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  1. I long time coming thank you, but Ive been away LOL. And not because I've been flying. When I start again, if the issue also affects AH2 (when I get it) , I'll keep this info close. Thanks and Happy new year.
  2. Hi Guys, I have been out of the loop from playing Air Hualer...oh sorry... I mean running my Cargo business with Air Hauler for a while now. Any way, business was good until another project, flight simulation related, started to dominate my flight time. But with my first post here, I just wish to clear up an issue I had when I was leasing the "Carenado C208B Cargo Master". The plane was fantastic, except for the time I committed to a contract maxed with fuel and payload.The engines cut on take off approx 1000 feet A.G.L. But apart from that , flying the A/C was great. The issue I actually want to discuss concerns the C208 Cargo masters flown by the AI, and the way they appear to load their payload. On quite a few occasions, if not all of them, I observed Cargo masters taxiing past me scraping along on their tails. The resulting effect was fireworks and sparks shooting out from behind the plane rather noticeably, and front wheel assembly up in the air with no contact on the ground! I found it more amusing than a annoyance, and thought I had taken some snapshots to post for evidence, but it appears I might have misplaced. Anyway , as the Carenado C208B Cargo Masters are quite popular with AH, I had to ask the question.... Has anyone else observed this strange phenomena, and If so has someone formulated a solution? Look forward to some feed back, and maybe solutions. P.S. Thinking about what else might have caused this effect, No I don't recall having altered the payload co-ordinates associated with this plane. Mmmmm.