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  1. brett

    QW 787 P3DV4!

    It's a nice looking jet and shot Jury.
  2. Thanks for the great shots and have fun on the rest of your flight.
  3. Sad news, I feel bad for the families having to deal with grief and the government bureaucracy.
  4. Looks like it rolls a bit much still but that is still quite an improvement, thanks for the look Kevin. I have seen videos of the deck pitching(literally heaving) what looked like 10-20 feet while aircraft were landing, it was enough that if you didn't time it right you would get waved away or hit the stern full on. With the utmost respect I salute all our pilots for the dangerous work they do on a daily basis.
  5. Unique configuration on that one Alan, thanks for the look.
  6. +1 Excellent PIREP Tim, great shots and smoooooth writing. Nice looking twin too.
  7. I always enjoyed the Carrier missions in FSX, it would be nice to see the carriers move up and down with the waves to add a bit more white knuckle experience.
  8. Looks pretty good and a nice spot to boot.
  9. Great aircraft and livery.
  10. Watergate The Whitehouse Plumbers last job?
  11. Is that another word for an L.T. Sack
  12. Beautiful day for flying but I think I would have picked a smaller aircraft for flying that low down the coast, LOL. Nice shots.
  13. brett

    Corsica Coast

    Nice shots, thanks for the views.
  14. Great aircraft to fly around in, thanks for the shots.
  15. That's a big one... I also just read that word 'Antidisestablishmentarianism' is one of the longest non-scientific words in the English Language. 1st Amendment to the Constitution of United States of America (1789)
  16. Thanks guys, I had a fantastic day. @JG- 21? I wish, I was twenty-one thirty-nine years ago.
  17. Are they the ones that believe sex before marriage leads to dancing. Polytheism
  18. Nice set of shots and scenery.