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  1. Thanks Guys!! & Wayne I am indeed on PB6 now - although when I upgraded, my sky max pro decided to stop working!! So I had to reinstall that but everything seems fine now!! Cheers, Sam
  2. SF

    Great shots! Love the scenery Sam
  3. Very nice Dolf!! Sam
  4. Hi Guys, A few pics of a recent departure out of Heathrow in the CRJ-200. Scenery/Airport - Default X-Plane 11 Weather - Sky Max Pro 4 Aircraft - J Rollon's CRJ200 Few Extras! Cheers, Sam.
  5. This made me laugh Wayne! "Tire Blown" Sam.
  6. Nice shots Matt! Love the scenery Sam
  7. AeroflyFS was all about eye candy & it did look fantastic (See below) but it just lacked content! If I remember correctly the developers just seemed to stop supporting it after release on the Steam platform anyway which seemed a bit of a strange business plan. Aerofly FS2 could be completely different I guess we will have to wait and see & a little bit gutted about the announcement it seemed like X-Plane was becoming the next best thing. Cheers, Sam
  8. Very Nice, love the Caravan Sam.
  9. My god! The scenery is astonishing! Great shots Dolf!! Sam.
  10. Some great shots here Alan! Sam.
  11. We have a winner

    Thanks Joe! Some great shots in this topic! Look forward to the next contest! Cheers, Sam.
  12. Hi Wayne! I've had a few flights in it now & everything appears to be behaving itself They have updated the original X-Plane 10 model so that is officially compatible with X-Plane 11. (See below link to for your reference, that's where I brought it from) & with regards to tutorials I would definitely recommend having a look at the below videos on YouTube, I found them really helpful when first starting off! The plane does also have a full manual which can be downloaded on which is full of info (its about 150 pages long) : Cheers, Sam.
  13. Thanks Dolf! Sam.
  14. Great shots Jan! Sam.
  15. Hi Guys, I've had a go at a few repaints for the default X-Plane 11 Sikorsky. Im still learning all the techniques, so some might look a bit amateur!! Feedback is welcomed & I have provided links to where you can get the download for each paint scheme. D-HNDL United Nations VP-BNI 7806 G-JCBA Download links: D-HNDL - United Nations - VP-BNI - 7806 - G-JCBA - Cheers, Sam.