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  1. Statement from CHC Helicopters available here: Media are reporting difficult conditions at sea for recovery of anything
  2. Sad news to report as the wreckage is found. Rescue 116, the Dublin-based S-92 for the Irish Coast Guard, crashed approximately 9 nm off the Mayo coast near Blacksod lighthouse whilst coming in the refuel for top cover duties. 4 on board, with the Captain (Dara Fitzpatrick) having been rescued but sadly dying on reaching the hospital. Pilot Mark Duffy and winchmen Ciarán Smith and Paul Ormsby are still missing. I think all of them featured in the RTÉ fly-on-the-wall documentary a few years ago on the Waterford-based unit, Rescue 117 The rescue it was covering for (an aill crewman on a fishing trawler) was successful however. Luckily the media here seem to have been very respectful with little speculation on their part. The black boxes are pinging, and a fuel tank was found. RIP. At least they died doing something they wanted
  3. Fascinating pictures Sam! Although Alan - EMA comes to life at night and is relatively quiet during the day!
  4. PMDG release the 747-400 V2 FSX - P3D V3.x -
  5. Slightly belated Happy Birthday!
  6. Happy Birtrhday Mr. Plan-G!
  7. Happy Birthday Phil!
  8. One flight I really want to do!
  9. Happy Birthday John!
  10. Belated Happy Birthday Jess. Clearly you did have a good time!
  11. Lovely photo of the stage 2 high pressure turbine disk here
  12. If this year is anything to go by, FSX as I simply don't fly enough at the moment to justify any major changes. However, if the right sale comes along, who knows? I will be looking closely at the new Train Sim World by DTG using the Unreal4 engine (same one as for the new FS) and comparisons with the exisiting 32-bit game
  13. NTSB suspect fan blade metal fatigue was part of the process. A 1.14 in long and 0.217 in deep fatigue crack region was found of the blade root of the missing blade (free subscription required. Quite a good e-mail newsletter gets sent out around 1000 UK/Irish time every day) And the NTSB press release -
  14. Very belated Happy Birthday John!
  15. Thanks Alan! It was a civil display team, although I believe Ireland was still flying them until about 2001/2002-ish before the PC-9's arrived