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    What's the maximum file size Joe? Tried uploading them to fs-snaps only to be told my files are too big

    Perfect, thanks. If they could get that working it'd change the whole dynamics of the sim. Not very realistic providing your own separation and aircraft departing from 09R and 24L!
  3. Worldwide Services, EDDF - EHAM

    Great shots - love the sky package you've got there!

    Nice one, thanks Joe!

    I get that a lot, how do you get rid of it!?

    So seeing as my P3D seems to be tech until at least November 14th, it seems only appropriate to give XP11 a fair chance and decide which sim I prefer. (Sorry XP11 fans, it's still P3D for me!) I've recently bought a few addons to try and make my XP11 experience as realistic as possible. Unfortunately the ATC massively lets XP down in my eyes. In these shots you'll see XEnviro, Flight Factor B757 pro and World Traffic. I must admit the FF757 is 100x better than the PSS B757 available on P3D. Almost everything is clickable and it's a close representation to how the aircraft actually flies - give or take. Anyway, without any further ado, here are the shots from the flight: UAL16 KEWR-EGLL KEWR22R PORTT3 PARKE J6 ALB J563 COVAN N386B YRI N562A JANJO NAT/Y BEXET SLANY UL9 DIKAS UL18 GAVGO UL9 KENET OCK1A EGLL27L You join us just after TOC, prior to our Oceanic entry point. Uneventful cruise - approaching first light just west of Ireland I have to admit, I love the way XP11 lights up the leading edges. Great effect! After 5hrs 48mins, those beastly RB211s powerback, and we begin our descent. FL140 by Kenet. Leaving Wales behind, entering England via the Severn River/Bridge Some descent shots After leaving Epsom, downwind 27L On profile, about to capture the localizer Fully established, maintaining 160kts until 4DME as per Heathrow ops All parked and ready to secure at Terminal 2B She's somebody else's problem now, goodnight aircraft! Our full routing thanks to XP moving map plugin (I only discovered it in the cruise, hence the non EWR starting point!) Thanks for looking, all comments/suggestions welcome! Have a good weekend all
  7. On route

    Nice shots! Looking forward to having a go when it's released on P3D and when my sim becomes operable again! Quick tech question - might be a 787 thing, but I noticed you were level at 10,000ft with a target altitude of 12,000ft but it was still in VNAV PTH. Surely it'd be in Alt Hold, or VNAV ALT?
  8. Have you heard about the brand new car just unveiled in Portugal today? Apparently it's got so much boot space you could fit a small child in there. They're calling it the Renault McCann.
  9. P3D V3 HELP!

    Thanks for all your help though, I'm either hoping for a short term fix, or just wait until November for the latest updates.
  10. P3D V3 HELP!

    Yeah on this forum topic now, just uninstalled KB4038788 without luck, guess I'll have to wait until November 14th for the next windows update with the bug fix. I agree it's not P3Ds fault, but the amount of crashes I've had over the years with various flight sim versions do make me question why I don't just stick to real world flying!
  11. P3D V3 HELP!

    Hi Joe, Many thanks for your response - unfortunately this hasn't worked for me I've now gone about uninstalling my last two addons, effectively restoring P3D to a place where I knew it worked. These being the iFly 747 and Level D 767. Will advise, but I'm beginning to think a computer restore might be the next course of action! Why does flight sim always present so many issues!!
  12. Turns the FACs off you can pretty much do what you want with her!
  13. P3D V3 HELP!

    Hi guys, Unfortunately over the past month or so, something has happened to my computer (maybe a background update) that has stopped my version of P3D working. It'll load as far as the opening screen but won't proceed further than that without a crash. I'm reluctant to do an uninstall/reinstall as I've got a few addons from various sites and can't remember which ones I've bought from! Annoyingly, I'd just purchased iFly 747 and was hoping to test it out so any tips or tricks to get it working again would be great. I appreciate this post is pretty vague but unfortunately my computer doesn't offer me a diagnostics report after the crash. I literally just get Prepar3d.exe has stopped working *close program* Many thanks in advance!
  14. XP11

    Just a few shots as I try and get accustomed with XP11. Delighted that XP11 has a button which sets the key commands to default FSX commands! Much better! Haven't downloaded any addons just yet other than Gatwick and a Boeing 767 (not working ) but I couldn't help but admire the natural beauty of this sim without any addons. Runs so much smoother than P3D as well - 35fps over central London and whilst doing circuits at LHR! Won't be long before I jump ship completely!
  15. Hi guys, As those of you who saw my last screenshot post on here might have noticed, I've been itching to get my sim to look as realistic as possible. It's not 100% there yet but it's definitely on the right lines. I've literally sat up all night watching youtube videos and tweaking .cfg files and downloading programs.. Here are the results Aberdeen departure at dawn FL280 And my favourite one... Thanks for looking - any more tips on how you all get your sims so crisp please do let me know!