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  1. Heading into the valley...

    Very nice Richard!
  2. Commando

    Nice shots Jan!
  3. Chasing Irma

    Nice shots!
  4. Barca her we come...

    Looking good Wayne Sam
  5. Tiger Moth Flight - Duxford

    Hi Guys, A video below of a Tiger Moth Flight I went on: Cheers, Sam.
  6. FSX SE - One Eleven

    Hi Guys, A few shots of Just Flights One Eleven Cheers, Sam.
  7. X-Plane 11 - Randoms

    Thanks guys! Sam
  8. Lady Hawk

    Very nice Ros! Sam.
  9. X-Plane 11 - Randoms

    Hi Guys, A few recent shots of various aircraft (all edited in some way or another): Cheers, Sam.
  10. Bahama's 1.20

    Nice shots Dolf!! Sam.
  11. Mar 2017 - WWII Bombers

    SBD Dauntless Cheers, Sam.
  12. Mar 2017 - WWII Bombers

    The Lib Cheers, Sam.
  13. Mar 2017 - WWII Bombers

    Good old Lanc, Cheers, Sam.
  14. Evening mission

    Great shots Alan! Love that sunset Sam.
  15. A lesson learned

    Nice shots Alan! Sam.