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  1. brett

    QW 787 P3DV4!

    It's a nice looking jet and shot Jury.
  2. Thanks for the great shots and have fun on the rest of your flight.
  3. Sad news, I feel bad for the families having to deal with grief and the government bureaucracy.
  4. Looks like it rolls a bit much still but that is still quite an improvement, thanks for the look Kevin. I have seen videos of the deck pitching(literally heaving) what looked like 10-20 feet while aircraft were landing, it was enough that if you didn't time it right you would get waved away or hit the stern full on. With the utmost respect I salute all our pilots for the dangerous work they do on a daily basis.
  5. Unique configuration on that one Alan, thanks for the look.
  6. +1 Excellent PIREP Tim, great shots and smoooooth writing. Nice looking twin too.
  7. I always enjoyed the Carrier missions in FSX, it would be nice to see the carriers move up and down with the waves to add a bit more white knuckle experience.
  8. Looks pretty good and a nice spot to boot.