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  1. Nice one Alan, though I always felt that jets with twin booms looked odd.
  2. Scattering bird seed to the winds I hope. Hope you enjoyed your flight, thanks for the capture Dolf.
  3. Amen John, I feel for all those hurt and killed along with their families. When will this madness end.
  4. His Royal Highness ,The Prince , Charles, Philip , Arthur , George ,Prince of Wales ,Earl of Chester , Duke of Cornwall , Duke of Rothesay ,Earl of Carrick , Baron of Renfrew ,Lord of the Isles ,Prince and Great Steward of Scotland ,Royal Knight Companion of the most noble order of the Garter , Royal Knight Companion of the most Ancient and most noble order of the Thistle ,Knight Grand Cross of the most honourable order of the Bath ,Member of the order of Merit ,Knight of the order of Australia , Companion of the Queen's service order, Member of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Councillors , Aide de Camp to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth R .
  5. Nice shots JG, thanks for the look.
  6. Join In!

    Run for your life, it's mating season
  7. Still beautiful but Aging sure is a bitch
  8. All those screenies were well caught Dolf, thanks for the views.
  9. Nice series of shots Dolf, perfect place to get rid of the winter blues.
  10. Nice shots Phil, love that cloud layer.
  11. Great sport, Hob Nob Goblin hunting
  12. Always nice to see our reviews get respect no matter the score, impressive.
  13. Thanks Jess, well covered and well written. As always I appreciate the time it takes to create a review and that you took the time out to bring it to us simmers.
  14. That's what us New Yorkers call towels. I do remember Dowels but they have slowly been replaced by Biscuits in most applications.