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  1. Great shots Dolf, I dig that red, white and blue paint job.
  2. Hi Jim, long time no see. Nice shots, looks like the sim is set up just right. I did read something from a guy they call the "Captain" saying that porting FSX addons into PDv4 could cause instability in the sim. Not sure how true it is but it makes sense to use the v4 SDK tools to recompile certain things.
  3. Why not Jim, how often can you own your own island and Maine is a beautiful state to buss around.
  4. Well done Loic. now get some well needed rest.
  5. Life is good, well done Bill W. I think I have changed my mind about which sim I will get next.
  6. Nicely done Beejay, great views that time of day.
  7. Join In!

    And they still can't get it there within an hour.
  8. Tough times for the soul JG, hang in there and my best goes out to all in your family going through the roughest part of life.
  9. Join In!

    Definition soon, [so͞on] A word used by flight sim developers when they don't have a freaking clue when their next product will be released.
  10. So it seems your own test and the results of those quoted by Mike@LM are the way to go until this is fixed, well done. Load P3D Load [saved] Scenario Crash Plane Result: SUCCESS reloads scenario Exit to Desktop Well that and not crashing.
  11. Adversity makes us stronger.
  12. Hi Gabe, work and family can get in the way of hobby's but glad to see you back and hope you are keeping your flying skills up. Nothing is better for beating down the stress of work than a short scenery filled flight. btw-Lurking is fine but all us here at Mutley's love to hear from our members.