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    Great catch!
  2. As I'm still flying this route as I type, I decided to throw a few screenshots out which are fresh from the sim to the forum without resizing or sharpening (apologies to those with a different screen res to mine!) As you've probably noticed, I'm really enjoying my PMDG 777 at the moment, despite the fact it only comes with a -200LR variant, so technically speaking this BA livery is fictional (And some of you might know how I like everything to be as realistic as possible!) Anyway, I'm recreating a real world route that I was a passenger on a couple of weeks ago - the BA2166 TPA-LGW on the B772. Here are a few screens from the early stages of that flight. Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, Currently on a LH flight from London Heathrow to Boston, so I decided to make a small post on my progress so far - I'm already bored and we've only just transferred to Shanwick Radio - another 6 hours to go. Shortly after departure from EGLL on a CPT departure Quite heavy this evening so FL340 will have to do for now. As viewed from Shannon tower Leaving the British Isles behind for the next couple of nights - lovely view of Southwest Ireland After an uneventful cruise, you rejoin us as we approach Newfoundland Beautiful sunset just before descent Deep into the descent now, the city lights of Boston pop into view in the flight deck Short finals Parked, and ready for the next crew to take her back over the Atlantic BONUS SHOTS: Today I finally bit the bullet and bought the QW787. I would have used it tonight but I realised quite quickly that I'm going to need a lot more time with it before I'm happy to take her on a voyage! Thanks for viewing, I'll update this post accordingly with more photos of my Boston trip. Goodnight!
  4. Yesterday morning I slipped and fell as I was getting out of the shower and landed on my kids Disney toy - I went to A&E and all they did was take the mickey out of me
  5. Love the first one! What a sunset!
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    Eu trip

    Wonderful shots in a beautiful aircraft! Would buy a DA42 tomorrow if I won the lottery!
  7. Thanks guys, and Congrats Mike!
  8. Breathtaking, super realistic!
  9. Final entry from me - BAW207 KMIA-EGLL, leaving the coast of Florida and the rays of sunshine behind! Next stop, London Heathrow, landing in heavy snow as 'the beast from the east' hammers the south.
  10. TUI B737-800 gear retract and right turn for terrain avoidance departing Arrecife
  11. On the climb-out toward EDI as SHT18Y (Shuttle, BA domestic) routing Aberdeen - Heathrow
  12. I recently purchased the FSL A320 for P3Dv4, and have barely put it down all weekend, a great product, if a little pricey, but if you're looking for the most realistic Airbus sim, look no further. Anyway, I flew to Tenerife last night from Gatwick, one of many flights completed in the new A320 this weekend! In the left turn from Gatwick over Redhill Back past LGW on a SAM departure Channel islands Over Brest España On a rare approach to Rwy 25! And a nightstop, she's somebody elses problem now! Thanks for looking!
  13. Evening chaps, As promised, a batch of screens from my flight yesterday, Heathrow to Miami in the iFly 747-400. Due to the amount of photos I've decided against editing once again. Unfortunately this was before I'd purchased GSX otherwise I'm sure the 747 would have looked even more beautiful at the gate. You join us at Heathrows T3 just after breakfast time, as we prepare for the 9hr 20 minute hop over the pond this morning. Taxi to runway 09R today, just a few aircraft at the holding point, shouldn't be held up very long. Past T5, I guess this is reserved for non-leisure routes instead And after 5 minutes or so of taxiing, it was our turn to line up The queen graces the skies once more Some one rich lives there Orbx make the English countryside look so great At our initial cruise of FL330 Settled into the cruise Leaving the UK coastline behind Our view for the next 4 hours or so That was another BA 747 coming back from JFK And the clouds finally started to ease approaching New Foundland Passing near Boston down the east coast of the US As viewed from the ground Preparing for descent Past Jacksonville toward Ft Lauderdale initially in the descent Pulled off the STAR really early for the vectors runway 09 Straight toward a bunch of developing CBs! Over Palm Beach descending rapidly after our huge shortcut LOVE the cloud shadows on P3D Not fancying a Go Around into all that weather ILS established 09 Touchdown KMIA Sorry for the huge post, hope you liked the shots!
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    Nice shots again Jankees, would love to see that in a cityjet or VLM livery!
  15. Thanks for all the kind comments chaps
  16. No I purchased after the whole debacle, but was reading up the product as it all unfolded - must admit although it didn't look great, and a lot of angry people spoke out on the FSL forum, I wasn't too put off - mainly because the installer changed, and also because even with my bank details, they wouldn't get you very far! On top of that, rumours are that the next FSL product will be the A330 series - something which I personally think has lacked hugely in FS, or at least in P3D - that being said, there aren't any good A380 or A350 examples out there either - I'd love to add an A380 to my collection!
  17. Your graphics are just stupendous
  18. Hi guys, Just the quick one tonight as I purchased and tried out GSX (an excellent program for those looking to increase realism into FSX/P3D). I was just messing around at Lanzarote in the circuit in the PMDG 737NG of TUI Air, and remembered I had scenery for GCTS so I decided to do a quick half hour hop over there to try out GSX without a jetway. Today I also flew LHR-MIA in the iFly 747-400, so expect another post coming soon of that one.. Anyway, here's the shots - as it's late they're all unedited and straight from FS, so apologies for any red messages in the corners etc! In the right turn after departure GCRR 03 Climbing to a low cruise of FL230, excuse the lack of flight directors, I had initially hand flown the first segment of the departure No scenery pack for GCRR (yet) Beautiful sunset In the descent passing GCTS on the right Downwind Base to final turn Landing and vacate Rwy 07 Just like in real life, I was met by a follow me car (You have to request this through GSX menus) Passing the tower.. Parked. And this is where we see GSX really come to life. Shame about the bus colliding with existing ground traffic but hey ho, I like what I saw! Thanks!
  19. Delta A333 overtaking an old B763 over the Atlantic at the same altitude - who said a little competition wasn't fun?
  20. I mean, perhaps not a traffic oddity because the aircraft was the standard 2000ft below me on a similar track, the main oddity coming from this aircraft 'snaking' down the airway making 30 degree turns every 5 miles or so, and the fact that this was a B767 flying at an IAS of 220kts, which at FL360 would've been about M0.75. Needless to say my little FR 738 overtook this EL AL very quickly doing M.78
  21. Looks very good indeed and I look forward to trying it! Must admit, the FR livery did look odd on a bus!
  22. I bought my wife 100 red roses for Valentines day. She said I imagine you'll want me to spread my legs for these!? I said no, you can use a vase.
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    freight runner

    Beautiful shots, is that XP or P3D? Be careful not to blind those handlers with the taxi light