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  1. Just Flight VC 10

    This is the first time I've purchased a plane without reading several reviews and watching Froogle put it through it's paces - I have to say I feel rather pleased with the VC10. It's not a study sim, and at £24.99 you didn't expect it, but it's well worth the money, as Martin said previously. but I understand that in 2018 the current purchase will be expanded to the Super series and a Professional range, adding more complexity to the flight systems. That will be the fully-fledged study sim that I'm really after and what encouraged me to go for this one is that Just Flight will discount the professional version to owners of this model. What with pilot, navigator and engineer posts to watch over, I think I will need the time to fully familiarise myself with what I have. I think this plane is a beauty and if like me you want classic airliners in the hanger, this is definitely one to consider.
  2. Just Flight VC 10

    The new one from Just Flight is available and I so really want it, need a review please!
  3. Word(s) association game

    Darjeeling or Ceylon?
  4. Easyjet electric

    Well, that remark made me smile, anyway
  5. Which A320?

    oh thanks for that.
  6. Which A320?

    This is the tutorial flight I use, lots of pictures and baby-steps, that's good for me. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-uSpZROuEd3WXZBTjZrQXdnZjg This plane, PMDG 737 & 747, and Majestic Dash are my top planes in P3D. I guess it might be worth pointing out what might be a couple of niggles with the FSLabs. First is that when you hook up the GPU, although you can hear it from the cockpit, if you go to an exterior view there is nothing there and the plane is sitting silent. Secondly it won't load into cold and dark, for some reason you must load the Piper Cub, shut it's engine down and then load the 'Bus - I dunno, don't ask me...Some might find those points an irritation but I am fine with it. I'm generally too busy in the cockpit to care about what's happening, (or not,) outside, and the Cub takes a few moments to sort the cold n dark. That's just a couple of things you might care to be aware of. The purchase is direct from FSLabs if that's what you're asking. I'm not aware of any on-board tutorials with the plane, Can't say I have even looked as I stick with learning through YouTube - and of course the link I've included. Oh, and are you updated to 4.1 now? The plane doesn't install into v4 which gave me a slight panic as I didn't realise at the time Hope some of this helps
  7. Which A320?

    well yes, I went for the P3D4, I found Barron's posts very convincing so went for it. I had the money spare, I took it to Cosford but didn't spend much, so after much thinking decided to throw it at FSLabs. I am very pleased with it and echo Barron's words 'it's worth every penny.' I'm not familiar with IGEX planes so can't really comment, but I have ditched the JarDesign A320 and flown the FSLabs, (mostly as tuition flights,) for the last couple of weeks - mind you, as I can't decide yet whether to focus on P3D or XP11 I shall most likely get the FF as well when it comes out...The default scenery and night views just blows me away, so might use P3D for airliners and XP11 for GA... But I would say yes, the FSLabs is worth the money, but, of course, it's a personal taste. Maybe take a look at Blackbox 711, his tuition is very in-depth and might help you decide.
  8. Which A320?

    I have been viewing your 'A Day Trip to Innsbruck' and the return, very nice plane and an interesting series of posts, The A320 must really be your passion, both sim and RL, May I ask what your role with the plane in real life is?
  9. Which A320?

    Thanks, Barron, with all my YouTube sim-watching how I haven't ran into Blackbox 711 before, I just don't know -I now have some weekend viewing lined up. And thanks for the comments on the FSLabs 'bus, it gives me the kind of comparison to the real thing I was hoping for, and has coaxed me into a purchase this weekend. This doesn't sound like mousing over a switch and 'oh, that's not simulated.' Thanks again.
  10. Which A320?

    I didn't realise the Flight Factor one was to have full functionality - and that price, cool, I shall wait and see
  11. Which A320?

    I read it a few days ago but still left me undecided, I was hoping a few comments might help a decision. Guess I'll just have to figure it out
  12. Which A320?

    I already have Jardesign A320 on XP11 but am getting rather attracted to FSLabs A320 for P3D, and aside from not knowing which platform I want to focus on, I would like to know if it is worth me getting the FSlabs 'bus. I'm always looking for more detail and more immersion - as we all are - and do know that you get that with the FSlabs, but is it worth shelling out the extra money to get it. I'm asking if the detail is significantly better than Jardesign to warrant a purchase. Thanks
  13. Word(s) association game

    ohhhh..I love that songl! Also anything by Chuck Berry