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  1. Lmao I got my 1070 8GB Tuesday - I'm well happy with it. I got mine running smooth as a nut by running a bit of software that sets the refresh rate of the monitor to 30Hz then running vsync on in sim with unlimited fps. Only good if you are happy with 30 fps which I am. You need to stream so I can watch
  2. When you say port over don't you just run the installer? Or do you use some other tool and do something special?
  3. Something to look forward to this dynamic lighting. Not sure if I'm going to install. Maybe I will and do some circuits
  4. Is the island worth an install? I have it but never installed it.
  5. I just installed it nothing special and everything works as far as I can see. Only thing I noticed was the config app wouldn't save my settings as it couldn't find an xml or something. Actually performs really well. I am well and truly a p3d v4 convert it is now in a league of it's own. Worth every penny!
  6. Hi, It's been a while since posting on here - but here are a couple from my recent flight... Thanks for viewing
  7. The only issues I had was when I installed Vector it would put it at the top of my library - this was due to some of the default FSX regions/scenery entries being missing. I had removed them previously to save load times etc on my older machine. Turns out Vector was looking for 'Africa' FSX default entry (I think it was Africa) but reinserting this back in solved the problem. Also, I have PNW region on boxed version and could not upgrade as they removed the upgrade/support page where you used to be able to download the updates from. This did cause elevation issues in some areas without the updates. All my online purchases worked perfectly. I would say go for it
  8. Oh right OK, not sure what the difference is but with Navigraph you can subscribe to FMS Data for 30 days that costs 7.80 Euros - you can then download the FMS Data Manager and you can choose the items you wish to update. Or I am not sure if this is still an option, but you used to be able to download all the updates individually and store locally, then it's just a case of running the installer and it does it all for you. I have kept all my single update installers as backup and when I do a reinstall I just run all the relevant ones again and all my products are at the same version. As long as you are happy
  9. Aerosoft? I thought you get it from Navigraph?
  10. Nice shots - looks like a nice trip
  11. Great shots - the last one made me chuckle a little, but that's the benefit of being in a tiny plane landing on a huge runway, you can dump it half way down if you like and it's much easier to go around and join circuit.
  12. Super shots mate - love how the (I assume) clouds leave the shadows on the ground
  13. Nice flight - great shots mate
  14. Plus 1 on the above That's why I just bought one lot of updates and updated all my planning software and planes using the same version.
  15. I like them all but that last one looks fantastic - great work!