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  1. A league of course, is three nautical miles. Wouldn't it be fun if we started to announce "one league final" . . .
  2. They also missed the chance for "almost plummeted into a school!"
  3. Er... that looked like a "terrifyingly dangerous" manoeuvre commonly known as a Left Turn, and nothing more spectacular than a low approach and go around! The screaming in terror, so (cough) "accurately" reported by the Mirror (well known for their level-headed and accurate reporting - Not!) appears to have been one woman wondering, "what are they doing?". The tower video (and why would they have been filming if they didn't know what was happening? - because they almost certainly issued a clearance for the manoeuvre) clearly shows the aircraft tracking the runway centre line and turning left. NOT "turning on its side and flying worryingly close to the airport terminal". Just another case of tabloid sensationalist misreporting, I'm afraid.
  4. I guess if The Sims and Minecraft can be hits, then why not!
  5. Mwah! Mwah! Daahling!
  6. I hate that series with a passion equalled only by my hatred of Slade's Merry Christmas Everybody! All the master tapes should be buried.
  7. Nah, it sank without trace!
  8. I looked at Innsbruck on Joe's PC at the show, and I was blown away by it in a way that I've never been even by Gary's 'Extreme' airports. Lowest common denominator is not the way to go, IMHO. Speaking of chocolates, I learned today that Quality Street was originally the name of a play by JM Barrie (of Peter Pan fame), a comedy set in Napoleonic times. The chocolates were actually named after it.
  9. Cosford Show 2017 video

    There's a glimpse of me in the background, staring at the camera at 1:29, lol Alternatively,
  10. The Only Way Is South!

    You're probably remembering me telling you about it at Cosford - this is definitely the first glide approach of this trip
  11. The Only Way Is South!

    Leg 5: CYEV Zubko to PATK Talkeetna. 547nm, 4.5 hours Cumulative: 1818nm, 12/5 hours After a bit of a RW gap, our flight cracks on across the border and into the US of A. For an airfield that's basically a hidden freebie, it's very nicely done. The Canadian flag over the terminal is animated, there are people wandering around, lots of static aircraft & some AI... Tanks are full for what is the longest leg of the flight so far. Good view of the airfield as we depart. Our flight planning suggests the most favourable winds are way up in the flight levels, so we don't hang about down low. Lots of cloud as you'd expect, with an occasional hole... FL200! Don't forget the oxygen checks... That ground is a lot higher than you might think! Down there is an airfield. We're about halfway, across the border, and they have fuel. Remember that: they have fuel. Nuuur-nuh! I really wanted a Jaws-like fin sticking through the cloud. Ah well. Have to settle for a Jaws-like mountain sticking through the cloud! We're descending to our destination. Remember what I said about that airport we passed earlier? I'm sure those needles shouldn't be pointing straight down! Hey, why's it gone quiet all of a sudden? So, this'll be a glide approach then! Runway in sight. Gear up (and feet up!) until the last possible moment. Phew! Turns out those "favourable high altitude winds" were really stinking headwinds! Added an hour to the flight, and of course we had 45 minutes of reserves. (whistles...) Anyhow, any landing you can walk away from, or better yet, park...! And that's pretty much the entire of Talkeetna Alaska. Even according to the Official What to do in Talkeetna site, pretty much everything involves leaving town. Hey, they have wooden moose made from bits of log!
  12. You got more of a look round than I did - I didn't even know the James May Airfix Spitfire was there! (I watched him make it on the telly, lol)
  13. Another damn repeat.