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  1. I smile when I remember it
  2. Happy birthday!
  3. Given it much thought and maybe I will leave this one until it is in a Steam sail
  4. A question about the world: are the maps a series of separate areas or is it as in FS, the entire world and able to circumnavigate if you want to.
  5. So funny and so true
  6. Nor do I, which is the reason I might get this
  7. Bash Street Kids
  8. It's certainly my favourite on XP11
  9. Thank goodness. giving up cigarettes entailed less withdrawl
  10. Just ordered my new chillblast computer...so excited!
  11. great recommendation, thanks John. I might be overly cautious when it comes to PC's, but I've been stung in the past. I will be ordering my new machine later this week, as soon as Joe has sorted out the expired discount code.
  12. This machine is in their flight sim custom spec so I assume it will run the sims ok, but wanted some assurance and I think I have it now...oh I'll still dither about for another week before doing the inevitable, it's what I'm like.
  13. That's so true - so, 6 months to figure out how I'd go about upgrading it! "mutleycode15" seems to have expired
  14. Not again!
  15. I did actually, thanks for the reminder