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  1. Happy Birthday Ros!

    Happy birthday, hope you gad a good one

    Can't help noticing the drinks are within easy reach of the pilot, and the person "emptying" (a seat you would truly never need to leave!) Great flight. Better head off to Nanjing to wait for Kieran...
  3. Tree assisted landing!

    We don't know what was just out of shot, so the tree might have been the best option. Still, any landing you can walk (or hobble) away from . . .
  4. Dunno. There are zero shots of it in situ . . . The yoke said "Saitek mounting compatible", which had me slightly worried (any use of the "S" word has me worried!)
  5. Biscuits in the bar . . .
  6. The Only Way Is South!

    Leg 3: CYMD Mould Bay to CYSY Sachs Harbour. 272nm, 1.6 hours Cumulative: 994nm, 6.1 hours If there was a key left under the mat, I never found it. No mat. No, well, anything really. And so faced with the prospect of a night huddled under the wing in freezing temperatures, I decided to push right on. There was still a couple of hours before nightfall, and I for one could use a hot meal. No point in calling up the radio, just firewall the throttle and get the hell out of Mould. It's actually a lot colder on top, but by now the heaters have kicked in, lol. Not a lot to see up here though. We're crossing the M'Clure Strait (named after the first man to traverse the North West Passage) towards Banks Island. Look, no snow! Bet there are billions of mozzies though! There are no plants here growing taller than 12 inches, and very little above four. We're well into our descent now. Most of the world's snow geese live here! Descending into murk. Just typical! According to the map, Sachs Harbour is around here somewhere . . . Just look at that weather! That wind is pretty much straight across the runway. And we can see how low that cloud is! Um, final? The settlement is down on the shore. I did catch a glimpse of it just now. Phew! But we've still got to put it down. Taxying in. Just look at that windsock! 19 knots straight across the runway. I may need to get my tyres checked before the next flight! Sachs Harbour. You can just make out the end of the runway at top left. This is what passes for entertainment around here. The lads are on the pull . . . Right. Show me the hot food!
  7. Tree assisted landing!

    Tree shortened as ordered, Sah!
  8. Alabeo 40% OFF Annual Sale

    Yehoo! There's plenty of older planes I don't have, so I'm happy as a pig in sh... muck!
  9. Lot of functions in there for $200 . If I can't get my Saitek TQs going again, I might well be interested in that . . .
  10. Wales, where it rains so much you need an umbrella even to speak the language!
  11. The Only Way Is South!

    Cheers Brett. I haven't had this plane long, and I don't want to see it disappear under some glacier, lol.
  12. The Only Way Is South!

    Leg 2: CYEU Eureka to CYMD Mould Bay. 462nm, 2.8 hours Cumulative: 722nm, 4.5 hours The settlement at Eureka is down on the beach, accessed via a gravel road and a very battered old land rover. We're still on Ellesmere Island (third largest in Canada, 10th largest in the world), and the climate here is polar desert, meaning it's bloody cold, but not so much snow as elsewhere. The station is permanently manned, but only 10 or so people brave out the winter months. Rather them than me! I got here just in time to partake in the weekly film night . . . Gone with the wind (groan!) Fortunately they let me overnight the plane in their comparatively warm hangar (at least it was above freezing). But the next day dawned distinctly IFR. I elected for a downwind take off as being better than a climb out towards this lump of cumulus granitus. We're off! The cloud base was given as 1100ft. So pretty soon, we were well and truly in it! Fortunately it topped out at around 7000 ft Occasionally we got a glimpse of the ground or the sea (not a very scenic tour so far!). Prince Patrick Island is our destination. Field in sight - possibly. Hard to tell with all these crevasses. Looks a bit bleak . . . hope there'll be someone to meet me Um . . . what do you mean the base was abandoned in 1997??? Well I'm here now. Hope someone left a key under the mat!