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  1. Higher and Higher

    In the US, the max altitude you can fly for no more than 30 minutes is 14,000 ft. Generally, if you are used to it or live at a higer altitude, 13,000 is both legal and safe. Does the Comanche have cowl flaps? One thing to do would be to close them, I do it in the Navajo all the time coming into our home base and it stays nice and toasty, the 421 I fly will destroy gearboxes if you shockcool the cylinders like that.
  2. Wow! Carenado Alabeo really screwed up with this. I fly a non-turboed Saratoga (https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N727GR) nearly every day as well as a turbo'd one less regularly. Neither one will ever, ever, ever get anywhere close to 10.5 gph. The turbo'd one will rarely get below 26 gph. Lastly, I have never seen anything as slow as 136 kts. cruise with no wind. I flight plan 160 kts. None of this is a dig on you. I think Alabeo missed the mark. The Saratoga is one of the most, if not the most, capable aircraft in its class.
  3. Seductive Sedona

    Sedona is amazing, I will have to see if I can pull the video of me landing there off of my wife's iPad
  4. Metroliner into Steamboat Springs

    Now that I have FSX:SE working on Windows 10, I started using AirHauler
  5. MilViz Cessna C310R - No Name.

    $12?! You can't even fly a Cub or Taylorcraft for that, that study must have been done years ago. I imagine its over $250-300 per hour to run that thing just fixed costs only.
  6. British Phenons coming

    Before I say anything, I am SIC rated in the Phenom. The aircraft will pitch up when power is reduced because of the centerline thrust, the Mustang should react in the same way. Its a 90-120 kt airplane (depending on weight) on final, anything less and you are "dragging it in," keep in mind that a turbine engine has a 5-7 second lag in power reaction, if you are behind it at 200 ft. AGL, 5-7 seconds will put you in the ground. The Carenado model is on the numbers.
  7. Obsign Logistics

    Just pulled the 732 out of a C Check, she got a new coat while it was there.
  8. British Phenons coming

    If you drag it in unrealistically, yes, if you fly it by the numbers, no way.
  9. Why I fly

  10. Leg 61 - Sharm El Sheik to Tympaki

    Been hanging around the area for a few days, some to get acclimated to the climate and moreso to make sure the red headed bandit hasn't flown in to interrupt my plans. Had about enough of resort seafood for the time being so figured it was time to head out. One problem. I flew in commercial. I went out to the airport early this morning to see if I could beg, borrow or steal a ride out of here and most importantly - able to get into Tympaki, and got lucky. Turns out the Embraer test crew is here testing some hot weather improvements to their incredible Phenom 100. A few minutes later... some greased palms, some fuel put on the credit card and here I am, we have the GPU hooked up, the engineers loaded and ready to flip the switches and bring this beast to life. Clearance picked up, looks like FL280 for this trip "4L via A, Xray Romeo Victor" "Strobes, Bleeds, Transponder, Landing Lights, before takeoff checklist complete" "Positive rate, gear up" 100 ft, its getting hazy 250 ft. totally in the clouds Coming up on the ginormous bustling metropolis of Cairo Sea as far as the eye can see... shows how small we are on the earth TOD Turning to our final waypoint Getting closer now and closer Wind is calm, so we are on an extended left base for 27 The AWOS lied Down a little long but manageable Ailerons into the wind for the taxi Marcellus, I'm under that rock over there with the baton, the Embraer guys took their airplane back to HESH... didn't even shut down both engines, opened the door, shut down the left engine and kicked me out. I musta worn out my welcome. *Apologies for the crazy blue at the start, I just loaded a new REX texture set and everything is REALLY blue, going to try and change that*
  11. Leg 60 Khartoum to Sharm El Sheikh International

    I don't think I have the chops to continue this story! Great PIREP...
  12. Dash 8 T.O.D

    That AuraSim thing is pretty neat, thanks for that
  13. Vee Power!

    If stairs like that come on the real Vision, sign me up!
  14. Screenshot Contest Prize

    Word of advice... anything is easier to land than this airplane, that being said, it is a ton of fun to fly and the procedures/flows are essential learning for real world airline flying. Great purchase!
  15. Another new addition to my hangar!

    Its a great plane, just too bad the landing gear is way too undersized for the aircraft in the wilco model, we had one on the ramp here at work, they are deceivingly big in person