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  1. Leg 20 (1) Moue NWWE to White Grass NVVW

    Nicely done JG, great choice of aircraft for the storyline and as usual I get a kick out of Jasmine pulling your strings.
  2. Great review Jess, thanks for your time and effort to bring it to us. I hope it looks clearer in person and that it's fuzziness can be blamed on the images being downgraded in their JPG format. I do question the minimum computer requirements when comparing them to your personal specs and fps results. The 747 cockpit is not the prettiest out there but there is no question that it is one heck of an aircraft. Have not flown on one myself but have seen them through the windows from the terminals and do remember being in awe of their stature.
  3. A little present to myself

    Excellent addition to the cockpit Ros, nothing wrong with having a bit of Santa's spirit within and for ourselves. These are great units and can really lessen the load for a pilot's when it comes to navigation and some areas of situational awareness during the flight phase. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with RealityXP's reemergence in the marketplace but Flight1 definitely did us a favor combining both the GTN750 and 650 in one package for one lower price.
  4. Clouds - experimental

    Duly noted, thanks for the clarification.
  5. West Coast of Scotland Photo Real Scenery

    Nicely done great shots and aircraft Michael, enjoyed the views.
  6. Bay Area Dusk Tour, C152-II

    Great shots of this lovely scenery and narrative, it may be slow but it's nice to stop and smell the roses once in awhile.
  7. Back to the 70s

    It's a beauty Ros, thanks for the look and have fun cutting through the skies in style.
  8. Slow to Faaast.

    Looked like a fun day out in your new toys, thanks for the shots Matt. Sorry you ended up in the Napa Valley, not!
  9. That Mooney is a slick looking single and the C152 is a fun little flier. Enjoy the new birds and have fun. Not sure the Cessna will be good for AH unless you are transporting a carton of cigarettes a short distance. I had an older freeware C152 that I did a lot of work on for flying around the OZx dirt strips and mines in Australia, lot's of fun.
  10. Leg 19.1 Hamilton Island YBHM to <classified>

    He's a creepy fellow, I would be Locked and Loaded.
  11. President .... not bored but still known to cause trouble
  12. Clouds - experimental

    Some very nice cloud formations although when it gets darker out some areas look like a painting. That could be simply because you are using Steve's fixer which I'm not familiar with. All in all great looking shots.
  13. Leg 19.2 Kone NWWD to Moue NWWE

    Beautiful spot to end your leg Tim, great pics and PIREP. Be careful, JG never has just one drink.