a bit before your time, but so was the Lanc! Cheers - Dai.
  25. Is there a way of finding out the flight plans of the AI aircraft that are in the FSX programme, and their take off and landing schedules? I am often at an airport, and I see the planes taxing and taking off, or coming in to land; and I would like to know how I can find out when these flights are scheduled for. For a bit of fun, I try to take off with them and try to follow them - it's just a bit of fun and quite a challenge because they turn suddenly and I don't have any knowledge of what their flight plans are. Any ideas?