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  1. Guess the Aircraft

    Wedell-Williams Model 22
  2. Alabeo release M20R Ovation for FSX/P3D

    Joe, You could be waiting quite a while for that sale then. As a general rule, Alabeo and Carenado exclude their most recent productions from sales for some time. As for it being worth it, you ask a simple question to a not so simple answer. As the Head of Reviews for Mutley's Hangar, I have written many reviews on Alabeo aircraft, but I have only had time to have a cursory look at the M20 so far, and it is good. So, my simple answer is yes, it is worth it. However, your post strongly suggests you are driven primarily by cost and on that basis, you could be setting yourself up to being disappointed. Alabeo generally produce models which represent good value for money, but that value is a trade off between cost, quality, and features. Whilst Alabeo models tend to be more focused on the "fun of flying", as opposed to being more technical and procedural, they have suffered from price creep recently. Finally, you don't allude to what type of flying you do or why you are even interested in the M20. You ask a dozen flight simmers what the verdict is on the Alabeo M20, and you could get 12 responses saying it is great, because it is exactly the aircraft to match their personal needs and it's their opinion based on those needs. On that basis, you could purchase it and are then bitterly disappointed because it does not match your needs. Hopefully this will help you decide whether the Alabeo M20R Ovation is an aircraft you want to "shell out the cash" on. Cheers Andrew
  3. Shit...I hadn't realised, but that's the BEST Brian's looked in years.
  4. Yeah, the suspense is killing me.
  5. Titanic II, would you sail on her?

    And Clive Palmer's mining and financial empire has collapsed with him currently in front of the courts. Nothing happening here at all.
  6. I resemble that remark, and it happens to be the right one at that.
  7. Saitek controllers

    Fintan, The SPAD.neXt web site states it supports the X.52 controller. I don't have the controller so I don't personally know. That is the purpose and benefit of the 14 day free trial with the SPAD.neXt software...try before you buy.
  8. Saitek controllers

    If the suggested drivers above work, then leave it at that. SPAD.neXt should work, at a significant cost for driver software, and is especially necessary if you have any of the Saitek panels, i.e. radio panel, switch panel, multi panel, etc. I have older drivers than those suggested above and my Saitek Pro Flight Yoke and Throttle Quadrant work in P3Dv4, though I suspect I still might need SPAD.neXt for the various function buttons on the Throttle Quadrant, some testing I still need to do. SPAD.neXt comes with a 14 day free trial so you have at least try before you buy. Cheers Andrew
  9. Wayne, I couldn't agree more. Such is this age of entitlement which seems to be spreading across society like an invasive, aggressive cancer - and it no longer seems to be confined to the millennial generation. This obsession of ours, in its many forms, is a fee for service industry, be it goods, cloud storage, etc. The attitude of some either shows a lack of willingness to pay for those (upgraded) goods, or a total lack of understanding of the cost of running these businesses or services...and let's not even mention the concept of fair use policy just as long as they can have as much as they want and have it all for nothing. Yet, if someone was to take from them, or ask them to do something for free, they would scream like a cut cat - indirectly, they seem to expect others who are willing to pay, to support them. People can always throw up the argument that they have paid for the goods already and this is an upgrade, but the cost of work associated with the upgrade was never included in the original cost of the goods. How quickly they forget that when we migrated from one version of MSFS to another we had to repurchase those products that were no longer compatible. The age old idiom of "Put up or shut up." couldn't be more appropriate in this age of entitlement. Cheers Andrew
  10. It's always easy to blame Carenado without understanding the background. In the case of Carenado's X-Plane models, I understand it is not so much Carenado themselves but the individual developer (a subcontractor and not a Carenado employee) who does all their X-Plane conversions. It is he who is insisting on charging Carenado for the work and Carenado are within their rights to pass that cost on. I guess that is just one of the many "costs" of going with a flight sim version which does not have a high uptake rate in the community, regardless.
  11. Milviz have finally come to their senses and are no longer charging customers a $5.00 fee to upgrade their Milviz products to P3D V4. All customers who have already paid this fee will be refunded. Now, all other major third party add-on developers were quick to announce some time back that upgrades of their respective products to P3D V4 would be free. So I wonder how long it took Milviz to realise they were about the only major third party add-on developer to be hitting their loyal customer base with this charge, a charge, by all accounts, their competitors thought was unreasonable. I mean, really, what were Milviz thinking?
  12. That's one foot more than I've got.
  13. Up, up and away.

    Have a look at this. http://orbit.medphys.ucl.ac.uk/index.html No idea what it's like because I just did a simple Google search.
  14. The Lilium VTOL Electric Jet

    Not amused, now just finding this topic extremely boring because it's been over done ad nauseum and it appears you don't understand when enough is beyond ridiculous. Your disorder is your problem, now ours, but unfortunately you seem to think it's OK to subject us to it. You might want to try researching "taking the piss" (the real deal, not the celebrity version) and understanding at which point in this thread responses to your posts were doing exactly that. Have a nice day.
  15. The Lilium VTOL Electric Jet

    But you do.