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  1. Early up

    Very nice. In low light conditions FS really "pops" !
  2. Dite ciao a papi (Say hello to daddy)!

    Great shot! I think Naples might be my next destination to say "hi"...
  3. EHAM to EGCC

    XP lighting is something else!
  4. Woah we are going to Barbados

    Thanks for the kind comments. The Caribbean is well represented in the virtual world with great scenery both freeware and payware. With the standard of visuals in modern sims, real weather and a few textures enhancements it's hard not to be impressed! With a lower cruising FL than jets the Q400 lets you see all the wonderful "eye-candy". I've spent a good few hours setting up scenery in P3Dv4 over the last few weeks to get it "just right"....worth the time and effort for sure. "Wain" - a good friend of mine introduced me to the Q400 a couple of years ago. I certainly don't know how to use all of it's amazing features but there is a great feeling of satisfaction when you shut down the engines at the gate after a flight in it. I would say it is becoming one of my favourite aircraft! It was getting a bit raucous in the cabin...more likely down to my flying skills than football fans I'd say! The VA name is a bit tongue in cheek and has raised a chuckle or two over the years, especially on VATSIM or IVAO. It isn't football related but goes back to late 1999. Late one evening I was chatting (typing) on the "interweb" using a program called ICQ which was a cracking little tool with a features ahead of it's time. Anyhoo...the conversation was brainstorming around the topic of a name for the VA. We wanted something different and not just "XYZ Airways". Ian, who at the time was the Fleet Manager, asked his ten year old daughter for some suggestions....she instantly came back with "airwego"...well how could we not adopt it. Original, funny and definitely quirky! I could write for hours on the topic of Airwego, but then this might become a recruitment topic, as over the last seventeen years it has been a lot of fun. Yeah there is the flying element of it but it's the people I have met through it. Many have gone on to become friends, others have used the VA as a springboard into real world aviation careers, some (sadly) we have lost while in 2017 we have crew who were but "babes in arms" when we started out! Oddly I ask that you don't visit the VA website...well not this month anyway! Wait until December when our new all singing dancing website goes live!
  5. Caption the picture!

    ..."pull up, pull up...."...
  6. Woah we are going to Barbados

    The Majestic Q400 is a wonderful aircraft to fly and is well suited to hoping around the Caribbean whether it be a small runway perched on the side of a island or a sector into one of the larger airports in the region. Today we are heading to Barbados from San Juan and we have started boarding....so get a move on... "Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome aboard this Airwego flight today from San Juan to Barbados. Our route today will see us head in a south easterly direction passing south of the Virgin Islands with St.Kitts, Monserrat, Guandelope and Dominica visible to those passengers seated on the left hand side of the aircraft once we reach our cruise altitude of 23,000ft. The weather in Barbados is currently 30 deg C with a breeze coming from the east. I'ill leave you in the hands of our cabin crew and report back to en-route with further updates. " "Good afternoon once again from the flight deck. A little bad weather to our north has required us to fly further south than we expected so apologies if you were looking for the St.Kitts and Guandelope. However we will pass directly over Martinique before we begin our descent into Barbados. Thank you." "Thank you for flying with Airwego today. We wish you a safe onward journey and hope to welcome you aboard in the near future."
  7. Bad day for delivery ,,,,rain.....rain....

    Stunning looking aircraft. Real style and poise.
  8. Bay of Naples.

    Yup...that's the one. Flew in a VA flight out of LICJ which is also blessed with great freeware scenery.
  9. Bay of Naples.

    Great images. I think one of the approaches to the airport takes you around the volcano!
  10. Party at the cabin

    It's the default FSX Beaver copied over to P3Dv4. Lovely aircraft for sight seeing and getting in and out of tight spots. Plenty of fuel for the fire in the "store" to keep the place nice and cosy.
  11. DASH

    Amazing aircraft in FSX & P3D. The flight deck is incredible. It keeps you very busy on approach.
  12. Party at the cabin

    Well...this is a long way from my last flight in B747F into Siberia. Somewhere in the Alaskan Bush I found this nice place to rest up for a few days.. I off loaded the essentials (beer) first....I'ill get around to the other stuff shortly....
  13. 733 to Maaschtricht

    Nice shots. Lighting looks very good.
  14. Does the stuttering occur in external or internal view? I cannot be sure but I think problems like this are related to the refresh rate of your screen (i.e 60mhz). It is a while since I have been near Nvidia Inspector but take a look at the "Vsync" setting. There are some that say it should be set as the same refresh rate as your monitor while other opt for 1/2. Honestly I'm not speaking from a position of deep technical knowledge but just little bits of knowledge picked up here and there.
  15. Black Coffee = Flight Deck Essential Thanks for the comments guys...I have a feeling the "Jumbo" will fly again this weekend.