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  1. Riches (definitely delusions in this house!)
  2. Can't. didn't get an invite.
  3. Very close to my idea for a "pilot seat" for pilotless aircraft controllers. I firmly believe that drone/pilotless aircraft operators should have as much skin in the game as any passengers on board. Crash my flight sonny and you get the big jolt . . .
  4. Are bathos anything like bath salts?
  5. (Checks date on post...) Why only piss off a few people directly under the flight path when you can piss of everybody within a 10 mile radius? Still, it'll make for a nice race track after the first plane spins out, crashes and the airport is closed down. If the military already tried it in the 1960s, yo've gotta ask why they abandoned it if it's such a good idea! I'd like to see the giant rotating ILS too!
  6. Never buy version 1.0
  7. You can take the girl out of the valley . . .
  8. Rectal examination !!!