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  1. Leg 26 - NTTO (HAO) to SCIP (Mataveri)

    Great way to finish the section Jess - love the VC10!
  2. Leg 25: NTAA to NTTO

    A nice relaxing read Mike!
  3. Leg-24b Rarotonga Intl - NCRG to The Rescue...to NTAA. Leg-2 of 2

    Great work!
  4. Leg 24a Rorotonga NCRG -> NCAT - >The Secret. Leg 1 of 2

    Incredible piece of writing Matt - thoroughly enjoyable!
  5. Leg 23 - Niue Intl NIUE to Rarotonga Intl NCRG

    Interesting choice of aircraft!
  6. Runway & cliff 'excursion' in Turkey

    Just the thing to see when you are waiting to get on a 738!
  7. Guess the Aircraft

    I seem to be very good at this, so... ...any guesses what this is? Have fun!
  8. Leg 22- Fua'amotu Intl NFTF to Niue Intl NIUE

    Brilliant post John - it's all getting very real!
  9. Happy Birthday JAllard

    Happy Birthday John!
  10. Seasons Greetings

    Merry Christmas all!
  11. Leg 21 - Nausori Intl NFNA to Fua'amotu Intl NFTF

    Extremely sorry to hear that Ros. My condolences. Great section Joe - although I hope Plan-G does not mean that Plans A-F all didn't work!
  12. Great set of shots John - must watch out for the King Air around the place
  13. Word(s) association game

    Bringing it back to something perhaps a touch more polite, toilet. Hit my head off enough toilet retention tanks at this stage!
  14. Leg 20 (1) Moue NWWE to White Grass NVVW

    I was wondering why I got a Sentinel earlier on! Great trip John - be safe though!
  15. Leg 19.2 Kone NWWD to Moue NWWE

    Great ending - nice and quiet!
  16. Leg 19.1 Hamilton Island YBHM to <classified>

    Exciting leg Tim!
  17. Air France A380 Fan 'separation'

    A few extra photos have been published of bits "in" Greenland https://avherald.com/h?article=4af15205&opt=0
  18. Leg 18.03 Longreach YLRE to Hamilton Island YHMI

    A brilliant set of flights there Beejay!
  19. Leg 17 - Part 2... Balgo Hill (YBGO) to Ayres Rock (YAYE)

    Another great leg Steph. It's one thing about this challenge - one story that gets taken on and changed with each leg. It's brilliant to see what other people think about it (even if it does mean changing your story to suit the last!)
  20. Leg 17 - Part 1... Broome Intl (YBRM) to Balgo Hill (YBGO)

    Cracking leg Steph!
  21. Leg 16 - Mau Hau (WADU) to Broome Intl (YBRM)

    Brilliant leg there Joe - and a good few twists and turns!
  22. So, having been deposited by the RAF in Selaparang just about in one piece, I look towards the next aircraft they have planned for me. The exercise they are conducting out here must be large to warrant such an aircraft..... A fully fuelled and armed F-35B Lightning II. And they were giving it to me for the flight, to test out high-low-medium-low flight paths as well as system functions. Do they know the reputation of the chicken I am nicknamed after?! It's a nice enough looking aircraft - although not as good as the original jet Lightning! Engine start was easy enough, and soon enough I'm taxiing past some of the more usual residents of Selaparang. Not sure what they thought of me or my company! Showing off the "Short Take Off" function of the F-35B, it was decided not to back-track down the runway but to use the remaining length. No pressure! But it still lived up to the Lightning name in departure. I think I may have been noticed by the odd person on departure, but made sure it was reasonably quiet..... Thundering up A quick intercept up at FL310 was conducted, allowing tests to see how it performed with the doors open. Showing off the AIM-9 missiles, AIM-120 missles and Mk83 bomb Following the interception, it was time to go down to low level. The HUD was of create use here. Having flown the Bucaneer down low, I felt more comfortable in the 1950's aircraft! Although it didn't stop a few low encounters! After skipping over one of the islands between Selaparang and Mau Hau, I climbed to FL210 to perform an autopilot test. It didn't work too well, not leveling out at the intended altitude! I did however find a Learjet..... ....and how the cannon worked Down in the dirt for the last few miles I intended making a spectacular arrival at Mau Hau, involving a little display over the airfield. As it was next to the sea, I had to buzz a yatch. No other choice. Not sure what they thought of an aircraft accelerating to Mach 1 at 50ft! Boom! A view of my HUD as I head down from the top of the loop. The big X across it means I'll crash if I continue this course. Also a fascinating difference between Ground Speed and Indicated Air Speed Halfway along the runway I inverted, and suddenly realised that was a bad idea. Power! By this point I had a Master Warning up - fuel was getting rather low. Oopps! With the fuel situation becoming critical, it was time to land. And not mess it up! Originally I had intended to do a vertical landing, but with my fuel state a nice normal landing was made The F-35 doing it's best to merge into the runway And finally parking up for some much needed fuel Thoughts on one of the most expensive combar aircraft? Fun ride, good roll rate, poor altitude performance (as modelled). But a decent way of converting cash to noise! After I landed, I turned my phone on (not knowing who would be around to take the baton from me). A message from Joe pops up: "Waiting in Mau Hau for you. Had a hard landing so be careful". I don't think the Mach 1.2 pass was exactly what he had in mind of being 'careful' Aircraft: Dino Cattaneo F-35 pack v1.51 (freeware is now 2.41, payware V3 [complete change] also available)
  23. The Godden-Catalina Incident.

    So that's what I blew off the runway...... And Joe - the money was just resting in that account!
  24. B-21 Bomber

    I've been following (from a distance) the B-21 programme. I didn't think anyone had been awarded it yet, or even funds allocated to it!
  25. As some of you may recall, in my last ATWC leg I ended up with a rather expensive piece of equipment - namely a KC-97, bought for around $1 million. Not a bad price considering what is was, but not required all the same! It's taken me a few weeks of flying around Asia, tempting various clients and prospective purchasers, but eventually two days ago I managed to get rid of the aircraft - for $1.2 million. So a slight profit, although very minor once fuel and landing costs were taken into account! So, with only a day to get from deepest China to Indonesia, a few favours had to be called in, with people John-G would know well. I arrived at the airport with minutes to spare before the pre-arranged time. No other aircraft was around. That's suspicious. I was told something very unusual was to take me to Selaparang. Suddenly, a bag was placed over my head. I would have been worried by the nice British accent of the bloke placing it over my head. It sounded familiar too.... I was bundled up the stairs of the above aircraft and a sharp left turn at the top. At this point the bag was removed and 'all' was revealed. It turns out that a RAF Sentinel R1 was on excercise in the area and dropped in. I wasn't allowed to look in the cabin to see what strange things were around, but it was transport! No sooner had I strapped in that we were off. And in true tatical style - maximum rate climb! You wouldn't get that in the normal Bombardier CRJ-900! Leaving Tunggul behind In terms of how the aircraft handled, the extra lumps and bumps didn't make that much difference to a normal CRJ - just that you could throw it around a bit more Rapidly we approached our cruising altitude of 32000ft - what had been determined as 'safe' around these parts. Not sure I was too happy with how 'safe' was said.... Plodding along at FL320 A nice part of the world - if you like islands! Crossing between two of the many islands in this 500nm trip Of course the other claim to fame that Indonesia has is volcanos. Lots of them As we approached Selaparang, I was getting increasingly concerned that we weren't loosing any altitude. The miles clicked off - 50, 45, 40, 35, 30, 25, 20, 15. At that point, my co-pilot said, "I suppose we better go down" And down we went. I made it an average of about 9700ft / min turning descent This would of course make mass media say "plane dives out of control", but of course it was under perfect control - because it wasn't me! As we bottomed out, the words "You have control" we uttered by my perfectly presented co-pilot. Better not make a mess of this Well, not a complete mess but my now means the best landing ever! I just avoided the grass! This time they allowed to me exit a bit more normally, minus bag. But with a massive heavy curtain between the door area and the cabin, preventing any kind of spying. My guide did tell me what they were there for, and it is related to us - but I dare not say. I still have to get a ride to Mau Hau. And it's just come onto the ramp..... Aircraft used: IRIS Sentinel R1 (Easter Egg 2013)