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  1. Great flight Matt, looks like you are coming to terms with this fine aircraft.
  2. Thrill seeker or bent on suicide, we are not sure yet.
  3. Check out Chillblast or if you build it yourself check out what they are pairing up.
  4. Only the tip of the iceberg JG.
  5. Great place to land with it's wonderful city in full view, thanks for the look. Reminds me a bit of Meigs field.
  6. Nice work on the fuel savings and great start to the ferry flight, well done.
  7. HeliPro? Your passenger's will be the judge of that. Nice shots and beautiful river valley.
  8. Nice skyline shots Dolf, like the paint job too.
  9. Join In!

    Passengers reacted in horror when the Captain was overheard saying, "Let's smoke them bees".
  10. Super shots Sam, that is one busy airport that I have tried to stay away from so far as it would bring my computer to it's knees.
  11. I like that first strip Matt, looks like fun. Great pics and flight, your certainly putting that short through it's paces.
  12. I was born on Friday the 13th so I try not to be superstitious. Funny posting Matt.
  13. Glad you walked away from that one, XP seems to make it harder to survive those blown tire situations.
  14. Have a great Happy Birthday Phil, enjoy your special day.