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  1. Fascinating pictures Sam! Although Alan - EMA comes to life at night and is relatively quiet during the day!
  2. PMDG release the 747-400 V2 FSX - P3D V3.x -
  3. Slightly belated Happy Birthday!
  4. Happy Birtrhday Mr. Plan-G!
  5. Happy Birthday Phil!
  6. One flight I really want to do!
  7. Happy Birthday John!
  8. Belated Happy Birthday Jess. Clearly you did have a good time!
  9. Lovely photo of the stage 2 high pressure turbine disk here
  10. If this year is anything to go by, FSX as I simply don't fly enough at the moment to justify any major changes. However, if the right sale comes along, who knows? I will be looking closely at the new Train Sim World by DTG using the Unreal4 engine (same one as for the new FS) and comparisons with the exisiting 32-bit game
  11. NTSB suspect fan blade metal fatigue was part of the process. A 1.14 in long and 0.217 in deep fatigue crack region was found of the blade root of the missing blade (free subscription required. Quite a good e-mail newsletter gets sent out around 1000 UK/Irish time every day) And the NTSB press release -
  12. Very belated Happy Birthday John!
  13. Thanks Alan! It was a civil display team, although I believe Ireland was still flying them until about 2001/2002-ish before the PC-9's arrived
  14. Morning all, I spent the weekend up in Dublin for the Bray Air Display on the Sunday last week. Part of a now 2 day airshow and a week long festival, an estimated 90,000-100,000 people turned up on the Sunday to watch the variety of aircraft and display teams, ranging from The Red Arrows and Frecce Tricolori to the Irish Historic Flight Chipmunks and Dragon. Click on any of the photos below to view them full size Full album link - Thanks for looking!
  15. There was an Aerosoft train sim route sold both by them and DTG via Steam, and all of the adverts on the hoardings changed between the two - Aerosoft real world, DTG generic. So that could be that