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  1. Happy Birthday UKJim

    Thanks guys - I had a great time - been busy with work lately so not had time to check out the forum Hope all is well though
  2. If you have watched my connie video that is as basic as it gets tbh. But if you get bored, you can turn off the FE and do the job yourself. I've not done that myself because I'm lazy but at least it's there if one wishes. Let us know what you think after you get a flight in
  3. As above really - the FE is great and looks after the engines. Unless there's an emergency or something and then you will have to go land lol. No issues with v4 as it's fully compatible. I say for for it
  4. So another planned stream for tonight - flight sim action with some other bits in between. If you're interested then pop along for a chat... Http://twitch.tv/ukjim I also suggest activating notifications for this topic for future posts Or even easier, follow on Twitter or Twitch. Look forward to chatting with some of you. Jim
  5. Super I'm glad you enjoyed the flight. It's always like that really just chilled out and chatting. Thanks for popping by and I look forward to seeing you in stream again soon. Take care Jim
  6. first trip 737 to EGCC

    Awkward lolol
  7. first trip 737 to EGCC

    I think I did that some time ago now - it's a great plane but the only thing that niggles me is the vnav is not fantastic. If you want to get even more familiar with this plane check out another twitch streamer called 'Pilot_H' and he is a Ryanair 737 pilot that likes to stream in the PMDG 737 too. He has a youtube channel too with lots of in depth videos too. I once watched a 3 hour video just talking about the air conditioning lol. I did a similar flight recently in the A2A Connie from EGFF to LOWI.
  8. first trip 737 to EGCC

    Pmdg 737 is one of my favourite planes in the airliner category. Great shots and look forward to seeing more
  9. Tally ho!

    Super pics I like them
  10. Evening Shuttle, EGLC-EGPH

    Lovely set cheers for sharing
  11. Sorry if that last message seemed a bit blunt I was on the way out when I sent it. I'm planning to stream Monday at 7pm UK time and also Wednesday evening similar time until late. I'll post on twitter if the plan changes but hopefully it won't. Thanks Jim
  12. I stream every Monday evening at 7pm UK time. I also do other unplanned streams too. Best bet is to follow on Twitter and follow the twitch channel too.
  13. Further Connie repaint adjustments

    Yeah I completely understand if people choose to pan through the video - I do exactly the same all the time. I just about have time to stream so editing videos is just not a go - sorry. Thanks for watching and feedback - maybe next time I'll get into innsbruck with correct approach lol. Cheers Jim

    Thanks for getting back to me - cheers
  15. So I did the flight and here it is for some background viewing while you drink beer and have your Sunday lunch...