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  1. Hi Everyone. So I currently am running a small cargo company with 2 Twin Comanche’s, two Caravans (default), and two Twin Otter 300s (Aerosoft) (Thanks Captain Coffee and Corsaire31 for the recommendation!). I operate out of KFHU (Sierra Vista Municipal Airport-Libby Army Airfield (Fort Huachuca / Sierra Vista, AZ, USA)). I really love the game. I am thinking of maybe getting another payware plane but am torn between 4 planes. I would love the community’s help in deciding which one to get. I would like the most efficient, effective, fun to fly, and best panel. If you have the stats like on “What Does It Cost? How Much Does It Carry?” Here is what they ask for…(and a bit more in which I’m looking for :). I know it’s a lot but if you have ANY of that info, fill in the blank and it definitely helps. The options are…(drumroll)…. 1. Carenado C90 GTX HD 2. Carenado 406 Caravan II HD 3. Carenado PC-12 HD 4. Alabeo/Carenado PA31 Chieftain 350 Again, any opinions or help or info is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks again everyone! Happy flights! Aircraft : Publisher/Developer : Sim Version : AH Purchase Cost : MTOW : Empty Weight : Max Fuel : Max Range : Cargo Capacity : Cargo Capacity (full fuel) : Cargo Capacity (Half fuel/range) :
  2. HI Allardjd, Thanks! I really appreciate your help with this. I have been truly trying to figure this stats page out. The orginal link I found was this : http://www.airhauler.net/portal/ And i found that link on this page: http://forum.justflight.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=6639&PN=6&title=what-does-it-cost-how-much-does-it-carry But whenever I use the portal link, I get a forbidden. What I am looking for is a site or spreadsheet or index that has most of the payware aircrafts data, that would be used in AH so I can compare their useful load, range, etc, as it shows it in AH's database. I have seen screenshots of this portal index but can never get on. I have AH2 but not AH1. Again, thank you for your help!
  3. HI Captain Coffee, First, thank you for your awesome response and info. I really love great and supportive communities like this and your response was a great reflection of that support. Right now with my company, I have been flying the Cherokee, the Caravan and the Twin Comanche (me), but am really excited to possibly buy a new plane (hopefully a new payware for me and the company ;)). Thank for the freeware page recommendation. I will definitely be checking them out and flying a few! With your recommendation, the Carenado C90 is officially back on my possible buy list ( which is great because that gtx hd model looks like a lot of fun), as well as the Aerosoft's Twin Otter making a new appearance on the possible list. I don't know how much of a helo pilot I am though, so i might stick with the fixed wings. Yes, i can't wait until someone comes out with a spreadsheet download. I have seen examples of them and love them. With the mysterious and all powerful "portal stats" website, do you know where or how to even access it? I would love to look at those numbers before i commit to buying any payware. I'm a numbers guy. ha ha Oh, and skyvector is GREAT!. I use it for my real flight planning as an added resource. It truly is a very powerful resource. Again, thank you for all your help and information Captain COffee. I really appreciate it! Happy flying!
  4. Hi Corsaire31, Thank you for commenting! Someone else also reccomended the Cessna 406 and 404 so thank you for your recommendation of them as well. I guess they just climbed to the top of my list. Thank you for the freeware recommendations as well! I will definitely check them out. Do you know anything about the aircraft stats portal, or how to get to it? I would love to see all the payware states against each other. Again, thank you very much for your help and Happy Flying!
  5. Hi everyone, (or should I say fellow air hauler competitors ). I am new to AH and am really loving it. The program is designed well, runs great, and is a blast to play! I have a couple of questions and am hoping this awesome AH community can help me out. 1. What are the most efficient and effective default cargo planes in the small to medium class (up to king air 350) in AH? I only have one 1 pay ware plane, which is my Twin Comanche, which I own in real life (hence why I have it). I really enjoy the plane and it is modeled (flying) well in FX-SE. (as a small side complaint/issue I have with AH2 with the twin Comanche is AH2 under estimates the range, over estimates the fuel burn, and vastly underestimates the cargo load it can do. It’s not a huge issue, but just a side note from a true Twin Comanche owner. I can get a little over 1300NM range with full fuel running lean of peak cruise settings, with still about 800lbs left. Mind you, I also have a few “Knots to you” mods but they are VERY common on Twin Comanches. Again, this is just a friendly side note.) That all being said, I would love to know what the AH2 communite’s experience and wisidom is with the best (most efficient and effective) default cargo planes in the small to medium class is and why?2. What are some of the best (the most efficient, effective, and FUN) freeware cargo planes in the small to medium class (up to something like the DASH 8) in AH? I downloaded the free Turbo Beaver and Twin Otter, which are fun but I’m just wondering if there are some other really great freeware cargo planes in the Sim universe. In particular, I like twin engine prop or turboprop planes like the Cessna 340, 421, 425, 441, etc, or the King Airs, or Piper Chieftains, Navajos, Cheyannes, MU2, etc, or a good Cessna 206. 3. What are the best (the most efficient, effective, and FUN) Payware cargo planes in the small to medium class (up to something like Kingair C90 in AH? I was looking at possibly either the Carenado C90 GTX or the Chieftain as they both look like great and fun planes to fly in real life as well as in their sim capacities. I would love to know if they are also efficient and effective planes in AH2. If not, please let me know what you all think WOULD be fun and good planes for AH2. In particular, I like twin engine prop or turboprop planes. 4. Are there any good side programs or spreadsheets that you all use in determining the best cargo run to maximize profitability or flight planning? 5. Are that any good websites, articles or anything you all would recommended for me? I know there is a “portal” that has all the importable planes with all their stats, but I think it is only for AH1 people. The addresses is “http://www.airhauler.net/portal/”, but I can’t seem to see it. I did check out “http://forum.justflight.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=6639&PN=6&title=what-does-it-cost-how-much-does-it-carry” which has great info and enjoyed reading, but again, it always talked about and referenced this great and mysterious “portal” that has ALL the planes listed. I would love access to this portal, so if anyone knows how or where this portal or info is, please let me know!I know I have a lot of questions here, but I have tried going through the forums, google searches, ect and never quite got these questions answered. Again, thank you ALL for your help and being a great community. Thanks!! P.S. I have also posted this in Air Hauler 2's official forum and Just Flight's forum. I say this so hopefully is offended if they see this post somewhere else. I mean no offese, just trying to get info and truly appreciate any and everyone's help and comments. Thanks
  6. allardjd: Thank you for your post about the Air Hauler and the stats portal. It is exactly what I have been looking (and searching for). I can't seem to get onto or access that portal that you talked about. I REALLY want to see/access it as it is EXACTLY what I am and have been looking for as I am maybe looking for a new payware plane but want to see the stats first. I have really looked over the http://forum.justflight.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=6639&PN=6&title=what-does-it-cost-how-much-does-it-carry and it talked about the same portal you mention, but when I click the portal, it denies me. I have Air Hauler 2, but not Air Hauler 1. Does that make a difference? Any thoughts? Thank you in advance!