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  1. Thank you to the folks who have responded to my enquiry. I was flying an A320 from Birmingham to Frankfurt and the problem occurred over Belgium. The weather was set at the default setting. I have cleaned out the case, though it was already in good condition. Another flight has been carried out with the following result :- A320 from Chicago Midway to Minneapolis, with the sides of the case not fitted. After 40 minutes of flying, the picture on the main monitor faded [ but not completely] and everything froze. Incidentally, the second monitor showing ATC and Sat Nav froze but at no time did it fade. The notice on the main monitor said "Microsoft flight simulator X [not responding]" After 8 minutes the flight became operational again for 12 minutes before freezing again. 10 minutes later it continued and I landed at KMSP after a further 20 minutes. Regarding the comments of Quickmarch, I finished up looking at four boxed graphs in line. The first one had 25% to the left of it, and the trace seemed to confirm this. The second and fourth graphs were fairly active and went from top to bottom of the scale, and the third ranged up to 75% of height. Beneath all this the Physical Memory flat-lined at 2.02 Gb. The Physical Memory table read as follows :- Total[Mb]--- 8150, Cached--- 3908, Available--- 6031, Free--- 2266. I hope that this is of use. Thanks again Alf
  2. As a total newcomer to Mutleys Hangar I first of all apologise if I am raising a subject that been dealt with ad nausium in the past. My problem is this. I have been using FSX on Windows 7 for several years, but now the situation has arisen where after about half an hour of running,,the screen fades and tells me that "FSX can't communicate" [or something like that]. After 5 or 10 minutes the screen returns to normal and I can continue. However, after a further 10 minutes it repeats this problem. My performance base is 5.9. This arises from Processor and Ram being 7.9, Graphic and Gaming Graphic being 7.6, but Hard Drive only 5.9. Local Disc [c] has 773 Gb available from 931 Gb. Ram is 8 Gb My Graphics card is Geforce GTX 660 and the operating system is 64-bit. I don't think that I am overloading my system {but being honest I wouldn't know!]. I have things like Traffic set at about 30%. I don't know if anything is running at the same time, I can't see anything, but do not know how to confirm this [not a computer buff!] I would be most grateful if somebody could advise me, in simple terms, what the problem is and how I can correct it.