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  1. This ain't no technological breakdownOh no, this is the road to hell
  2. Last I heard, one of those three has died
  3. Which waterboard?...bloody Thames Water, I bet! Inspector 'I 'ate you Butler' Blakey
  4. I've sat here trying to think of a response but can't, it's driving me crazy
  5. Pig Pen, this here's the Rubber Duck.
  6. Just a random thought but how about leaflets* for some of us to just hand round? *I made a point of avoiding the use of 'flyers'*
  7. I got this as Barton is my base for GA simming and I think it's superb start for the Orbx venture into XP11. The detail is great and living local I was easily able to identify much of the detail which so far looks to be in place. I have all the global and continental products for P3D but so far have stopped short of airports apart from the Orbx EGCC. I'm glad I have done so as I wouldn't want to start doubling up on both sims. I do need to make a choice soon as to which platform I go with as both could prove rather expensive in the long run.
  8. 13 pages of DLC on Steam makes it a long damned train!
  9. Metal detecting (what I do when not simming.)
  10. Nice going, that read as professional as any of the other reviewers..