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  1. New Air Hauling Company: IslandAir!

    I calculated it so that the base is self sufficient and requires minimal attention. Only need to keep an eye on the condition and maintenance checks
  2. New Air Hauling Company: IslandAir!

    *NEW* Opened up a Base at EBAW Antwerp with 2 leased C206's They will Operate to EBCI Brussel Charleroi and EHTX Texel International Airport while also doing weekend flights to Southampton. We are starting to expand into the Dutch West Frisian Islands as there are a lot of potentials there. But our primary goal will stay focused on the Channel Islands.
  3. New Air Hauling Company: IslandAir!

    Looks like Sarah (the Grumman Goose pilot) is complaining about the goose having poor controls and being underpowered, she also said the passengers are complaining about it being uncomfortable and the limited capacity of just 6 pax. Losing passengers can be a disaster for such a fragile route with okay-ish demand and fierce competition from the fast ferry. So I was forced to return the Goose to the Lessor and get a Twin Otter with Floats. Luckily Sarah already has a type rating on it so she can immediately stop complaining. I did have to cut her paycheck by 4% to cover the lease w (hopefully she won't mind). addon: Aerosoft Twin Otter extended
  4. A2A Comanche

    In AH2 you do have to do Type Ratings before you can actually commercially fly the aircraft. It improves the realism but can be a pain if you don't have much time.
  5. New Air Hauling Company: IslandAir!

    Thinking of putting major spotlights Illuminating the "Runway" and dock. But that's a hefty price and the flights during the day will do for now as Sark only has a population of 600. I also changed the times so at 8 am people can take the plane to Jersey and from there take the 9 am flight to their work on mainland or Guernsey and Alderney, then when they come back they can take the 7 pm flight back home and land before it becomes dark.
  6. New Air Hauling Company: IslandAir!

    Oh, they aren't, Although Labour-unions force me to give them a free weekend which is why they only operate Monday to Friday. I did reach an agreement with Harrison and his labour-union to let him fly on Saturday in return for a free Wednesday. Which is why I do those 2 flights with Dornier 4. I asked Jefferson how he is able to also fly the entire day without taking a break until I saw a Pillow in the cockpit which already gave me the answer, so for his hard work I gave him a blanket and installed a USB port on Dornier 1 to charge his phone. Unfortunately, Once we start replacing the Dorniers with ATR 42's Alderney won't be able to handle them. So he asked me if I could give him a de Havilland Canada DHC-7 instead of an ATR 42 which Alderney will be able to handle which has the same seats as the ATR 42. Seeing his commitment to the company, I accepted it and gave him a well-deserved promotion from CCL to Third Officer. Currently 3/4th of the way of leasing an ATR 42. Cheers Ivan
  7. New Air Hauling Company: IslandAir!

    I just made a fiction sea airport at the Sark isle. As this is a small island I will lease a Grumman Goose to ferry pax between Jersey and Sark (3x daily at 9 am, 1:30 pm and 6 pm. due to no lighting I will not allow my pilot to Fly at night). This will also bring us in direct competition from boat ferries servicing the same route.
  8. New Air Hauling Company: IslandAir!

    FS mesh Benelux, GB And night environment Benelux and British isles
  9. New Air Hauling Company: IslandAir!

    Orbx Southampton Earth Simulations Guernsey and Alderney and UK2000 Jersey. https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=193366 EBCI, Rex clouds, essentials plus, orbx global, vector, England and Europe
  10. New Air Hauling Company: IslandAir!

    Hello, all! It's been a while. So a week ago I created a new company as the GSW company has grown to a size that I can basically leave it and it'll handle itself. The new Company is called IslandAir based in EGHI Southampton utilizing 4 Carenado Dornier Do 228's to ferry Pax, Deliver cargo and supply them with goods. The airports it operates to are: -Jersey Airport EGJJ -Guernsey Airport EGJB -Alderney Airport EGJA 3 Dorniers are based in EGHI: -Dornier 1 (pax) is regularly scheduled to fly to Guernsey at 9 am, 3 pm, 9 pm, 12 am, 3am and 6 am. and Alderney at 12 am and 6 pm. less freq as the airport and the island is smaller. daytime only as the runway has poor lighting. (AI Jefferson) -Dornier 2 (cargo) Hauls cargo between the islands. (Flown by me) -Dornier 3 (cargo) Hauls cargo to/from Jersey to/from Southampton. (AI Joseph) 1 Dornier is based in EGJJ: -Dornier 4 (pax) Ferries to Southampton and back (AI Harrison). On Wednesday and Sunday, it flies 2x (9 am and pm) to EBCI Brussels South Charleroi Airport as it is the best railway, air and road hub to the rest of Europe within' reasonable range). Flown by me. Future plans: -get an ATR 42 to replace Dornier 3 and 4 by making it haul Pax and Cargo (will be flown by me), then make the EGJJ-EBCI a daily ferry by Dornier 3 (3x a day by AI), then use Dornier 3 to make scheduled flights between Jersey and Brest Bretagne Airport LFRB. (6x a day by AI) If you have any comments, critique or suggestions. Let me know in the comments! Sincerely Third officer Ivan
  11. A quick introduction of my AH2 company

    All Shut down, a good 5.6Million Cargo job. https://gyazo.com/bbd2c59202fc1abf9845fd208180fb62 I've never seen such a big profit. highest i ever got was 1.4million in the 757M. now with 38mil in the bank it's time lo lease 4 C130's and open up EGHI
  12. A quick introduction of my AH2 company

    On short final at VOGB, it used to be for commercial service but got cancelled, doesn't say it's terminated for Cargo though https://gyazo.com/7b47016bd7dd9b6b0b5cdfeeee5f9600 On time arrival on-blocks https://gyazo.com/32bdb859fc799f4f218b04eb369209f0
  13. A quick introduction of my AH2 company

    Thanks Sir Martin and Sir Allard. I will lease 6 (CS)C130's instead of the dash 8's for EGHI. Descending into VOBG https://gyazo.com/1fb6e71c13bdf7c5991bf165fdd97b06 Sincerely Ivan
  14. A quick introduction of my AH2 company

    Cleared for take off from Rwy 06 https://gyazo.com/1a2eaf33c3b2826d48842c1505b05893
  15. A quick introduction of my AH2 company

    On AH2 Radar NOW Loading 460000lbs of Medicine and Fruit at ELLX to VOBG India on my brand new 777F. Note: GSX Crashed so no ground units https://gyazo.com/2e41b79ebceb26a1bbead0133e7181cd