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  1. try voxatc as well. has a trial period but also has a uk specific expansion that complies with CAP412 the CAA radiotelephony manual. You can do things like MATZ penetrations that I believe are impossible with other ATC apps. Any atc app will only ever be as good as the data it works with so be prepared to use something like fsAerodata and get accomplished it editing afcad files with ADE, if you want the nost authentic experience!
  2. Quite the contrary Joe, I havent complained or raised any isues with Orbx, for £32 as you say merely the colour corrected PR is worth it. My feedback is regarding the accuracy of the review not the content of the scenery - 10/10 implies perfection and there is clearly room for improvement. No question it is a great product and I'll be buying pretty much anything in the series Cheers K
  3. yes it is good. no it does not deserve 10/10 across the board IMHO * the building autogen placement is NOT 100% authentic, nor are the building autogen types. * vegetation autogen might have been more varied * there are a signifcant number of extrusion bridges actually missing let alone misaligned (look at motorway bridges) * may just be settings for me, but I found the cityscene building area textures were too bright at night * point of factual accuracy - Earth sims did products similarly (but not over such an extensive area) years ago None of this is to say the product is bad, is isnt. Much of the commentary in the review is spot on and deserving of praise. However the product simply is NOT 'perfect' so shouldnt receive a 10/10 for me... just a 9.9
  4. Is something like this what you're looking for?
  5. That was my exact same thought process until I researched it a little. Worth mentioning the comment below that SWS posted on youtube as well. I am finding the VRS Superbug VERY up to date, detailed and worth looking at. The Aerosoft F14 extended has me in a weird do I like it or not kind of holding pattern? The a/c feels quite a relic in the cockpit (well it is I suppose!) not at all what I was expecting.... Either way, there looks to be coming soon a new realism to carrier flights K Highlighted reply SimWorks Studios 1 day ago (edited) Our plan is to produce AI air wing packages for every carrier. So if you want to fly on today's Nimitz, you can get the relevant AI Airwing. If you want WWII, a relevant package will be produced. If you want to use the default F-35, you it will need to be configured it but you can use it as well.
  6. Not sure how I missed this before but thanks, and not only because one of Eillithias schoolfriends is being treated for bone cancer (at 5) I'll be making a donation....
  7. Thats exactly what TrackHat do. Their kit is modular so if you already have a Sony playstation camera you can just buy the headset attachment.
  8. Absolutely stick with TrackIR if you have it and its working. If you're new to head tracking or need a replacement then TrackHat is very much worth a look. The documentation says it will work with anything TrackIR does. I cant independently verify that as I only use it with P3D, but youtube shows it being used in varying other platforms including XP.
  9. Just thought I'd leave a note here regarding my recent experiences with head tracking technology. I've been a long time user of TrackIR5. Its been good to me over the years in day to day use, but; a) it is very expensive (cheapest now is about £180) b) the kit is a little fragile in places Now (b) has been proven to me by my daughter knocking the IR camera off the top of my monitor. From the outside there is no apparent damage but it just doesnt work now. I can only assume an internal connextion somewhere has been compromised. So, I started looking for something to replace it...and I happened upon TrackHat. Its much cheaper at around £70, is a very robust design and is wireless. On the downside the opentrack software isnt as good as that bundled with TrackIR, but it does do the job. I found it took a little while to figure out how to configure it but it isnt hard. Overall, its an effective, more robust, cheaper head tracking solution than TrackIR.
  10. Doesnt make sense to me, I suspect most attendees at Cosford will already be simmers, and therefore probably by now already either FSX:SE or P3D users. That's no market to sell FSX:SE to, and I think they could reasonably expect to get quizzed til the cows come home about FSW by people there. Not to mention I thought Aerosoft had let slip that the entire team had been 'let go'?? So I doubt there's anyone employed who could come? Perhaps we should have a little bounty for anyone spotting a former FSW dev team member attending privately? :p Jokes aside, I hope the dev team do manage to move to something else, having your job chopped from under you is not a funny experience, having been there myself...
  11. Rather amusingly, one of the testimonials from last year used as promotion on the website for this year's show...is none other than... Ooops!
  12. Let me do some for you now Those were just a couple I took in my favorite time of day for flying...