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  1. Happy Birthday STU7708

    Happy birthday to my favourite 6 foot plus Swede. ita always good spending time with ya!
  2. Aerosoft release CRJ 700/900 X

    Wow, it finally happened. 7 years it's taken. Great stuff.
  3. But Three Greens is Good, Right?

    Right. I haven't flown with the gear down yet to test, but I have spent time with the FCOM and QRH today to see what Airbus themselves say. The QRH is useless, mostly because Airbus didn't perceive any pilot would willfully fly with the gear down. Likewise the FCOM offers little advice for pilots deliberately flying with the gear without some kind of issue. It offers lots of advice if you have to fly with the gear down due to failures, but again, Airbus figures the three bloody green lights and ECAM gear page offers pilots the best way to see the gear is still down. For the record, the checklist calls for the pilot not flying to raise the gear at 100 feet after takeoff. What puzzles me is this crew didn't even check the gear via the visual scan. It sounds like a complete breakdown of CRM and tunnel vision.
  4. But Three Greens is Good, Right?

    I will test it and let you know.
  5. If you're stuck joe, put me down for an extra flight. I have a thing for long legs!
  6. It's not welcome at the bar for me! Apparently I have a 'limit' on my card of one drink and my argument that a litre of Bacardi was 'one drink'wasn't accepted.
  7. Grand plans and big ideas

    Oooooh Chris, that looks gorgeous.
  8. PMDG releases DC-6 Cloudmaster

    It's available for both fsx and P3D v3 & 4. Interestingly the price is the same regardless of sim type. I guess the threat of a pilot using the dc-6 for a type rating are vastly below the 747 pilots. I'm on the fence at the minute though.
  9. Grand plans and big ideas

    Here you go Ozwookie. XP11 Japan. Enjoy. http://www.alpilotx.net/
  10. Grand plans and big ideas

    Hey guys, So the heat at home means my flying time is vastly reduced over summer. It does give me time to plan though. With the announcement of the ATWC, I'm reminded of all the fun plans I've flown our still have for a bit of simming fun. I thought I'd share the plans here and perhaps y'all can share some of you're big adventures. so let's kick off with the biggie, and around the world trip. Around the world in a Cessna Every single simmer has at one time or another thought of flying around the world. I mean it's so there, right! Well this one was at the behest of Avsim and involved X plane 10. The idea was put to me by Avsim founder Tom Allensworth. At the time I was active in the x plane forums there and Avsim was looking at ways of improving its X-plane coverage. So I had a blog there and i thought the best way to show off x plane 10 was to fly around the world, landing at the best Freeware scenery I could find. I'd be flying the Carenado C340 and starting at Cardiff. I did pretty well, getting to gee la d before life took over and the flight was forgotten about. It was fun though. A blocked fuel vent made the flight to Iceland a lot of fun. One engine over the Atlantic in autumn. The Danube tour. The Danube tour was one of my first tours. Simple idea. Start in Cardiff, fly to the beginning of the Danube, then follow the Danube all the way to the Black Sea. My aircraft of choice was the excellent Aerosoft DA-20. It was slow, and the aircraft was rather needy. It was fun and I reached Vienna before the release of P3D. The DA-20 didn't work so well in P3D and that put pay to that trip. The ring of fire tour. I like this one. I started this trip to really test my A320 home cockpit sim. Starting at the foot of South America, I was to fly the Airbus up though Chile and so on, into Central America, the up the west coast to Alaska from there, down though Russia, japan and on to New Zealand via Oz, before crossing back to South America via some of the tiny little islands in the Pacific. It's still on going, but the bus is stuck in South America due to a massive software change, plus it's to damn hot to fly right now. The Japan tour. This one a left over from a Christmas off one year. I happened in some Japan landclass for fsx and thought I'd take a look at Japan. A simple north to south route taking in every airport. The C310 was my aircraft and I made it to the Fukuoka before January arrived and work restarted. I may restart this one in x plane as there's a cracking freeware scenery for the whole country. The yet to fly plans. I've a few on the back burner. Here's a selection. Imperial Airways to Singapore. I do love an historic routes. One I'm keen to fly is the old imperial airways air route to Singapore and on to Oz. Flying the Dehaviland rapide would be a fair compromise since the original route was flown by a Hercules (no not that one) if I can get a rapide for 64 bit I'll be very happy. I've checked the route and all bar one airport is still there. The big Orbx reliability test. This one is huge. No seriously. Originally an idea for PC Pilot, the basic idea is to take in every orbx region and airport in one massive flight plan. Provisionally starting in New Zealand, what made this challenge so exciting was the inclusion of an A2A GA aircraft. Since these aircraft wear as you fly, the massive route would be a great test of how well, or not, it behaves. Ideally, the Comanche is the obvious choice due to the increased cruise speed, but I do like the Cherokee. Lots of logistics to work out, plus orbx keep screwing up the plan by releasing new airports. Imagine the state of the poor Cherokee. Anyway, that's a few. Now if someone could find a way for an infinite amount of time, I can enjoy all these trips.
  11. Excited isn't the word for it. Really looking forward to getting back in the cockpit, usually a little drunk a d knowing the flight is not going to be 'routine'.
  12. A big thank you

    Awwww, you're welcome Wayne. I wish I had time to do more, but I'm kept busy. Still XP11 is pretty sweet and I've been playing with ortho2xp lately, with good results.
  13. Nice, and affordable too!
  14. Chris Bell Designs' New Shop Now Open!

    All the best Chris, and the new project looks fantastic. Can't wait to get that 'in sim' ready for an overnight long haul flight.
  15. A few P3D v4 shots

    It's all good stuff Chris. Loving the NEX 'wow' factor with P3D v4