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  1. Another sad story for aviation.
  2. Hi Steph, glad to see you're back in the mix. To be honest, I personally have had no issues since going over to v3. Once installed it will scan to see what you have installed and will automatically install them into the correct place. Any Orbx stuff you purchased from flightsimstore will also be transferred direct to v3 but from memory, I think you have to tell flightsimstore to do it. It was straightforward for me from what I recall. Any future purchases of orbx related software will all be done from within v3 and it is simply a case of clicking, purchasing and enjoying. Version 3 does all the installing for you with a couple of clicks from you. If you want more Orbx stuff in the future, you will have to go to V3 anyhow, so it's a no brainier. But if you listen to Joe and some others......they will tell you I don't have one of those brain things anyway. Just my opinion Steph. Good luck.
  3. Trying to tell us something Alan? Trots
  4. Very nice landing and another great video. Thanks for sharing.