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  1. Update:2 FIPs SOLD. Only 4 left.
  2. Hi Simmers, I am selling my 6 Saitek FIPs. Still boxed and complete. All used but in perfect working order and ready to go. £60 per FIP + £5 Postage. PM me if you are interested. I am willing to sell separately. Cheers
  3. Breitling DC3 World Tour

    £26,000 + for a chronograph Wifey would lynch me from the nearest tree.
  4. REX announce Sky Force 3D

    Exactly what I'm doing Wayne. As Joe says, stick with what you have for now. I am running Rex4 with ASN for my weather engine and it all works rather well. I have enough cloud textures to be going on with. So until they have sorted out all the little glitches, I'm staying put with what I have.
  5. All the best John, hope you have a dram or two.
  6. monitor advice needed please

    Cheers Tim. I must admit, I had no idea there was more than 1 type of HDMI cable. Type 2 ordered. Thanks.
  7. Happy Birthday Bumblebee

    Lucy. Hope you've had a good day.
  8. Extreme heat today

    This begs the question, 'from what side of the door is it locked? Mmmm! That's a real poser.
  9. TWOTTER from Innsbruck

    Great shots Wayne. I love both Innsbruck and the Twotter. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Profuse apologies for only just getting to the end of your PIREP Andy. A brilliant piece of work and extremely entertaining notwithstanding the photofit grand finale, which I'm sure you had not received clearance to use. I'll be looking in to that further. You made me smile a wee bit ya b.....d!
  11. RAF Photo competition pics.

    Some superb pics in that mix. Thanks for sharing them Geoff.
  12. Saitek Yoke not working in Win10

    Also, try using SPAD. You can try it before buying. https://www.spadnext.com/home.html
  13. Leg 7.2 VNLK-VQPR

    Well done Beejay, two great pireps under your belt. Great pics and commentary throughout. Cheers
  14. Irma

    Fair well John and stay safe. I imagine you've got this sorted anyhow but our thoughts are with you and the family.
  15. Many thanks for all your good wishes, they are much appreciated. 60 is just a number, I'm still 60 months in my head as a few on here can testify. pics will follow of gifts I was given yesterday but they will have to wait until wifey and I get home from hols next Friday. Cheers guys
  16. Great review Andrew, I love this aircraft and a score worthy of it also. Jess, Joe and I have actually flown in this aircraft from Inverness, so there is a soft spot in my heart for it. Cheers.
  17. Happy Birthday JG.

    Happy birthday JG, just managed to get in before it was just another day. I've had a dram for you. All the best.
  18. Fing spellchecker strikes again Tim.
  19. LEG #6 UACC – Astana to VIAG – Agra ~Avoiding China. What should have been a very straightforward Baton exchange, ended up like a typical British attempt at the Mens 4 x 100 mtr relay team on a bad Olympic final. I quote from JG’s pirep – ‘The cameras left Russia in the diplomatic bag and were analyzed in London’. True enough, the cameras had left Russia in the diplomatic bag. But, as JG was so late in arriving, I had been spotted by some of the locals who decided I should go on a sight-seeing tour of the rapidly expanding, eclectic city of Astana. Check it out. Looking at some of the weirdly wonderful modern architecture, who was I to refuse such a generous offer? I have been known in the past to take any freebies that might be on offer after all. So with no sight of JGs flight number appearing on the arrivals board, I made a hasty retreat with my newly found friends, hoping to be back in time to greet JG and The Baton. Truth be told, I did get a little merry whilst on the whistle stop tour of Astana but it’s considered rude not to drink a toast by the locals……isn’t it?? I got back to the airport and there was no sign of JG nor might I add, The Baton! I was told that whatever was in the parcel that JG had left for me had been sent on to Almaty in the diplomatic bag which was en-route to the UK. So I filed my flight which was to get me to Agra in India in time to pass on The Baton, should I ever get hold of it again, to Beejay aka Ozwookie. My route was to avoid any flying over Chinese air space, as they didn’t like the idea of any aircraft with a so called diplomatic bag with unknown contents coming anywhere near their country. So it was to be a circuitous route over some of the most volatile airspace in the east of Europe. Great! Cheers JG. My route using Plan-G. Start in Astana in Kazakhstan, Fly over Kyrgyzstan airspace, Into Uzbekistan, Into Tajikistan, Permission to fly into Afghanistan, Overfly Pakistani airspace, Into India. And so it was. I was to make an unscheduled stop in Almaty first to retrieve the precious cargo. One of my new friends in Astana was interested in why I was even here and after telling him about the challenge we faced as a collective, to get The Baton around the world and safely back to base offered the use of his private Hawker 850XP. Well you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth do you! He even had a special livery quickly painted on to his rather bland looking jet which, once we got to Agra would be removed simply by spraying a certain chemical over the artwork, leaving his aircraft as pristine as the day he purchased it. As I wandered around to the hangar where the said jet is based I could not believe my eyes. For a quick paint job, it looked fine and dandy. After all initial checklists were followed I taxied out to the active runway and requested clearance for takeoff. Lining up at Astana for a dawn take off. Leaving Astana with my new BFF as my co-pilot, heading for Almaty. Turning for Almaty and hopefully The Baton! Once established on bearing 145º I climb to FL160 and settle back for a relatively short hop, all things considered. The early morning sun really lights up my trusty steed, showing off the paint job nicely. After a short flight of around 80 minutes I’m on final approach in to Almaty where I hope the diplomatic bag or at least The Baton is waiting for me. Turning on to Final Approach. I park up as directed by ground control and make my way to the VIP lounge. My co-pilot, new BFF appears to know quite a few influential people in these regions. Parked at Almaty. Once inside the lounge, I am greeted by a pleasant enough chap who says that a suitcase was left for me, which was removed from a diplomatic bag and says that he was to apologize for any inconvenience that may have befallen me. I found myself a quiet sofa where I could examine the suitcase and it’s contents when to my surprise I found this little lot. Well what was I to do? There was a note inside the book, which was also in the case and it read ‘Do not let HQ know but I’ve lost the Hangar Credit Card so I’ve left you with this. Keep this to yourself as it might pay towards anything that may crop up’ signed JG So with suitcase onboard, myself and new BFF co-pilot set our course for UT64-Namangan in Uzbekistan, which will be our turning point for UTDK-Kulyab. Well, I’m hoping that the store credit card will make it to Agra before I get there because me and my new buddy are keeping this dosh to ourselves. Muwahahaha! (Only kidding so keep your knickers on). Hasty departure from Almaty. Once we are out of Almaty we have to climb to over 16000ft to clear the mountain ranges between Almaty and the Namangan waypoint in Uzbekistan. We have already been granted permission to fly through the Uzbek’ airspace, since we won’t be touching down. The cloud and weather start to close in as we arrive over the mountains. Hopefully we will have sufficient altitude for the weather not to cause us any issues. In comes the weather. Passing the Toktogul Resevoir in Kyrgyzstan. It is the largest water reservoir in central Asia with a surface of 284 sq km and an average depth of 215 meters. It was created in 1976 with the construction of a dam. Safely over the first mountain range, we can afford to descend a wee bit as we approach the flat Fergana Valley. This area was once an important staging post on the Silk-Road for goods and people travelling from China to the Middle East and Europe. After crossing the passes from Kashgar in Xinjiang, traders would have found welcome relief in the fertile abundance of Fergana, as well as the possibility of purchasing further high-quality silk manufactured in Margilan. Passing over Namangan and the Fergana Valley. With around 450nm from Namangan to Kabul, I thought I could take a rest and let my co-pilot take over after all, it is his aircraft. So I catch a little shut eye and dream of what I’m going to spend all the lurvly lolly in the suitcase on. It was a very loud crackle on the radios that woke me as we neared the border of Afghanistan. It transpired that my new friend had forgot to ask permission to enter Afghan’ airspace and we were being threatened by a very irate Major General Mohammad Dawran serves as Chief of Staff of the Afghan Air Force. It was indeed some extremely sweet talking that my co-pilot managed to persuade them to allow us to land at Kabul, unescorted, where we would undoubtedly be able to arrive at some sort of compromise. My thoughts were again thinking of the amount of dollars we had in the suitcase and just how much persuasion was needed to leave us enough to share out once we got to Agra. So we were left to follow our original planned route with the exception of actually landing at Kabul. Kabul in sight. Almost there and my little heart is pounding. Once I have my hands on so much dosh, I hate letting it slip through my fingers. (Whose round is it)? We parked where we were instructed by a now calm Major General and off we both went with suitcase in hand minus The Baton and a substantial amount of the cash. Time to do some palm greasing methinks. Although quite a stern looking guy, Major General Dawran was quite the pussycat. Well, once he saw the wad of dosh we had to grease his mucky palm with. Although he was happy with our account of what we were doing and for us to include his photograph, he wanted us to pixelate his face for some reason. He actually seemed quite impressed with the whole idea of what we were doing for and on behalf of Mutley’s Hangar. So much so that he insisted on showing us around the base at Kabul. For strict security he asked us not to take any photographs of the base as we were heading in to India and Pakistan and he physically shuddered at the thought that these countries could, inadvertently get hold of images of the base, which could be used in future attacks. This we agreed to because we wanted to see the base for ourselves. Apologies guys but no pics of the base. Heading over the border and in to Pakistan, we encountered our first spots of rain on the entire journey so far. With the Himalaya to the north of us we make our way to Srinigar airport, our next waypoint. Over the hills and towards Srinigar airport, then a bearing of 155º and hopefully get to see the Taj Mahal en-route to Agra Air Base. Major General Dawran has ok’d our landing there so we are all clear to go. Himalaya to the north. Smog is building as we approach the large city of Agra. Having made it this far, we thought a wee jolly around the Taj Mahal was in order. Gear down in readiness for the four mile jump to the air base and we do a circuit of the beautiful palace, or rather a mausoleum. Based on the south bank of the Yamuna river in Agra, it was commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan to house the tomb of his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. See more here And around we go for a final looksee. We now set a heading of 255º and head towards Agra Air Base, where I hope we get a comfortable greeting. After four-ish miles we were on final approach for the airbase and all looked fine. At least there didn’t appear to be an angry mob waiting for our arrival. Gear down, Flaps extended. Touch down and the landing was a smooth affair. Ground Control directed us to a suitable parking bay and told us where we might find the lounge. Once we had parked up and gone through all the usual checklists, we left the aircraft in a cold and dark state. The lucky suitcase at the foot of the exit stairs. All that was left to do was to go and find out if the credit card had arrived. Hoping that was the case (no pun intended), we both went to seek out the lounge and hopefully Beyjay aka Ozwookie. Having found Ozwookie, he let me in to a little secret. JG had told HQ about the loss of the Hangar Credit Card, so it was agreed that JG draw several thousand dollars out of the account and pass it on to me. The sting in the tail, I hadn’t just landed a rather large haul of spare cash. It was to be handed over to the following pilot to use for Hangar business only. I had to let HQ know of the small hiccup regarding Afghan air space but that I had only used a couple of hundred dollars, to secure the unrestricted flight over their air space. Oh and I gave my co-pilot a few dollars for his kindness in allowing me to fly his Hawker with the livery he was so kind to commission. He must have the gift of persuasion because he even managed an escort to see him safely back in to Kazakh’ air space. So with the suitcase and The Baton handed over to Beejay, I just had to find a way of getting back to dear old Blighty. It’s over to you Beejay, Safe Skies! Special thanks go to Mutley’s Hangar member – Ozwookie for his VIAG scenery, which gave an extra dimension to Agra Air Base. Many thanks. Software Used: Sim - LM P3Dv4 Aircraft – Carenado H850XP with ATWC Livery Scenery – Orbx FTX Global VIAG – Courtesy of Beejay aka Ozwookie Mesh – FSGlobal Ultimate Next Generation.
  20. Although I like the look of the Money I think I will be going for a high winged aircraft next. I have plenty of low wing already. But it does look good.