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  1. Leg 19.1 Hamilton Island YBHM to <classified>

    A great start to this leg, I felt like I was reading a book.And those pics, WOW.
  2. Carenado sale

    Nice choices Wayne, enjoy the new purchases.
  3. Well I figure reviewers to be fair take each product on it's own merit and don't compare them to other products except when it comes to viewing their price. I'm guessing if the product is taken money wise against all the like products out there the Carenado product would fair well in their price range but as a consumer I look at the fact that I paid fifty dollars for the A2A Comanche and all it does and the Carenado Cheyenne at forty dollars doesn't make sense to me. As a reviewer Andrew, if you feel my statement wasn't correct or was out of context I would be happy to take it out after you show me the error of my ways.
  4. My Jeep bumper sticker, GOT MUD? Determined
  5. I have six of their aircraft and do enjoy flying them, they look good, fly by the numbers, have great cockpit lighting and Carenado/Abaleo have enough of a selection to meet everyone's needs. What I have gleaned from the great folks here over time is that, 1. Carenado/Alabeo aircraft are getting too expensive for what you get and buying them on sale is your best buy unless you are a want/need it now simmer and aren't strapped. 2. Although Carenado provide fixes they are limited to quick fixes and any lasting faults will not be taken care of. 3. Their high end textures will sometimes cause a prohibitive drop in fps in mid-range computers. 4. The only good thing in the "Unofficial Support" forum is the couple of guys that provide fixes that Carenado never get around to. 5. If you have a problem with any developers aircraft you should talk to others because it might be Your problem and not Theirs. 5. Even above average simmers like to take a spin in a new shiny aircraft if they can get a good deal. I'm a big fan of A2A because they fit my simming needs for higher end simulations of aircraft, constantly update their products and have great support. They put all of that together for the average price of fifty bucks and that's why I think Carenado/Alabeo are too expensive right now.(A point reviewers can't take into consideration to be fair and impartial) Yet with all of that said I do enjoy just hopping into a decent and diverse aircraft to take a spin just for fun and that's where these mid-level sim aircraft come in, so if you asked this A2A sim snob if I would purchase a Careado/Alebeo aircraft in the future it would be a resounding yes but only when they are on sale for less than thirty bucks. I have enough aircraft in my hangar to keep me busy and am willing to wait for the price to drop. My It has been correctly pointed out that I'm an idiot so feel free to correct.
  6. Air France A380 Fan 'separation'

    You have to love how they use the word 'Separated', like they just didn't like each other anymore.
  7. Wow, that sounds like it could be a real Menace
  8. Tomcat - NZ

    Super shots Jury, I dig the angle you caught on that first one.
  9. various random

    Nicely done Wayne, certainly had some nasty cloud formations to deal with. Hope the carpet guy finally showed up. In a perfect world you could make him wait outside while you finished up your flight.
  10. Donald Trump is standing next to a large swimming pool having a conversation with a democrat. A little boy runs out and dives into the water swimming out to the center where he sinks to the bottom. Trump WALKS across the water and sticks arm in pulling the drowned boy out. He walks back on top of the water to the poolside laying the boy on the concrete, touches his forehead and the little boy instantly comes back to life. The democrat shouts out to all the observers, " See I told you..... Trump cant even swim."
  11. I never saw an impact on frame rates using them in FS with a mid-grade computer so I doubt you will have an issue in v4 March.
  12. I always thought Disco was a Virus that could cause Fevers
  13. I'm with Joe and others in that Base and Vectors are a very big improvement for not only the world but within the regions too.
  14. Great shots above Tim, but isn't aircraft separation on finals a horizontal not vertical rule.
  15. Caption the picture!

    The Shorts pilot was not amused at his fraternity brothers prank