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    Looks very good indeed and I look forward to trying it! Must admit, the FR livery did look odd on a bus!
  2. I bought my wife 100 red roses for Valentines day. She said I imagine you'll want me to spread my legs for these!? I said no, you can use a vase.
  3. freight runner

    Beautiful shots, is that XP or P3D? Be careful not to blind those handlers with the taxi light
  4. Prepartrio

    Beautiful shots, well done
  5. Bembridge Airport EGHJ

    Well, I mean I wasn't expecting you to take on a revamp of JFK but my local is EGTO, Rochester. It's a fantastic little airport and pretty simple layout with a small control tower, large hangar and medium storage hangar. I imagine the difficult part of EGTO could be the surrounding buildings (such as the holiday inn/industrial park) located on the northern perimeter. Let me know what you think! I'd be willing to offer a donation for your hard work!
  6. Bembridge Airport EGHJ

    Wonderful work.. do you take requests?
  7. Early up

    Very crisp shots, well done. Gutted P3D didn't come with a Cessna 172!
  8. new BIG wings.....

    Leave everything in AUTO and you'll be just fine in the OHD panel! FMC is lovely, you'll soon get the hang of that! Start at RTE and work your way through slowly and methodically with LSK 6R. Nice shots as well by the way!!
  9. Virgin Atlantic

    Wonderful captures. In my opinion, VS probably have/had the most striking livery on the B744! I'll certainly miss her when she soon retires
  10. BAW109 LHR-DXB

    Thanks for all the replies guys. Looking forward to sharing my next adventure with you.
  11. FSW phase2

    Looking good, keeping a close eye on this one!
  12. BAW109 LHR-DXB

    Evening guys, Decided to do another flight today to test the PMDG 777 along with UK2000s version of EGLL, and Fly Tampa OMDB. I had to change my settings ever so slightly to get acceptable fps around LHR which was a shame, but OMDB was excellent - I only wished I'd clicked transparent windows now! Oh well, onto the shots, just a few of them today as the majority of the flight was during night hours! Apologies again, this time I saved them in BMP but still the quality decreases, and for some reason it looks like it's taken my Anti-Aliasing out when I've hit the screenshot button! The mind boggles.... Cruise over Iran as the first light appears After (another) G/A, this time due to conflicting traffic taking off toward me, spectacular vectors back round for the opposite runway, 12L. Short finals Disembarking at F6 And a bonus shot of my circuits at Heathrow yesterday to get accustomed to the aircraft! I appreciate that BA don't use the B773 on the LHR-DXB service, but seeing as PMDG only made a B777-200LR variant of the 200 I had to improvise. Thanks!
  13. XP11 737

    Wonderful shot!
  14. Hi guys, After still struggling to get used to XP11, and as well as there not being a traffic program I deem acceptable, it was time to upgrade to P3Dv4. After spending the last 3 days tweaking and working out my best configs for graphic/performance combo, I was finally able to undertake my first flight. Unfortunately, I didn't realise the quality loss by saving my files as PNG on standard P3D screenshot, but I have managed to salvage a few. Back to JPEG from now on! Hope you enjoy.. FR792 - B737-8AS EGSS-LIPH Stansted - Venice Treviso 0620-0820z Approaching the Swiss alps prior to descent for runway 07. In the descent for TSF Now we've cleared the high terrain (almost) it's time for a dive to our platform altitude, because P3D gave me a short approach (Thanks ATC ) Ended up doing a G/A because the approach was too short! But after a simple circuit, we were on the ground in Treviso. Thanks for looking
  15. Funny traffic oddities

    Thanks for the suggestions guys, hopefully now I'm able to upload a photo and it last longer than 20 seconds! Here is the re-posted image! If your eyesight is just about good enough, you'll see that on XP11, I was radar vectored for the ILS 27L approach at EGLL, but the radar controller and tower forgot to mention they'd done a runway change and I was flying straight into outbound traffic! Look for the landing lights at the threshold of 09R and another on a 4 mile final - after a 6 and a half hour flight from KEWR, I wasn't about to eat into my reserve fuel for AI traffic