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  1. Paint it black

    Wow really nice shots there Al.
  2. Leg 16 - Mau Hau (WADU) to Broome Intl (YBRM)

    Nice work boss! Love the cat Finished off my NZ rally with the Cat (which I must get back to) and she's a beauty.
  3. The Godden-Catalina Incident.

    So I'm obviously missing something here about the Catalina...
  4. Yea they kinda let the cat out of the bag last week: https://flightdeckx.com/why-orbx-might-fail-and-why-x-plane-benefits-regardless/
  5. Douglas DC-4 / C-54

    Yup and need the other Buffalo one with the NWT logo
  6. Welcome to New York!!

    I had to re read the first sentence as the first shot looked like a photo with the setting sunlight reflecting off the wings. Sooo pretty. Love X-Plane =) Are you using the ZIBO mod?
  7. Leg 15 (2) - Selaparang (WADA) - Mau Hau (WADW)

    Nice work =) enjoyed the read and pics. Looks like fun.
  8. Leg 15 (1) - Tunggul Wulung (WIHL) - Selaparang (WADA)

    Nice work. What is the Sentinel R1 base plane? Looks very much like a Gulfstream IV.
  9. Some V4.1 questions

    You'll have no problems with aircraft the use xml gauges. Problem comes with gauges and plugins that are 32bit, which was the case with some audio and fuel gauges for a lot of aircraft out there. 32 but binary gauges won't work and will need to be updated to 64 bit. I had some planes (like the Manfred Jahn C-47) that I was able to convert with updated plugins and a manual edit of config files. Pretty much just add one player e at a time, turn on the ContentError log setting in P3D and check it after loading a flight with the new aircraft.
  10. Leg 14: Changi (WSSS) to Tunggul Wulang (WIHL)

    Just wait for the MEBAR! It's a hoot as well. What are you flying mostly in XP? Also the ground ai is something I missed when I was using P3D after being in XP for so long.
  11. Leg 14: Changi (WSSS) to Tunggul Wulang (WIHL)

    Hey welcome aboard Lucent! Nice to see another multi-sim =) To help with those crashes you can turn on the Content Error log and see what's in there or post it here as @brett suggested as there a great bunch here.
  12. Updating my monitors

    Hey Tom, I've got 3 Qnix 27" 2k displays running of a 1080 with little difficulty. Purchase price was US$280ea from: https://m.ebay.com/itm/332129291811?_mwBanner=1 They're great, offer them 280 and you're good to go!
  13. IRIS C27J Spartan - help!

    Well I guess Lt Sarah earns her pay then huh?
  14. Flight Replica's DC-4 / C-54

    Gorgeous. You know I gotta ask for a Buffalo one =)
  15. Coffee Cargo Liveries

    Nice work Coff.
  16. For those using X-Plane, the FABULOUS Manfred Jahn C-47 has been officiall converted to XP by Aeroworx: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/40334-awxdc3beta2_2xp11zip/ ( @wain ) Much like her P3D/FSX cousin, the C-47 is in OpenBeta and has had an initial release on the org. You'll see her here on ATWC Section 2 very shortly with some converted liveries.
  17. dancing in the dark

    Love all the scuffs on the wings.
  18. Already started flying @mutley so there's no chance of a late PIREP this time! (And I'm back in XP!!)
  19. IVAO flight

    Nice to see you flying the Spartan =)
  20. Looking forward to the next round!
  21. Two new beauties in my hangar

    <nerd_mode> //pushes glasses up on nose// Ahh that would be the AleniaAeronautica C-27J Spartan. You can clearly tell that it is not a C-130, even though it does share a very similar avionics suite, by the single turpo-prop on the wing. </nerd_mode> That and the fact that it says Spartan on the fuselage
  22. Great pics. Seems like there is also an OzFlightSim con up on the Sunshine Coast. Might try to go next year and get some coverage.
  23. IRIS C27J Spartan - help!

    Yea... Unfortunately I think we have to assume that if we can't fix it then it'll stay broke. =( Shame, they have some nice birds and I'm trying to get the Spartan fully working in v4. Had to swap over Dave Dawsons audio gauge and a couple other things but the xml is killing me.
  24. IRIS C27J Spartan - help!

    OK. I know in P3Dv4 I was getting ils errors in my ContentError log so it may be related? LOL. Will have to dl FSXSE and have a look =)
  25. IRIS C27J Spartan - help!

    What sim are you running?