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  1. Thanks Guys! Sam
  2. Great shots Wayne! I will have to check this aircraft out for sure! Sam.
  3. Great shots! Sam.
  4. Nice shots Alan!! Sam
  5. Glad you enjoyed the pics! Was fascinating reading about Alan & Matts experiences! I believe but don't quote me on it that they are actually expanding the cargo terminal / ramp at DHL East Midlands so it will be getting even busier! I will have to try and get another look round after they've finished it! I did get to look round the huge warehouse as well but we weren't allowed to take any photos in there! There were literally conveyor belts all over the place! It was a fascinating place. It just looks like a warehouse from the outside but on the inside its a lot like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory!! Cheers Sam.
  6. Hi Guys, Took the Seneca out and around Bella Coola it looked absolutely fantastic! Hope you enjoy the shots! Cheers, Sam
  7. Hi Guys, A few pics from when I had a look round DHL East Midlands last year! Please excuse the quality - they were all taken on my aging IPhone 4 Cheers, Sam.
  8. Thanks Guys! Cheers, Sam.
  9. Thanks Guys! @phil white this is the JRollon CRJ-200 for XP11 & XP10 Cheers, Sam
  10. Great shots Alan! Sam.
  11. Nice set Wayne, love that last shot! Sam.
  12. Awesome shots Dolf! Sam.
  13. Nice shots Wayne! Sam.
  14. Nice shot Dolf! Love that scenery! Sam.
  15. Very nice Ros! Sam.