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  1. I knew that would do it. 50% off all Orbx products until March 13th....I'm there!
  2. Word(s) association game

    I told you we needed to turn left
  3. Word(s) association game

    That's what you Tellus. Many believe the likes of Gaia to have been ancient astronauts
  4. Which A320?

    I already have the Airfoillabs 172 for XP11, but will give the Simcoders REP a go for my Baron. I will beef up the XP11 737 and see how it goes, with jets I do neglect XP, but as I am becoming a PMDG lover. (at the moment trying to master the 74' and 77') it's turning into an increasingly one-way road. But you've given a lot to consider and I will revisit some of your flights.
  5. Word(s) association game

    I tried but just couldn't get into Pratchett's work. But I did like his co-authorship of The Long Earth, Interesting concepts in that.
  6. Which A320?

    Thanks Jim, such a lot to think about in that post. I think in one of your most recent streams, (might even have been just last week?) you used the Zibo mod, I noted that to check it out at some point. The other big 'to think about' is your leanings towards P3D as a go to for GA flights. I'm enchanted by the low flight-level detail in XP11 but I think I will take a few P3D flights in GA and reconsider. I have the FTX Global Vectors, OpenLC and most of the regions, so I will do that. Maybe even do one of the VA Flight Club tours in P3D. MisterX.... off to have a look now, thanks Jim
  7. Flight Sim Labs A320-X

    I tend to agree with Joe on this, as an owner of this software I'm not put off - not yet at any rate. I am sure that piracy is as prolific in flight sim software as in other fields, only difference being we are a relatively small community and that theft can cut very deep into developers finances, even jeopardising their very survival. I think he took a wrong course of action in the way he went on the offensive and I don't doubt the publicity will have a lasting effect. With so few really good study level aircraft available we really don't want to hang, draw and quarter at the first opportunity. if, however, another piece of intrusive software came to light at some future date then that would be the end of it. But yea, give him the benefit of the doubt. Mistakes and errors of judgement happen.
  8. Flight Sim Labs A320-X

    A great selection of shots, thanks for showing them. I have had this plane for a month or two and it's all I fly at the moment. I love it.
  9. GAAR 2018 is Open

    I'm certainly not confident to take part, (not this year, at least.) But have downloaded the flight plans and might try them out for my own amusement.