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  1. Woohoo! Mebar2018 here we come!

    Testflight flown on several ac. Although my mind was on the A2A T6 Texan, it's just a tad too slow. So I've registered on the A2A Piper Comanche 250. Now to the paintshop!
  2. Hi guys. A very big thank you from my side for yet another MEBAR. I got hooked last year flying the P51 Mustang around the South Americans. This year I think I'll go either A2A Texan or A2A Comanche, not sure yet. Will do the test flight this weekend and hop around Norway some more to get my decision going. Also, as CEO of the small but very active Andras Meridian Virtual Airlines, I'm hoping to enthuse other of my fellow pilots in joining, flying in our house colors. It seems a rush for repaints and personalised nose-art is already underway. Naturally I will bore you to tears again with my flight stories . Tally Ho!
  3. Flight stories, flight #5

    To be honest I'm quite surprised I'm practically the only one telling about my endeavours.
  4. Flight stories, flight #5

    So immediately after finishing I went on holidays, figuring I'd do the last flight story after. Now that I'm back, I don't remember the details, other that it was cool again . So for you enjoyment, just the pics. Thanks for hosting this event and I hope to join on the next one.
  5. Flight stories

    I can imagine. But ... im finishing in the aerosoft rtw in a couple of months. And preparing a challenge in our VA, Andras Meridian. Too little time already But ok I'll bite for now. When is it due for launch en where to find more info?
  6. Flight stories, flight #4

    Thank you sir! Although it's not my repaint, you can find it at the A2A forums or in the "show off" thread on this forum. But yes, I do enjoy penning down my adventures, enriched with pics, to bore others to tears with them. Glad you are enjoying them. I would have thought more people to share their adventures though...
  7. I second that, very much appreciated and hope to be able to enjoy this yearly event for many years to come.
  8. Flight stories, flight #4

    Hah, luckily one can opt to don headphones in the A2A Mustang civ, so that drowns out a lot of the engine noise. I did worry and curse a little as the world around me turned into a tiny bubble on my descent towards SCTE .
  9. Flight stories, flight #4

    Another day, another flight. This time a dusk and evening flight, which I normally like to do ... at night, with the lights in my room out to add to the atmosphere. I did my normal routine in Skyvector and Plan-G and found it easy enough: no mountains, just straight line navigating, with only SCIM as a crosspoint on radials between two VOR's. Anything else? Oh yeah, no target time. OMG, it's a speed trap . Well, let's rev the Merlin up to temperature and be on our way. The waning sun did spectacular things with the light as I followed the canyon out of SCLD to the northwest. Staying low I stayed in the canyon, turning west south west at the end and riding it until I'd reacht the sea and turn towards the MON VOR, where I'd do my first T&G at SCTE. As I turned out to sea, visibility went down, fast. I was staring at a hazy grey soup with the sun just dying out below it. Weather?? Awh crap, I forgot to turn my AS2016 from real live weather to custom setting belonging to this flight. I quickly looked at the weather report in AS2016 and compared it to the settings of this flight. Winds were of the same strength but more southerly on my altitudes. That would mean I'd be faster than expected. It also gave clouds around the expected levels, but on some points there would be fog. Fun! I made my decision and kept it as is, flying the real weather from AS2016 and ASCA, even if it was slightly off from the custom level and showing morning weather on this evening flight. After that, I made sure to get a 360 radial on MOM and ride it in low and slow to SCTE. The fog was thick as soup now, but had a bit of a clearing just around 200ft above the ground. I found the runway slightly off to my right, but as I was already full in landing mode with gear down and flaps 30, I corrected to line up, dropped flaps to full 50 and put her down nicely, be it on one wheel. Now fully dark, I climbed out and set of on a straight run to VLD. It remained foggy but as I approached VLD and SCVD for my next T&G it cleared, the fog turning into more solid clouds and those clouds rising above my flightlevel. SCVD T&G was uneventful in clear but dark circumstances. Now fully dark I set off again. Most pics turn out way too dark so the following are the last: riding VOR VCD towards the small island with SCIM strip, radial 326 for 85nm, while also tuning CAR VOR. Upon touching the 015 radial on that one I was indeed over a small island and headed for CAR VOR and my final landing at SCIE. Every now and then I dove into clouds and some fogbanks, but with it now being fully dark it wasn't the white-knuckle experience it was around SCTE. With the wind on my back end I set MP and RPM at their lowest possible setting to slow to a "crawl" of 180 kts, but in all fairness I think I was too fast on this one. Nonetheless, the fog and dusk start made this a really nice atmosphered flight. All full scale pics are at http://fs-snaps.com/album/txRj
  10. Flight stories, flight #3

    My thanks goes back to you guys for setting up such a kickass ride.
  11. Apr 2017 - MEBAR Screenshots

    Taking off on flight #4, close to sunset
  12. Flight stories, flight #3

    An early flight. I love flying in dawn or dusk. Again the flight planning lingo. I've now marked points on the map to follow canyons to the various destinations. Again, first via skyvector, then into plan-G. So off to the first point, SCAS and a mandatory T&G there. For this first bit I went high over the terrain, dropping low again into a canyon to start my approach. The sunrise was so nice to watch on this initial leg. Approaching SCAS I entered a left hand approach, with the field obscured behind a hill for the better part of downwind. After that a normal approach over sloping terrain, screeching the tires just before halfway of the runway before roaring off again. Now off to PAR VOR. Following the canyons and staying very low to avoid the winds. Roaring through canyons in a high powered aicraft like the Mustang is so much fun. I have to watch my speed on this fun though . After following the initial canyon I came out in the open and was able to do a visual on the VOR station before turning right again. So I dove back into a slowly narrowing canyon towards SCPH, which I spotted on the end of it's northerly course. After that the ground rose and the water made way to trees. The next bit to SCAP sent me twirling and twisting amongst hills. I could easily fly over them, but judging I was too fast on this fun ride I'd best stay low and enjoy it. All the maneuvering would help slow me down a bit too. SCAP wasn't far off. From the air it seemed a bit like Lukla, only without the altitude and the dropoff in front of it. A massive wall was behind the strip though, so happy we didn't have to T&G here. On to SCFT for a T&G. I noticed on my plan-g that I made an error in judgement, seeing that SCFT lay in a narrow canyon with mountainsides all around. My chosen approach from the west seemed dangerous as such. So I chose another way around and an approach from the east. Entering the canyon with the field I slowed down, 30 flaps and gear down, inching along the walls and straining to get the field in sight. After a couple of twists I turned out to be almost on final, and made a perfect landing ... and off again! After this T&G off to the final destination of this flight. I went high again after my little detour, climbing out towards the north. I descended again over the water leading to SCLD. As I approached I found SCLD was obscured on the south side by an elongated hill. Naturally, this hill lay straight in the middle of the approach path. I set up for a left hander but couldn't get her down low enough overflying the base of the hill. Coming in too high, I waved off and went around, figuring I'd take a patch around the hill instead now. This worked out better, making for a lower approach and just a quick turn and slip onto final for a nice landing. As I taxied onto the grass and shut her down, the Packard Merlin coughing and clicking to a halt, I was happy about this flight. A very nice ride and, although quick, that last go-around had made my time a bit higher and just shy of my target time. Great stuff! All pics in http://fs-snaps.com/album/tWq6, collages made with photocollage.net.
  13. Flight stories, flight #2

    The next flight looked to be a little more challenging than the 1st. Lost of high places to fly but low places to go. I planned my route again in skyvector, than in Plan-G, then made an fsx flightplan out of it for reference sake. Only loosely though: I'd figure I'd find my way via the canyons if needed so no gps points planned between the hard bits. 1st Leg was easy enough: follow the radial and find the volcano. Apparently I didnt look too closely to skyvector, as my set altitude of 10000ft was quickly to go to 15000, else I'd be intimate with the snow capped volcano. From about 150nm I lost the VOR so luckily I had it planned already. After overflying the summit I went eastward while descending along the slope. I picked plenty speed here but was pretty sure I'd lose it somewhere along the way. Figuring SCOH, where a mandatory T&G was needed, was way down, I went along the water and used the canyons to get to a straight in approach. Or so I thought. Here the evil organiser of this challenge reared it's evil head. SCOH was nowhere to be seen when reaching the end of the canyon. I slowed down dropping flaps to 30, passing a hill to my right at the end of the canyon. Behind that hill lay SCOH in what must be one of the most idiotic positions to lay a runway, with high slopes at three sides of the single short strip. Luckily I was slow already, so quickly dropped gear and flaps to 50. No room to make a proper circuit here anyhow, so I joined base and dove in. An I made it and made a proper landing of it. Now I was lucky to have 1760HP under the hood. I pushed the Packard Merlin almost to its stop, gently pulling up and pulling in gear and flaps to 10 degrees, while very gently sliding to my left to get to the lowest point of the hill in front of me, all the while teetering on stall speed. As I cleared the crest I pulled in my flaps completely and set cruise settings again... phew..... Now on to SCHR Cochrane for another mandatory T&G. From planning it didn't seem so dicey, but then again so hadn't SCOH. It turned out getting there was the hardest. The ground was high and the clouds not much higher. Getting over the clouds would let me loose my visual so I chose to stay "low". I flew on a more or less straight line down the canyon, then jinked right into another one, thinking I'd bolt up if line of sight became hazardous. I never had to, as on the most uninviting spot a hole opened up in the clouds. One of those amazing once-in-a-lifetime sim moments... After that moment the ground started lowering a bit, making life easier. I saw SCHR from quite a distance and manouvered on a normal left hand circuit. No issues on the approach, landing and following take off again. After taking of again I made a repeat of the last leg, following the canyon NW, jinking later NE to get to our last point and landing at SCCC. This turned out to be fairly easy, apart from the final bit towards the north and a direct approach into SCCC. The canyon I had planned was narrower and higher than expected and also full of fluffy cloud. Trusting my terrain GPS I dove in, making sure my altitude remained stable. As I roared out I saw SCCC at my left hand side. Having the room here I made a normal circuit and landed fine again. Those 2+ hrs just flew on by.... All original photo's here http://fs-snaps.com/album/t27N
  14. Flightstories, flight #1

    Yeah they probably are Brett. I did straight in T&G's as ATC cleared me as such, but seeing my fast time I think I should do circuits regardless. And like I said: the Mustang is way easier to land (for me at least) if I come sweeping in and line up at the last minute.
  15. Apr 2017 - MEBAR Screenshots

    Just the gap in the clouds i need. Mebar2017 flight 2.