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  1. High performance Mustang

    Nice, I'll try not to stare at for to long.
  2. New Air Hauling Company: IslandAir!

    Enjoy the new base and all the new headaches that come with it.
  3. Air Canada pulls a "Harrison Ford"

    I prefer to believe that story is false, it just seems farfetched to think they just went on like nothing happened, I mean I almost nose dived off my chair when I read it.
  4. New Air Hauling Company: IslandAir!

    Well light that place up, those ai pilots hate not working.
  5. If it was going to happen it was good that it happened then, still made one heck of a mess.
  6. New Air Hauling Company: IslandAir!

    Sounds like a plan, best of luck with the new ventures Ivan. What scenery are you using for EGHI, I like the ORBX version myself as it was done very well.
  7. SU-57 - 4.5th Generation Fighter?

    Anyone know what other countries aircraft can be put up against our latest and make it a good fight.
  8. Gypsy Moth

    Something old and something new, great shot. Thanks for sharing Brian.
  9. It is sad that the planes are grounded as many people look forward to seeing them. I can understand not wanting to speculate what caused a crash but what's with all the secrecy going on here when they already know which part failed. The only thing that comes to mind is they are protecting the manufacturer of the part which would be business as usual in the world of aviation.
  10. Pax Exchange - not in the usual sense

    I only say things like that because I keep forgetting how old I am.
  11. SU-57 - 4.5th Generation Fighter?

    Maybe their still waiting for someone to sell them our latest plans. I gather since it was just reported as new we should soon be seeing Putin flying one without a shirt .
  12. Pax Exchange - not in the usual sense

    or a 'park in the walk' if not careful.
  13. Tally ho!

    Tally-ho, does that mean Prostitute in Sight in military speak? Nice shots Ros, all great aircraft but I'll take the P-51.