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  1. Happy birthday mate! Hope to speak later bud
  2. Looking for people!!

    I try and give 1 day notice prior to stream if I can - unfortunately I always have to leave it late just in case family duties get in the way I normally stream Monday evening's 7pm UK time and if I cancel I send a tweet out. So if you wish to join check a Monday at 7pm. I will keep up the YouTube channel so not to worry guys. Heard loud and clear hehe. There is going to be a stream tonight from 7pm - so in 45mins. Quite a but of stuff to showcase so it should be a great flight. Http://Twitch.tv/UKJim Thanks for all your kind words I appreciate it a lot. Cheers Jim
  3. Piece Taker...Long hauling in a Convair.

    Nice shots there great scenes
  4. A nice addition.

    Very nice Phil mate
  5. Looking for people!!

    Ok ok lol I won't Thanks guys
  6. Looking for people!!

    It's a shame to hear that mate, as long as you can catch up on youtube I was thinking about shutting down my youtube but I realised in past couple of days that people still use it to catch up. Well from not on, you should be able to watch it in 1080p quality. Thanks for letting me know bud!
  7. Only Two

    Very nice like the second one
  8. Looking for people!!

    Thanks to all that joined the stream tonight it proved to be a successful test. Really happy with the results. Cheers
  9. Looking for people!!

    Come join and have a gander hehe. It would be good to chat to you guys during stream. Joe has joined before too that was nice. Cheers Alan
  10. Looking for people!!

    You should be able to just head over create an account and click my link You can also get the phone/tablet app too and watch it in the move. Thanks I hope to see you there - please say you're from mutleys just so I remember;)
  11. Tiger Tonka

    That paint is crazy - nice shots Alan
  12. Hi all, As some of you are aware I stream my flight simming on twitch - well I would like to make the move into 1080p streaming, so I have updated some settings for my stream. The problem is this, I have increased my bitrate, so would like to get as many people watching the stream later to provide feedback if it is buffering too often etc. So UKJim NEEDS YOU!! If you are around, please feel free to join my stream later - 7pm UK Time - I would appreciate it a lot. http://twitch.tv/ukjim Thanks, Jim
  13. XP11 Default 737 800

    They are amazing Phil Thanks for sharing, send me a message on twitch how to install etc. Cheers
  14. Damn you I bet you can guess what I just did