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  1. Review

    Thanks Martyn, that's a great idea and improvement.
  2. Home defense Alan? Cavalry Cutlass
  3. Nice shots Dolf, I am sure Cessna wishes it had the demand that the Flight1 version will have.
  4. Can't get a higher compliment than that, nice work IZO.
  5. Well wasn't that nice of them, thanks Flight1 and thanks for the heads up.
  6. For a guy that wears a dress he does weld a great looking Sword
  7. Nice work, that's some busy looking scenery.
  8. Join In!

    Since Shirley won the Lotto she's been such a showoff
  9. Join In!

    "What kind of gerbil food is this for four grand', said the big Texan
  10. To all those that fought together including those that made the ultimate sacrifice.
  11. You deserved that flight, all work and no flight time makes us cranky. Glad you got the flight in and we in turn get to see some fine pics.
  12. Great post Matt, the scenery was fantastic and yep, that first shot with all those fine looking birds was a treat.
  13. Nicely framed shot, throw a mountain range in a pic and I'm in. Welcome to Mutley's Hangar BeeJay, thanks for the views and I hope you enjoyed the flights. There's always next year to time yourself just for the heck of it.