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  1. steveP


    @allardjd check this: http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids.html. As you can see for many years now this guy has supplied our community with navdata, and Magvar, all free! Quick question for anyone 'in the know'; is the navdata supplied with P3D current and updatable using say navigraph? all the best
  2. steveP


    Not really sure Andrew, but I do use this Navdata update http://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html . Could be Orbx I guess. Still it's more likely to be something I've done since I didn't see any other posts regarding a missing navaid. Cheers
  3. steveP

    No invite

    @mutley Nah not this year no more C182 for me. I'm going back Joe, yes I going with the Baron.... Cheers
  4. steveP


    Thanks for the swift reply Andrew, I've added the VOR to FSX (using ADE + SDK pack). I've the updated BGL if anyone wants it . Now I think I'm ready to give the flight a try. All the best
  5. steveP


    Hi all, I do not seem to have one of the test flight navaids ie TCO VOR I'm using FSX. Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated. Many thanks
  6. steveP

    No invite

    guys I didn't get my usual email invite to MEBAR this year.....I can only hope that this isn't a reflection on my poor as *#*%% performance last year. So is this old grumpy #%*%%^*+ welcome this year or......must I fly off in simmers shame steve
  7. Blimey one more year just shot by.....the big Six Zero for me this year lads! Really looking forward to see you all again and as usual a massive thank you to all the organizers, it just wouldn't be the same without the Easter Rally! Cheers Steve
  8. Me too I love the idea of blind legs. Great I'm look forward to this option on the next rally Cheers Steve
  9. Many thanks guys...I too like the last shot.... Cheers
  10. Well it's all over.....really enjoyed it and many thanks to all of the organizers....just a few shots from the rally Best regards Steve
  11. Yes passed out at 15000ft + (leg 1) in the A2A skylane, I love that aircraft, first time ever it's happened, the good news is I can now confirm Hypoxia is modeled and is working. The bad news is that happened after one hour in...oh well here i go again.... Cheers Steve
  12. Well that's it for this year; I thought I would like to say thanks to all of those involved in making this such an outstanding event for flightsimmers worldwide. Steve Prowse
  13. Thanks for all the help I'll give the FS9 format a try. all the best
  14. Rob, Sorry to trouble you, but I've tried to copy and paste your FP's but FSX seems unable to open the plan. BTW I'm saving it as per unicode, and naming it .pln; is that correct?
  15. Thankyou all for all your hard work and making this event such a great one. I really enjoyed it all, reading all the comments is great. Look forward to doing it all again nest year. All the very best to one and all.