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  1. Leg 20 (1) Moue NWWE to White Grass NVVW

    Nicely done JG, great choice of aircraft for the storyline and as usual I get a kick out of Jasmine pulling your strings.
  2. Great review Jess, thanks for your time and effort to bring it to us. I hope it looks clearer in person and that it's fuzziness can be blamed on the images being downgraded in their JPG format. I do question the minimum computer requirements when comparing them to your personal specs and fps results. The 747 cockpit is not the prettiest out there but there is no question that it is one heck of an aircraft. Have not flown on one myself but have seen them through the windows from the terminals and do remember being in awe of their stature.
  3. A little present to myself

    Excellent addition to the cockpit Ros, nothing wrong with having a bit of Santa's spirit within and for ourselves. These are great units and can really lessen the load for a pilot's when it comes to navigation and some areas of situational awareness during the flight phase. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with RealityXP's reemergence in the marketplace but Flight1 definitely did us a favor combining both the GTN750 and 650 in one package for one lower price.
  4. Clouds - experimental

    Duly noted, thanks for the clarification.
  5. West Coast of Scotland Photo Real Scenery

    Nicely done great shots and aircraft Michael, enjoyed the views.
  6. Bay Area Dusk Tour, C152-II

    Great shots of this lovely scenery and narrative, it may be slow but it's nice to stop and smell the roses once in awhile.
  7. Back to the 70s

    It's a beauty Ros, thanks for the look and have fun cutting through the skies in style.
  8. Slow to Faaast.

    Looked like a fun day out in your new toys, thanks for the shots Matt. Sorry you ended up in the Napa Valley, not!
  9. That Mooney is a slick looking single and the C152 is a fun little flier. Enjoy the new birds and have fun. Not sure the Cessna will be good for AH unless you are transporting a carton of cigarettes a short distance. I had an older freeware C152 that I did a lot of work on for flying around the OZx dirt strips and mines in Australia, lot's of fun.
  10. Leg 19.1 Hamilton Island YBHM to <classified>

    He's a creepy fellow, I would be Locked and Loaded.
  11. President .... not bored but still known to cause trouble
  12. Clouds - experimental

    Some very nice cloud formations although when it gets darker out some areas look like a painting. That could be simply because you are using Steve's fixer which I'm not familiar with. All in all great looking shots.
  13. Leg 19.2 Kone NWWD to Moue NWWE

    Beautiful spot to end your leg Tim, great pics and PIREP. Be careful, JG never has just one drink.
  14. New York state of mind.

    There's one you don't see every day, nice shots of the New York skyline. Thanks for the look Alan. I had a New York state of mind once, thankfully it didn't last long.
  15. Transatlantic departure

    Thanks for the shots Alan, I admire your patience it's been a long time since I have tried a long flight like that.
  16. Only two

    Two great captures Jury, nicely done.
  17. Michael R

    Hi Michael, welcome to the forums here. Some people stick with one sim and others enjoy the different aspects of them all. Each have their pluses and minuses but they all will give you the basic aspects of flight within the confines of computer based simulations and their default configurations. All of them can be improved with freeware and payware addons. You don't tell us what level of familiarity you have with flight, if a beginner be prepared to learn the basics of flying first before delving into all of the extras to make them look visually better. It will help a great deal if you have a good understanding of computers, if not be assured that their is a large group of people that are always willing to help you if you ask and a lot of information out there that has already been discussed about not only the computer side but in the flight simulation side. Don't forget to look at each sims minimum computer requirements to make sure your rig will meet their needs. It's a great hobby so I wish you the best in your journey, it's a great feeling the first time you get into the air and only gets better from there.
  18. Thanks you Andrew and Paul for you insights. It's funny how soon we forget what the intention of the OP's post was but this has been enlightening and it is also one of the most endearing things about being a part of this friendly and open minded forum is that we are allowed to go off on tangents. I agree with this only to a point, for someone with such a high degree of assimilation this seems to be a generalization. As for myself I don't visit there often yet I have seen those few that expect too much from a product that has stayed within the bounds of the FSX coding but as a whole most are just wondering why some aspect of the plane isn't working correctly, like a landing light condition light or why certain simple aspects of the product sytems that work in other like aircraft are not in this one, it is an injustice to lump these simmers in with the knuckleheads.
  19. Guess the Aircraft

    I served on a few airbases and for some reason these aircraft always drew my attention more than the others. No matter where I stood they always seemed to be looking at me.
  20. Yuck, they put pieces of Fishermen on top of pasta?
  21. Personally, one thing I usually do when a review is put up is to thank the reviewer for their time and effort. My intention was not to disparage reviewers and I admit I did take an overly simplistic view of things, I also mistakenly combined others input with my personal views without noting that fact. As a long time FSX'er I did not take into consideration the across platform component in my original statement in question(do their aircraft belong in what is considered a higher end training platform, meh) and as dinner was ready I did not give my second reply it's due when comparing like models(Like you noted above not an easy thing to do) or was I able to explain things to my own satisfaction. Often I wish I had the capacity to explain myself better but it seems I lack that ability but even if I did it would probably end up in one of those never ending back and forth situations that we try to stay away from in forums. I misspoke and have edited out that one sentence out of respect for reviewers everywhere. To note I still stand by my other comments because they pertain to my own simming views and that is within my own "Reality Tunnel." Good things sometimes come from simple mistakes and at least the members here will come away with a better understanding of what not only goes into creating a review but also the criteria involved behind the final result. A review is just that, one person's views based on their level of understanding and experience and I might add that our Mutley's Hangar reviews should be considered at the top of the pack.
  22. Leg 19.1 Hamilton Island YBHM to <classified>

    A great start to this leg, I felt like I was reading a book.And those pics, WOW.