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Found 91 results

  1. Hi guys, A few shots from tonight's quick wiz round the sky, enjoy! Cheers, Sam.
  2. Hi Guys, A recent landing of mine in the DC-9 nearly ended in disaster got a bit low & slow on short finals. Applied full throttle & nearly ended up landing a quarter of the way down the runway!! Cheers, Sam.
  3. I'm seeing a strange effect in the on-screen FSX menu. Has anyone seen this before? The screenshot is the top left corner of my FSX (window mode). Any ideas as to what's causing it? It is not happening all the time and I'm not able to correlate it with any particular aircraft. Doesn't affect the performance of the menu.
  4. Painting the kitchen ceiling held priority over flying today but still stole two short loops during coffee breaks.
  5. SIM720 announced today the release of their latest product Augutsa Airport (KAGS) This interesting airport in Georgia has a long history dating back to WWII where it was a flight training school, now it’s a regional hub for commercial flights. Used by US Airways and Delta. It also sees a surge in traffic for the Masters Golf tournament. Features High-res ground polygon. Photo-real layout and textures (30cm resolution). Hand placed hi-res buildings within airport boundaries. Animated People. Extensive library of airport clutter. Accurate taxiway lanes. Custom made static aircraft. Custom night-lighting. Compatible with Default, MegaSceneryEarth and Orbx Global. DX10 compatible. Installs into FSX, P3Dv1 and P3Dv2. More here
  6. Here's a trailer for an FSX mission that Brett and I worked on some time ago that I've updated: https://vimeo.com/95997614 If you'd like to try the mission, you can download it from here: https://app.box.com/files/0/f/0/1/f_17351268331 Cheers - Dai.
  7. SIM720 Studios announced today the release of their latest product Santa Barbara Airport (KSBA) This is a great airport - over 80 buildings modelled, Interior perspective on the buildings (believed to be a world first), animated people, and 2 millimetre / pixel tiled texture on the taxiways and runways. All of this has been achieved without affecting the frame rate performance. Features High-res ground polygon. Photo-real layout and textures (30cm resolution). Hand placed hi-res buildings within airport boundaries. Animated People. Custom auto-gen buildings outside the airport boundary. Extensive library of airport clutter. Accurate taxiway lanes. Custom made static aircraft. Custom night-lighting. Compatible with Default, MegaSceneryEarth and Orbx Global. DX10 compatible. Installs into FSX, P3Dv1 and P3Dv2. More here [EOM]
  8. Hey guys, Recently I've been having a lot of trouble with my FSX. I had it running fine for about 2 years without a single error, then PMDG released their 777 then that's when all the issues started. To put it simply, I can't fly any long haul flights due to the fact that I get the dreaded 'Your computer has run out of memory' error when around FL060. I must emphasize that even when I'm monitoring the VAS usage when descending and I notice it's getting to the 3.7/8 mark, Lowing settings literally does nothing at all. I have done a few tweaks that have allowed me to just about complete flights such as the bufferpools=0, texture resolution=1024 and so on. This issue has driven me to do a complete re-install, even onto a separate partition on my drive to see if that helps, and still no luck. I've asked PMDG about this and they insist it isn't their plane doing this (which it is). I have only the addons I'm using for the flight since the others would be pretty pointless and I've heard drain performance (which again, disabling them does absolutely nothing). Also might I add that I have FTX GLOBAL, VECTOR and ENG installed and running in Hybrid mode, also UK2000 (now this is where I can't land due to the amount of VAS usage that seems to build up.) Any help guys would be greatly appreciated! Literally my last hope since everyone over on the Avsim forums seems a little obnoxious about my post regarding the same issue.... Best regards Ben
  9. Hi everyone, My old Windows XP machine was chugging along with its 150 GB hard drive and I noticed only the other day that it was getting near to full with all my home made scenery. So I decided to simple copy and paste the FSX across to my external USB Verbatim hard drive. Then I opened this up and found the fsx.exe folder and put a link on the desk top. OK I now have a new FSX icon on the desk top so holding my breath I pressed the icon and FSX sprung into action. I tested it out and noticed that the flights load faster and flying the stock Cessna 172 is very smooth at 20 FPS and the quality is spot on. So far so good, now to remove the FSX on the C drive to free up more space. So you have to go to the C drive and look for Microsoft Games. This is the ONLY folder you should right click on and delete. In Windows XP the files are so large that the rubbish bin cannot handle them so XP asks is it OK to permanently delete all. At this point I took a deep breath and hit delete ALL. OK back to the desk top and delete the old short cut and then open FSX with the new icon pointing to the external drive. Yes it works perfectly OK. I now have a virtually empty C drive and Windows XP running a lot faster. Hope this helps others.
  10. I researched the forum posts here on Mutley's to see if I could find a solution - there are a couple of references, but nothing specific to my problem. I loaded a new 3rd party airport (CYYJ_2011) into FSX yesterdy and started getting the following error: So I went looking and found the reference in my ....\FSX\Scenery directory i the Scenery.CFG file - here's what it looks like (note the Area.117 heading): I reasoned that all I'd have to do is either: 1. Change the line "Active=True" to "Active=False" 2. Remove (comment out) the whole block of code under the [Area.117] heading I copied and pasted Scenery.CFG to the same directory, thus creating a back-up copy of the file to return to if everything went sideways. Then I loaded FSX. All went well initially. The error box did not show on loading the FSX Menu with my default aircraft and my (new) default airport (CYYJ - the one in question here). But, when I hit "Fly Now", FSX crashed, showing a white screen and "FSX Not Responding" in the menu bar. Not to be discouraged, FSX does this "Not Responding" thing often, I shut it all down and started FSX again. This time when I hit "Fly Now" all went swimmingly. Inquiring minds must know...so I tried #2 (commenting out the whole block). Looks like this: This time, FSX loaded, but displayed it's "Configuring New Scenery Files" (or something similar - went way too fast to really see it) pop-up box before it went to the FSX Menu. "Fly Now" went without a hitch. I'm going to recommend #2 as the preferrable method of solving this problem. That is, other than NOT installing any 3rd party software in the first place. Maybe this will help someone else in the future.
  11. patrico


    Hi guys, jut a quick update. I haven't been on Mutley's much lately, as I have been very busy with my complicated problems. The good news is that, after installing W8.1 seems to have fixed my Saitek joystick problems. I appreciate everyone trying to help me by giving me their various tweaks, but the problem that I encountered was that a particular tweak that may work for one person, does not for another as each system is set up entirely different. So with a lot of perseverance and some hockus pocus of (tweaks that I do not understand) I think that I have the system up and running for me, but I am still getting the odd CTD, which I am working on at the moment. I am also learning how to fly the 777 properly, which is challenging but rewarding. I still have a Saitek Yoke and throttle to give a home to for free (still in original box) but it has to be collected.
  12. Hi all! We are currently looking for some enthusiastic Flight Simulator X players to put our brand new dedicated FSX PC keyboard to the test! The keyboard is still in very preliminary stages of development so we would love your help, input and feedback into its creation. You will be rewarded for your time by receiving the final product free of charge for you to use and enjoy many more successful flights of the future. If you use FSX and would like to be involved in this exciting project - please either contact me by email (giles@editorskeys.com) or follow this link to BETA Group - http://wiggio.com/group_open_join.ph...sx&ref=1992792 Kind Regards Giles Product Design Editors Keys UK
  13. Hey guys, Since im installing a few add-ons now I have got FSX working again! I thought it would be good to compile a list of aircraft that work & aircraft that don't (if I come across any). I will update the list at a leisurely pace. Feel free to add to the list as it may be beneficial for others! First Class Simulations Lancaster for FSX (Compatible): Sam.
  14. I want to start this off by saying hello to all of you! I've been a lurker for awhile, viewing all the great pictures, videos, interresting disscuions and very helpful advice and I just want to be a part of it, adding to the chat and help when I can. I started with a copy of FS2002 I won back when it was brand new, but I was stuck with about 4fps on low settings. I really got into it in FS2004 when we could finally afford a computer to run it. Before that I survived on the occasional trips to the flea market and cleaning the shelves of old AOPA and Flying magazine's and driving out to our 'local' (30min drive for the closest) GA fields to watch the planes take-off and land for a few hours. We never really had much in the way of money, so lessons where never on the table, but that was more then enough to keep me happy. Now a-days I take flight sims pretty seriously and am constently looking to taking it to that next step, I focus mostly on single and multi-engine props and I live for that Alaskan bush. Following rivers, canyon's and roads all to find that little 800ft strip surrounded in trees with 2mi vis.. is, well, fun for me. - That outta the way, heres the video: Now, this flight was a get-up-and-go flight just to get reacquainted with FS again as I hadn't flown in a few weeks and was also my first flight in this plane. Normally I plan things out, have alt. airfields set up, but this wasn't a serious flight and I really hadn't planned on recording, it was just the sky and plane looked so good. It gets pretty dark at the end and fullscreen will likely help you see, but honestly, I couldn't see anything myself. I'd just flown in and out of here so many times I know the area like the back of my hand. Thanks, Dan.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2sZdccatDI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlAbh2Q9eVs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJb_blRSi1k http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtS0yIuq6xI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqujrV6BT3o
  16. patrico


    can anyone tell me how to initiate a climb or decent when flying vnav or Lnav on the 777 as it does not have a speed or altitude intervention button like 737
  17. patrico

    Windows 8.1

    does a anybody know when W8.1 is released ?
  18. Hi everyone Just joined after someone on another forum recommended this forum as very friendly and knowledgeable. I am 63 and forcibly retired after a serious car crash 21 yrs ago. I love simming, and only discovered the joys of simming 1 year ago but because of my lack of coordination after my accident I have to use auto flight (ap) most of the time , I can just about manage a take-off to 1000ft and then it has to be a/p. Sure I would to fly VOR to VOR but I have to be realistic. The more modern the aircraft and navigational systems are the better for me. Questions: About 1 hour into a flight why do I get a message saying “FSX has stopped responding” and giving me a choice to wait for FSX to respond, in 100% of the times with great frustration I have to x out. How many PMDG members do we have on here as that’s what I fly Many thanks Patrick
  19. I am happy to report iFMS version 1.1.4 is now available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This revision fixes the following issues: - On some Android devices like the Motorola Xoom2 or the Samsung Galaxy Tab7 not all the FMC buttons were displayed because of a sizing issue of the bitmaps. - Waypoint names should always be displayed when the HSI is in PLAN mode, not just when RTE DATA is selected. - When a runway is selected in some cases there was a problem only displaying the relevant departures/arrivals for this runway. - There was a crash and/or misplacement when programming a hold in an existing procedure. - When the HSI was in plan mode in landscape configuration, trying to program a hold, the “STEP” function was overwritten by the “PPOS” function. - Take-off status would only show complete after PERF INIT / ROUTE / TAKEOFF PAGE was complete and a departure runway was selected, in reality the departure runway does not need to be selected for take-off status to show as complete. Two less common aircraft were also added to the list of default aircraft, the AgustaWestland AW139 Helicopter and the Cessna C337H Skymaster. Many thanks go out to the users and testers who have pointed out and helped me resolve these issues. What does the future hold for iFMS? Apart from some revisions and minor upgrades in the near future, for the longer term I am planning some bigger developments for a later major upgrade (version 2.0): - Full multi-device support: For the moment it is possible to connect multiple devices to a single flight simulator, however, the devices will not sync, i.e. if you program a route on one device it will not be reflected on the other devices connected to the same simulator and thus each device will need to be programmed separately. I’m planning to implement this functionality for the next major upgrade. - A Primary Flight Display (PFD). iFMS currently consists of an FMC and HSI display (also known as a Navigation Display or ND). With the addition of multi-device support, a PFD will allow users to build a simple but very functional home cockpit using two or three Android/iOS devices connected to a single flight simulator. As always, if you have any questions/concerns/issues don’t hesitate to contact me either through the feedback form on the iFMS website or directly, michael.defeyter@ifms-fs.com. Michael De Feyter iFMS http://www.ifms-fs.com