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  1. Nah Brett, Lake is Loch but Pond is Lochan. Back on track.....Infectious
  2. Welcome to My World al la Jim Reeves, the gentleman of country music.
  3. We use I.C.E on our mobile phones for emergency services to be able to contact your next of kin if you are involved in an accident. In Case of Emergency
  4. Nice shots Wayne. Good looking aircraft and livery too.
  5. Really nice. Even though I'm not a 'heavy' flyer, I like these shots Jury.
  6. Hey Jury, I love flying in that part of the world. Low and slow through the valleys, superb! Great shots and very atmospheric. Cheers.
  7. needles

    QW 787-9

    What, no stars? Nice shots though Jury.
  8. Ive just had a week on the Isle of Mull with wifey and one of my sisters. The weather was wall to wall sunshine all week. We hardly ever get that continuous warmth in the Highlands, so it was extremely good for us all.
  9. Yes Martin that's true of the Americans and Canadians also. When I had the pleasure of visiting relatives in Toronto, I was amazed at the feeling of patriotism the people had towards their country. I was equally embarrassed at the lack of such patriotism in the U.K. Having said that, as I now live in the Highlands of Scotland, I would be loath to fly anything but the lion rampant or the Scottish saltire. I certainly haven't got the nerve to fly a Saint George flag in the garden.
  10. I was also in Gib' and as you say JG, it is a nice place and it is is very strange to be in a hot part of the world and see British Bobbies on the beat and red telephone boxes.
  11. You're lucky John. I get told off if I forget even when I'm on holiday.