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  1. Hi at all, if i understand that card from Leo B. correctly, it should be possible to connect Buttons and switches and also 5V LEDs. Therefore the question: is it possible to light up the LEDs by the switches (e.g. Gear up & down) with SIOC/Offset or fsuipc ?. Thanks for any Informations. Cheers
  2. Homebuild FlightSimulator Cockpit

    Thanks !. Indeed, that´s all real Aircraft Instruments... thanks for looking ! Cheers
  3. Legislated Legacies

    Very great shots !. Top !. Cheers
  4. one more instrument

    Cool Cockpit ! Nice work !!. Well done !! Regards, Max
  5. Homebuild FlightSimulator Cockpit

    Thank You. So, furthermore a lot things to do. Currently i'm building a Cockpit Heating-System with a orig. Cockpit-Temp.-Panel, because sometimes it is very cold out there... Thanks, Cheers
  6. Homebuild FlightSimulator Cockpit

    Thanks, yup nice gear.. Thanks.
  7. Homebuild FlightSimulator Cockpit

    USB- Card check´s in progress....
  8. The life of a SAS 737-600

    Very nice trip and shots, great like to see more, thanks
  9. Homebuild FlightSimulator Cockpit

    Thanks, Joe. A lot of work and at present i have a problem with my new third servocard. it is not recognized and the system shut down, shortly after it was connected via usb. get the message, that the device already exist. the project will slow down now....
  10. Texaco

    wow, awesome shots, breathless, so....