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  1. Oz, Thanks for your ideas and I'm glad you are already looking forward to next year's MEBAR. One of the biggest challenges in designing the MEBAR route is finding an area which provides a sufficient navigation challenge over flight legs that are not overly long. The reality is, when it comes to conducting a rally like the MEBAR with long over water flight legs, it is, to use the Aussie vernacular, "as boring as bat shit", and with limited navigation challenges presented. The other major consideration is overall length, and this presents a separate challenge when you talk island hopping in some of the areas you mention. The final factor in the route design is flying in an area which is interesting or challenging for its geography and weather. Nonetheless, after about 15 years of designing these types of events, I can assure you I will be hard at it again later this year when I start the MEBAR planning cycle for 2018 and trying to come up with a suitable challenge befitting, if not bettering the challenge of previous MEBARs. Cheers Andrew
  2. I think you have your formers and latters mixed up.
  3. Brett, The flap setting on the panel is marked "INTER" and in the absence of any worthy manuals, I assume it is an abbreviation for "INTERMEDIATE" as opposed to "FULL". Cheers Andrew
  4. Wheelus, To follow on from Matt's post, what OS are you using? This could explain why you can't find the files in the suggested places. An alternative is to simply save a flight from the "Free Flight" and find where that flight has saved to by doing a search. Whichever folder the flight has saved to is the folder where the MEBAR Flight Situation files need to be copied to. Cheers Andrew
  5. This problem is a mesh scenery issue. It is caused by not having a quality mesh scenery and only using Orbx's FTX Global VECTOR on FSX:SE, as FTX Global VECTOR corrects all the elevation errors in the default airports in FSX:SE. The correct use of the AEC tool (in FTX Central) by adding SCCC specifically to the exclude list should correct the problem.
  6. Tobus, As Mutley Crew (we don't like the term Moderators), it is out job to ensure topic threads present a balanced view, so that other members are presented with an unbiased opinion. Your reference to Carenado aircraft using the statement, "...nothing like p#$$¥ carebeo stuff ..." unfairly compared them to A2A products and strongly implied Carenado products are sub-standard. As you also made that reference following on from another member's entry, the Carenado Cessna T210, it can be misinterpreted as somewhat derogatory. For my part, my post provided the necessary balance to correct the illogic in comparing two products which fill completely different niche markets in flight simulator aircraft add-ons.
  7. The design / development philosophy behind A2A and Carenado is completely different, making their products completely different on the obvious levels, and their respective products are aimed at different markets within the flight sim community. To compare the two is like comparing the proverbial apples and oranges and is simply illogical. Your comment suggests you are not very familiar with Carenado products, otherwise you would know that on some of their latest products you will suffer an engine failure unless you pay close attention to your engine management settings in flight. They are not modeled to the same level as A2A products, but they aren't designed to be. So, a product can't be criticised for being something it isn't designed or doesn't claim to be. In the end, one's choice of aircraft in flight simming is based on personal choice. For some it's about their favourite aircraft manufacturer, such as Cessna, Beechraft, etc., or a variety of aircraft models to choose from, for others it's about simple, fun flying, or a high degree of realism. Both A2A and Carenado are leaders in their respective fields and cater to their own respective markets.
  8. Discrepancies have been encountered when using Plan-G to determine the cruising altitude for the MEBAR Flight Legs. Consequently, it is highly recommened to use the free, online flight planning tool, Skyvector, for accurately determining your cruise altitude for the Flight Legs and to avoid hitting solid clouds. Cheers Andrew
  9. I have my perfect job and it involves a regular 12 to 15 hour day, 7 days a week. It's called retirement and flight simming (with a bit of other gaming) every day. The only downside to this perfect job is there are no weekends, no public holidays, no sick days, no annual leave, and certainly no long service leave. A rather big price to pay for the perfect job but I can live with it.
  10. The MEBAR is designed to be challenging in various ways. You will soon discover that the weather is quite challenging on some of the Flight Legs for this year. I attempt to make the weather scenarios as realistic as possible for the location and time of the year and use historical data extensively for this. This year, Flight Leg 2 probably has the most challenging weather and you may find the cloud base is below the surrounding mountains around the two airports at which you have to conduct the "touch and goes". So, let me provide an explanation to the weather scenario for Flight Leg 2. Fundamentally, and as happens in the real world, Flight Leg 2 is designed to simulate the weather unexpectedly and suddenly deteriorating whilst en route. This is not uncommon when flying in mountainous regions such as encountered on this route. The extra challenge (and somewhat unrealistic - this is flight simming after all) is the requirement to conduct the "touch and goes" remains. I suggest you undertake some extra detailed flight planning for Flight Leg 2. You will find there are a number of valleys in which you could descend into below the cloud base and fly the valleys to the airports, should the need arise. This may involve changes to your route in flight and the obvious necessary adjustments to speed to get as close as possible to your Target Time for the Flight Leg. Oh, and just to add to your dramas, this is one of the "blind" Target Time Flight Legs. Good luck and enjoy. Cheers Andrew
  11. Steve, Do you know what or who "stole" the VOR?
  12. No snide comment and your personal circumstances and activities are irrelevant. The comment was just a statement of fact that Joe is very busy with a whole lot of things at the moment, and with the MEBAR taking priority over everything else on Mutley's Hangar. Your public post highlighting that something had not been actioned is disrespectful. Show some consideration.
  13. In a taking a priority at the moment. Oh wait, that's right, Joe still works full time and this web site is merely a hobby.
  14. Steve, The TCO VOR exists in a default install of FS9, FSX, and P3D. If you have any add-on scenery in that area, or use an updated Navigraph database, it is likely that these add-ons have changed the VOR designator, or removed the VOR all together. The TCO VOR is co-located with Temuco Airport (SCTC). If you can't resolve the VOR issue, adjust the test flight to overfly SCTC on an adjusted bearing direct to the VLD VOR and start timing as you cross the runway at SCTC. Cheers Andrew
  15. Michael, In which case, I would have thought you could allocate the Timer to the Shift 8 window by making the appropriate changes to the example text. Cheers Andrew