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  1. backup...

    Backup? Plan-G doesn't do any kind of backup. BTW, Plan-G really hates cloud drives: you'll have lots of problems with that.
  2. Fun fair, where the highlight was always the ghost train . . . ("that wasn't me, it was the ghost, honest!")
  3. Political Correctness Gone Mad!
  4. <Company Channel> Calling Mike: Calling Mike. I need you to meet me on the apron at Sucre! I've had c CRJ trailing 7 miles off my starboard wing for the last 400 miles. FlightBeware lists as ACME-75, which is one of Putinfeld's regular callsigns, so somehow we've been made, I reckon. Gonna firewall the throttle and hope to get in before him - or run out of fuel in the process! It's gonna be close . . . </Company Channel>
  5. New version coming to Netflix in April . . . . Spaceship wreckers
  6. Grand Canyon

    That Wilga is a Won'tga . . .
  7. Asking for trouble!

    Beware, Putin will be sending the lads round with a bottle of nervo, for a "chat". Avoid park benches for the foreseeable . . .
  8. I'm in the bar having a preflight snack with my route briefing. Just tip the concierge ands she'll show you. I'll be the one with Stella and stella, and a big map . . .
  9. Narsarsuaq

    Reminds me of all those North Atlantic crossings!
  10. The story behind Orbx

    Ah, BEV, I remember it well!
  11. A34 (my closest big car park!)
  12. Not lost, just Temporarily Uncertain of Position
  13. Greek imposter of Terra!