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  1. lionwing

    Carlisle / EGNC

    I think Filton is a industrial estate now!
  2. lionwing

    Carlisle / EGNC

    Parcel Force have a depot in the area. I think part of the plan is to increase tourism in the Lake District.
  3. lionwing

    Carlisle / EGNC

    From memory (can't find the source) it is limited to 20T MTOW.
  4. lionwing


    #Sky - Pt2 Apologies for the red text...couldn't hit PRT SC fast enough!
  5. lionwing

    Carlisle / EGNC

    It isn't a large airport at all. http://www.ead.eurocontrol.int/eadbasic/pamslight-34C920D997D82AAAF9BE49CB175D2637/7FE5QZZF3FXUS/EN/Charts/AD/AIRAC/EG_AD_2_EGNC_2-1_en_2016-06-23.pdf Currently is receives GA and military (refueling) and the odd executive jet. Passengers services will use a Saab S340 I think with flights to Belfast, Southend and I think Dublin. Small scale to start.
  6. Great aircraft and one I am enjoying very much!
  7. For those interested in commercial airliners in FS and haven't been on the dark side of the Moon for the last week you can't help but notice that Qualitywings have released the B787 for P3D. This is one aircraft I have been looking forward to adding to my hangar. It has arrived with a few bugs as any complex piece of software will do but overall it is a good looking aircraft. pleasant to fly and with a little refinement could become a favourite. The FMC is the heart of the aircraft but unplug it, fly it manually and you will find it responsive with no ugly surprises. The flight deck is a modern wonder. Very logical in its layout and if, like me, your introduction to FS was in the early 90's or earlier, you will really appreciate the "eye candy" not too mention the depth of detail available at your finger tips. I have around twelve hours logged with the aircraft so far and looking forward to adding more!
  8. GSX will work with most aircraft. On the GSX Forum there is a "config" area with various setups for popular aircraft. The software comes with a simple to use editor so you can always create your own config file if needed. The GSX Menu in FS gives individual options for deboarding, catering, fuel, pushback etc...you can choose just those that you wish to use. A demo of GSX is available which will work at selected airports for you to try. Hope that helps.
  9. lionwing


    Sometimes P3D just puts together such great looking sky you have to screenshot it!
  10. lionwing

    Carlisle / EGNC

    It is. First flights have now been postponed until September as they could not find suitably qualified ATC Staff.
  11. lionwing

    Carlisle / EGNC

    Very early in June Carlisle (EGMC) Airport will restart passenger services. A lot of building work has been going on at the airfield (terminal / taxiways) to facilitate this but wouldn't it be great to have this updated airport available in FS?
  12. The B777 is firmly cemented as a favourite with several more flights in my log-book since the one above. "Dodgy Al"...my usual flight deck outfit is shorts n t shirt but I can tell you a story of a VA Crew Member who posted his photo in our "rogues gallery" wearing full uniform! Talk about dedication. Not sure I fancy trying the "self loading cargo" version of the B777. I want to keep it clean inside!
  13. I know Barton and the surrounding area quite well and based on screenshots I have seen they have done a fantastic job. The level of detail is incredible and i can't wait for this to emerge on P3D.
  14. Cargo flying I'm taking a bit of shine to this type of flight. No complaints from the cabin not waiting for a passengers distracted by duty free so it....the only problem is you have to get your own coffee. The B777 has been my preferred aircraft and oddly one I haven't really cared for much previously but it is immensely capable and handles most of the hard work...while I get the coffee! Here we are heading out of San Juan (TJSJ) to San Jose (MROC) in Costa Rica. So that bridge is supporting not only it's own weight but a further two hundred and eighty tonnes of Boeing's finest. Departure from San Juan on 08 required a turn north before vectors taking you over the city docks. Not much to do in the "cruise" other than get you own coffee! A nice short taxi to the cargo ramp...just how I like it. Hope you all like the shots.
  15. lionwing

    Early up

    Very nice. In low light conditions FS really "pops" !