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  1. GAAR 2018 is Open

    I'm certainly not confident to take part, (not this year, at least.) But have downloaded the flight plans and might try them out for my own amusement.
  2. UKJim Stream Reminder

    I know, they are a good fleet...well...you recommended them to me
  3. Word(s) association game

    awww not letting him play? spoilsport
  4. Word(s) association game

    I don't get... ahh yes I do..adulterate with random unwanted advertising
  5. UKJim Stream Reminder

    It was Flywheelz but as most of my Twitch follows are VA pilots I've changed it to UKV1521. Not a conventional name, I know, but as I said, with my follows being VA they can easily know who I am... 'Bumblebee' even I find confusing. I might ask the guv' if I can switch my username to Lucy, it'll stop my confusion, never mind yours lol. It's why I didn't say hello last evening, all far too confusing
  6. UKJim Stream Reminder

    It was as smooth as silk this evening, and an enjoyable flight. Cheers
  7. UKJim Stream Reminder

    I always assume it's because my PC is on a wireless connection to the internet box..The connection's usually good but quite a bit of Twitch has been iffy of late
  8. UKJim Stream Reminder

    The broadcast kept freezing up so was unwatchable for me. I will catch it on YouTube as it looked like a very useful subject. Thanks for doing it.
  9. UKJim Stream Reminder

    Fantastic..see you there
  10. UKJim Stream Reminder

    You don't clash with 6 Nations so think I can make it
  11. Word(s) association game

    Cessna 188 No reason for the colour just felt like brightening up a bit
  12. Happy Birthday hlminx

    I missed it too, sorry Steph, glad it was a goodun
  13. Virgin Atlantic

    Awesome shots of a beautiful plane