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  1. Caption the picture!

    My wife says I have 'Old Timers Disease', I am always saying, "When I was younger that only cost.....". As to the other comments I can only hope I left you with no lasting damage.
  2. Caption the picture!

    If you can't come up with something for this one your not trying hard enough.
  3. Caption the picture!

    Thanks Mike, safe travels. I'll give a look for something.....
  4. On route

    Nice views of the office, the 787 is a nice bit of kit but I always wonder if the pilots get 'tired eyes' from looking at all that glass.
  5. Mapping Russia

    Now there a job that will never end. Cool livery Alan, thanks for the shots.
  6. Ireland bracing for Ophelia

    You sure do get around March, stay safe Ireland.
  7. Another Reason FS Flying is Safer

    He should have been looked at when they first knew about him but even crazy people have rights, in the investigators defense they sure are a lot of them. (Help! I think their putting something in our water)
  8. A few A-20 Havoc shots.

    Both are cool examples of twins of that time period, fun to fly too. Thanks for the views Matt. I would love to see a fuller systems version(everything works) done just to know what it was like to really fly them during that time. Maybe some day......
  9. B787-9 Demo

    It is a nice looking bird if a tiny bit asymmetrical. Thanks for the preview Jury, do you think you will purchase the full version?
  10. Orbx - LEBB Bilbao Airport

    Thanks for the review Brian, well covered as always. I don't actually fly in Spain to often, if at all, but must say this airport is in a beautiful spot. A shame shipping harbor's always muck up a nice scenic spot but on the plus side they do give you something fun to look at while flying.
  11. Douglas A-20 Havoc

    Nice one JK, cool paints and thanks for the heads up on the aircraft.
  12. Great piece of work there Andrew, I really enjoyed your PIREP/novelette and pic's, glad I had the clearances to read it. Hopefully your buddies image will not invade my dreams and turn them into horrific nightmares.
  13. More SSW woes

    Sorry for your troubles Martin, I agree that in this day and age you shouldn't have to wait that long for authentication. Maybe we need a Flight Sim Consumer Protection Bureau, you look up the product and see how many complaints they have. Hope you get it up and flying soonest.
  14. NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center

    I want to be dropped from the wing of a B-52, weeeeeeeeeeeeee. Some cool vids there Matt, thanks for the look.