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  1. XP 172 Livery finished

    Looking good Jim, on the plus side I'm sure it was a lot cheaper that painting the "Connie". I have to admit my poor C172 has been neglected since I got the C182 and the Piper's.....
  2. Susan has big teeth

    I think I've met her! Great work and a cool looking paint job.
  3. Mix after the switch

    Beautiful set of shots Dolf, looks like Sky Force draws some gorgeous clouds.
  4. Sim addict?

    I'm guessing a year or two until P3Dv.5 comes out JG.
  5. Sim addict?

    Glad to here you got your act together, it allows you to buy more sim stuff. I can quit anytime I want to also but that doesn't mean I wouldn't be jones'in for a bit and long'in for quite a bit more.
  6. Leg 25: NTAA to NTTO

    Beautiful day for flying and atoll hunting, made for some great shots. Great PIREP, excellent choice of aircraft dig the mischievous paint work and nice to see someone using the same scratch pad for flying I use. Well done Mike.
  7. XP11 737

    Great looking shot Phil, that haze is working it.
  8. North American F-82G Twin Mustang

    Great crystal clear shots of this oddball Mustang.
  9. Aircraft stop on wet runways all the time, I'm not going to dismiss mechanical failures but me thinks something else happened or a combination of the two.