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  1. be excited, be very very excited - its an awesome aircraft
  2. I'd like to see him just use the available tools and development paths that other renowned scenery developers do, but that's probably unrealistic as he'd have to relearn so much about how to do them that way I suspect... maybe not - I don't know? I think the best we can expect realistically is what we're getting now, if it evolves into something better the beers are on me next year at Cosford. Here's hoping I get to pay out! Gary doesn't HAVE to do any sceneries, and like you say, the queue of other developers lining up to do max quality UK airfields is NOT huge. OrbX were a decent hope but they abandoned the UK project. I suspect it might have to be to do with so many UK flightsimmers being old and tight with their cash - I can say that I'm from Yorkshire We can say what we like, but ultimately what determines airports getting built is both demand and potential return on investment. Neither seems to be attractive for the UK I'm afraid.
  3. Cosford Show 2017 video

    Agreed on both counts
  4. Hear hear, but the point is he's finishing his FSX project of all the UK airports, then moving on, as I understand. Updating to the latest and greatest isn't his grand plan. Chris, the end for that sim was 10 years ago mate!
  5. In terms of pure quality yes, but reading Gary's forums there's a lot of people there who are happy with what he does and it suits their sim and system. If his user and customer base isn't collectively demanding more, he can hardly be blamed for giving them what they want
  6. I've not heard anything from them for over a year. They've not worked on any scenery for longer than that I believe. I came round with my daughter Eillithia again, but she was very tired and grumpy. When we came past you the stand was very busy and you were talking to some people - we did steal a chocolate though Eillithia also had a problem with the mainly older male attendees, as she was unfortunately shoved around and had her view blocked quite a lot. Not one of the people there showed her any real consideration at all really which made it not fun for either of us. We went and spent most of our time in the museum where it was less crowded and she could see things without being barged out of the way
  7. I don't think Sim720 are in the flightsim market anymore Joe? Turbulent are the talent and commercial spin off from Sim720 I guess...haven't heard from Barry for ages....
  8. Cosford Show 2017 video

    There I am at 1:20, right in the centre wearing green shorts and carrying the clingy pink young one! Proof I was there Chris Sorry I wasn't able to say hi to anyone really...the stand was a bit busy as we whirled round
  9. To be fair, Gary I think recognises that a good number of his customers still use FS9 and FSX so he develops to some degree to the lowest common denominator. It's also fair to say that since the release of v4, he has developed his approach somewhat, including some dynamic elements, but it's nowhere near bleeding edge anymore. Gary uses his own coded bespoke tools for some development tasks, and these were clearly created to cater for FSX development workflows. I get the feeling that Gary is reluctant to invest in new bespoke tool creation or more traditional software development tools (which are expensive) which would also of course involve a learning curve for him. Its more accurate to perhaps say that decent performance can't be achieved in v4 **USING HIS CURRENT DEVELOPMENT TECHNIQUES** Factor in that he's already stated that he's aiming to ease himself out of the airport scenery market anyway, and you end up with a real sense of inertia. We will continue to get adequate UK2000 offerings I think, but expecting sceneries to the standard of some of todays top developers for P3Dv4 is sadly unrealistic. That said, where there are no other options, the UK2000 airports offer adequate features and performance and are way way way better than default. There is though a gap IMHO in the market for some newer UK talent (Turbulent maybe?) to create a bit of a stir in the UK market, should they choose to do so?
  10. Compatible, in that they will work. Yet I fear that the workflow Gary follows and the way in which he creates his airports using some bespoke legacy methods means that performance and features suffer?
  11. i7-7700K

    Yes I keep starting the sim to check the frame rates... Im in the happy position that with all sim options maxed, even AS16 running and in the ngx im still putting out 70+ fps. With TrackIR before I was getting stutters due to the fps being lower than monitor refresh rate, now I've found I have the same stutters because fps is higher than refresh, so i've locked to 60fps. Some add on a/c are manging 100+ fps everything maxed... Beyond my expectations When combined with a decent GPU Kaby Lake is a cery recommendable upgrade!
  12. i7-7700K

    Excellent Phil, let us know how you are finding performance with the sim when you get it set up?
  13. Just Flight PA-28R Arrow III

    Nice aircraft, which I will undoubtedly pick up shortly. It seems that Just Flight's internal devs are getting better and better - and I do like their responsiveness to tweaking it with quickly published multiple service packs to address issues that people have raised Thanks Joe
  14. i7-7700K

    ah cant see your specs as Im on my phone Looked on the pc.. What speed DDR4 did you go for Phil? Are you intending to delid your 7700K? What cooler do you plan to use with it? Cheers K