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  1. Leg 30: Rio to Sucre (SBRJ - SLSU)

    Close call Tim, you never know what that often shirtless maniac is up too. Great PIREP and shots Tim, even after taking points off for letting that aircraft get ahead of you it still rates a .
  2. latelys

    Great looking shots Dolf, nice to see some green instead of the seemingly never ending white landscape by me.
  3. The Easter Bunny Does Exist!

    Great shot John, well done and yeah it does look like the Mutley's Easter Bunny wishing all rally pilots a safe trip.
  4. No one likes to hear news like this, prayers for all those involved in this troubling accident.
  5. Although his post was funny since JG didn't seem to add the next word I will try to use both Tim's word Mallow and Alan's word Emissions but all I could come up with is, HMS Mallow (a Corvette from World War II which I'm pretty sure spewed out her share of carbon dioxide during the years not to mention the car of the same name)
  6. JF Warrior

    Not a powerful Piper but by design they fly very nice, hope the fixes get done for you and thanks for those great shots.
  7. Methane (Shale can be full of that smelly gas)
  8. Woohoo! Mebar2018 here we come!

    Usually long enough to make it interesting.
  9. Saint Patrick's Day

    (Giggles like a kid and then gets back to being serious) I don't blame you March, Geoff's post made me go out get a couple of Stouts and they hit the spot.
  10. A few marauders

    Great shot JK, a formidable and nicely painted formation to be sure.
  11. Destination (the one time your happy it wasn't a short trip to France)
  12. Saint Patrick's Day

    Nice way to celebrate the day Jury, thanks for those great shots. Happy St. Pat's day all.
  13. Wheel (hell to clean but always look nice)