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  1. Yes indeed, thanks to Andrew Godden for the great rally. Next year I'm actually gonna read the rules ... see ya Joe ...
  2. Wow, this is the first time I've completed a Mebar ... what a buzz I'm feeling now. Congratulations to everyone that took part. I've loved reading the forum and the screenshots. I've just found out how to capture a screenshot but I don't know how to upload them. Ah well, maybe by next year ... Gee I thought my navigation was good, but this has really put it to the test. Thanks Mutley .... thanks Jo and everyone involved ....
  3. I believe Bob ... def the Easter Bunny ... nice ...
  4. If you have PlanG ... 'fraid FS9 flightplanner don't have such luxuries ... 'course in Grandma's day she used to fly 20 feet above the backroads so's she could read the signposts ... now that WAS flying ... or maybe that was driving ...
  5. Yeah, I've been looking for it ... maybe I need to closer?
  6. Thanks for the warning John ... I've been a bit worried about flying into stuffed clouds on this one. I've been erring on the side of altitude too. We had an old homily in my skydiving group; "The most useless commodity to a skydiver is the amount of sky above you." Actually, I think that's not at all appropriate ... anyway .... thanks again for the 'heads up' (kind of a pun) ...
  7. Don't worry Monica, we all make mistakes on this. I didn't read the bit about ground speed so flew the first leg too fast ... duh, dickhead, I said to myself, it's a rally not a race ... good luck with the other legs ...
  8. Sorry guys ... a bit of Oz humour ... I knew they wouldn't be up yet ... bit like Bob, keen to start ... thanks, got them now. And thanks John Allard for the airport diagrams ... great job ... Happy landings ...
  9. Well, here it is 12.01am 24th March and no files to download .... ... waiting .... waiting ...