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  1. Down Under Tour 2015

    An excellent adventutre Loic, really enjoyable to follow with lots of interesting points along the way. Tremendous set of shots really do show off the scenery and aircraft. Great job, look forward to more exploring. Wish I had more time for flying these type of adventures it's what makes FSX so interesting, unfortunately it's silly season at work for me
  2. KCMW - 11S

    Absolutely wonderful shots You really must share your settings you seem to get such realistic shade and colour.
  3. Some Pago Tigercat shots

    Great shots Matt
  4. Blue Canyon Comanche

    Superb shots
  5. Install shots from Scratch

    Great set of shots Paul. Really interesting to see the comparison.
  6. My new toy - I hate you guys!

    Haha Jim the secret world of the Flight Sim Enthusiast - those undercover purchases are somehow much more exciting You'll love it, Just tell the Mrs that the Cherokee grew up over night Make sure to get Jankees version of G-ASCJ - the devil's in the detail
  7. Cross Country. Lazy M's USA Route.

    Another wonderful journey Matt. Loved the points of interest along the way it really adds to the trip. Good decision on the landing attempt, you need to look after that Comanche. All in all a great set of shots that really show off the scenery and the aircraft, thanks for sharing
  8. Stormy Ireland

    I must say I'm extremely impressed with the Comanche. I do like A2A products but this is the best yet in my opinion.
  9. Happy Birthday SEATAC!

    Happy Birthday Richard
  10. Brilliant Steph, really enjoyed it. I'm pleased you got around to trying out the tour and the Scotland scenery is looking good. Excellent shots, love the ground crew but disappointed as I didn't get the star treatment - must have been the skirt - and I'm not wearing one even in Scotland Watch out drinking cocktails up North mind the natives will be after you
  11. Stormy Ireland

    I decided to take the Comanche sporting a lovely Jankees paint job on a short trip from Dublin International EIDW up to the North into Belfast Aldergrove EGAA. As it turned out it was a bit of a stormy affair. Waiting to leave EIDW The view of Dublin International The clouds gathered And the storm began And the storm continued Escaping the storm Clearing skies and the safe haven at Belfast Aldergrove appeared
  12. Cross Country. Lazy M's USA Route.

    A superb journey Matt, thanks for the trip. Really enjoying it Scenery and aircraft looking very good
  13. Happy July 4!

    Happy Independence Day to all our American cousins Have a great 4th of July celebration
  14. I watched them both Peter and they're both very good. I didn't find the music one too far "out there" Thanks for the trip and it's really interesting to see the journey from a different perspective.
  15. VATSIM first attempt at circuit

    Very good Jim. Good on you for taking the plunge and having a go. Like it seems many others I've never plucked up the courage enough to overcome the nerves/apprehension and/or the worry about messing everything up. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough, well done mate