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  1. Hi Guys, A few shots of Just Flights One Eleven Cheers, Sam.
  2. Thanks guys! Sam
  3. Very nice Ros! Sam.
  4. Hi Guys, A few recent shots of various aircraft (all edited in some way or another): Cheers, Sam.
  5. Nice shots Dolf!! Sam.
  6. Finished

    SBD Dauntless Cheers, Sam.
  7. Finished

    The Lib Cheers, Sam.
  8. Finished

    Good old Lanc, Cheers, Sam.
  9. Great shots Alan! Love that sunset Sam.
  10. Nice shots Alan! Sam.
  11. Very nice Dolf! Great set of shots. Sam.
  12. Very nice Wayne! Sam.
  13. Nice shots Ros! Just proves how realistic you can make the sim. Sam.
  14. Great set of shots Ros! Sam.
  15. Great shots Alan! - Love that scenery! Sam.