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  1. Hoorah, 737s are set to arrive at EGPE - Inverness. Great news for the area as due to a surge in popularity KLM will operate from a bigger 'Boeing 737' aircraft this summer to keep up with the demand. The Amsterdam air link brings people from all over the globe to the the Highlands and is a welcome boost to the local economy. https://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/News/Extra-summer-flights-to-give-economy-a-lift-16012018.htm
  2. FSX Stuff in P3D V4.1

    I'm using Ships in P3Dv4 JG but as for adding ships, I can't answer you. Its interesting that wherever I fly now, there appear to be ships where you least expect them. It's a fun addition.
  3. Update:2 FIPs SOLD. Only 4 left. If the 4 FIPs are still available on Sunday 21st January, I will be placing them on eBay. Cheers.
  4. Breitling DC3 World Tour

    £26,000 + for a chronograph Wifey would lynch me from the nearest tree.
  5. Hi Simmers, I am selling my 6 Saitek FIPs. Still boxed and complete. All used but in perfect working order and ready to go. £60 per FIP + £5 Postage. PM me if you are interested. I am willing to sell separately. Cheers
  6. REX announce Sky Force 3D

    Exactly what I'm doing Wayne. As Joe says, stick with what you have for now. I am running Rex4 with ASN for my weather engine and it all works rather well. I have enough cloud textures to be going on with. So until they have sorted out all the little glitches, I'm staying put with what I have.
  7. All the best John, hope you have a dram or two.
  8. monitor advice needed please

    Cheers Tim. I must admit, I had no idea there was more than 1 type of HDMI cable. Type 2 ordered. Thanks.
  9. Happy Birthday Bumblebee

    Lucy. Hope you've had a good day.
  10. Extreme heat today

    This begs the question, 'from what side of the door is it locked? Mmmm! That's a real poser.
  11. TWOTTER from Innsbruck

    Great shots Wayne. I love both Innsbruck and the Twotter. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Profuse apologies for only just getting to the end of your PIREP Andy. A brilliant piece of work and extremely entertaining notwithstanding the photofit grand finale, which I'm sure you had not received clearance to use. I'll be looking in to that further. You made me smile a wee bit ya b.....d!
  13. RAF Photo competition pics.

    Some superb pics in that mix. Thanks for sharing them Geoff.