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  1. Thank you Gents, Laptop and yoke ordered. Personally I'd use a joystick but this isn't for me. Still undecided on software at the moment but may get x-plane and fsw, install the pair and see which one he gets on best with. Sorted the fsx monitor issue, maybe if I'd looked first....! No doubt I'll need further help. cheers Kevin
  2. thank you chaps Well that's the hardware sorted, just got to decide on software. Thanks for the other options for me to look at. Father in laws preference is jet airliners. No interest in Combat Sims. Downloaded and looked at FSX demo and it runs in 4:3 aspect ratio, does the proper version run on widescreen or is that a limitation of its age, or me not setting it up correctly? I guess Flight Sim World would be the better option but is only bundled with light aircraft, the Cub and Vans would be ideal for me, but I'm not doing it for me! Are airliners available for FSW yet? Although at the price it is at the moment, its almost worth just adding anyway. X-Plane, we could live without seasons and weather generation if the scenery and aircraft choice was there. P3D, I'll read up. Is it me or are some of the software houses a bit slack on providing information on their software? I seem to be trawling through google and retailers just to find out basics like aircraft lists! regards Kevin
  3. Hello chaps go easy on me this is my first post and this isn't entirely for my benefit! My father-in-law has decided he wants to get into flightsim's and I've been asked to "sort it out". I just need some reassurance I'm going the right direction and I'm not about to fall into a trap somewhere. I'd just like some opinions on which software to get him started with and whether the laptop we have in mind will be suitable. I confess to being behind the times with regards to computers these days, I was left behind when WinXP was replaced, and using them for most of my working day I tend to avoid them out of work! I did have FS2004 many moons ago and I do hold a pilots licence and fly light aircraft for escapism. You never know this little project may just hook me into FS as well! Before anyone screams "don't use a laptop", I need to point out that Father In Law is disabled and has very limited use of legs and a laptop at a table is about the limit of what we can work with, but a second screen will be used via HDMI output. Ideally, cockpit instruments on the laptop screen, outside view on the HDMI screen. A Saitek Pro Yoke with throttle quadrant is planned, but obviously without peddles. Software either Microsoft FSX Steam FlightGear X-Plane are on the list at the moment. If anyone has better suggestions, we are listening, nothing has been bought yet. The laptop, the spec I've ended up with is as follows i5 Processor 8GB Ram 256GB Solid state HDD GT940MX Graphics Windows10 Any thoughts greatly received. Please don't shoot the newbee, I come in peace! Kevin DeltaAlpha