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  1. Belated Happy Birthday boss - hope you enjoyed it!
  2. Very belated Happy Birthday Alan! Hope you enjoyed the day!
  3. My grandfather was based in Gib for a couple of years tending to the coastal guns. Remembers taking a trip out on a Shackleton.....
  4. I was wondering what was missing when I checked in just now!
  5. Judging from where AvHerald is stating the crash site was, it appears to have taken off and turned right http://avherald.com/h?article=4b8bfb2d&opt=0
  6. John - http://avherald.com/h?article=49d2d7e3&opt=0 I must admit until reading the AvHerald report on the current incident I had forgotten about the incident in 2016
  7. EASA had issued an Airworthiness Directive regarding that particular CFM engine (CFM56-7B) to ultrasonically test each fan blade by the end of the year, but nothing from the FAA. That has since been done, for high-cycle (30000+) engines, with a Service Bulletin covering the rest. Very sad to hear of the fatality. And I too noticed the limited number wearing the masks correctly
  8. It seems as if we have upset him somehow. Don't know how though! Great leg John - a bit bigger than what you are used to!
  9. Interesting flight Steph! Apologies about the Vulcan - the owners were rather worried about what could happen to it!
  10. At the end of the last leg, I left you all wondering where I was, following the failure of the canopy on my Lightning. I was wondering that myself, and there appeared to be no-one around to ask. Surprisingly, mobile reception was also poor (considering the vast open space I was standing in), so it's taken me a while to source an alternative form of transportation to get to Simon Bolivar International (somewhere that, at this particular time, sounded like heaven) A few hours later, I managed to venture into the local town. San Juan de Marcona is a town of around 20,000 people with vast reserves of iron ore. The Chinese bought the mining company in 2009 and is the main source of employment in the town. That's the only real reason for the airport and port (and indeed the town being there in the first place). Anyway, through the power of luck (since I don't speak Spanish, Quechua, Aymara or Chinese, I managed to source my next ride A nice Olympus 301-powered Vulcan B2. That should do the trick, especially for what I have planned for Putinfeld's cronies Engines started and nice cool air starts to circulate. I hate the heat As per normal for a Vulcan, she leaps into the air, even with a full fuel load However it is very easy to overspeed..... Turning to follow the coast Leaving our calling card At an appropriate point, I open the bomb doors and drop a 28lb practice bomb, with a note wrapped around it Now, you should all recall that I dropped a "package" at a certain point and requested the location from ATC. This was my lunchbox (that was rapidly emptied before being ejected). Knowing that Putinfeld would think it was the baton, and a chance to ensnare a pilot, I allowed him to go on a nice pointless journey. I do hope he's a Douglas Adams fan though...... Little job done, we carry on northwards Cruising along at 45,000ft - not much to see really! Especially out of a Vulcan Just as we finish cruise-climbing to 50,000ft, it's time to descend I hatch another plan, looking roughly at the map. If we fly up that estuary, we arrive at the airport. Nice and low Going down! Having been sat at high altitude for most of the flight, it was good to get down in the dirt for the last section Giving the fish a wash What my navigator forgot to tell me was the city of Guayaquil was in between us and the airport. Ah well, the locals got a nice surprise My entrance was, shall we say, unorthodox. And loud Top of the climb, having climbed the 10,000ft in less than a minute With a touch more fuel to burn, I went in for another low pass And a loop, just to finish things off Being sensible for a change, a decent landing Hmm, don't like the look of that King Air that started to taxi as soon as we landed Luckily he carried on past and soon took flight. Plan B would have been a blast of the throttles And all shut down in Simon Bolivar's Airport, although now it's José Joaquín de Olmedo's. I hope Steph is here soon. I hate hot weather IRIS Vulcan used Note: No fish were harmed in the course of the flight!
  11. With the recent build-up of Putinfeld's attempts at seizing the baton, quick turn-arounds and quick flights would be in order. Previously, I used the SR-71 to get from point to point quickly and (relatively) economically. With a 800nm flight ahead, my mind turned to what I could possibly lay my hand on to take me there. Logic dictated something reasonably big to handle the fuel load, but I decided on something a little more, well, sporty..... Yep, an English Electric Lightning F3. Maximum range is around 800 miles, but I wasn't planning to go direct...... Jumping in the cockpit, I hit the "rapid start" button to my bottom right With smokey results! With watching eyes over me, I go for a quick taxi Saving a minute or two by not backtracking, I floor it BANG It suddenly becomes very drafty With all that's been happening recently, my thoughts turned to very suspicious motives for the bang. As it turns out, I hadn't locked the canopy, and with the climb / rapid level out, it popped open Flying the world's second recorded convertible Lightning was interesting to say the least..... Although it caused me an issue. Knowing the lengths that people will go to, I hatch a cunning plan.......... "Pisco Centre, I'm dropping a package at these co-ordinates, and will be back in 6 hours time". Having flown south along the coast, I come across the nearest airport and decided to warm up by landing Perfect touch-down! And shut down, and preparing for my next ride. I wonder what it can be?
  12. Neat little aircraft there Tim!