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  1. Nice selection of pics, thanks.
  2. Indeed it is, especially with all the doom and gloom forecasts we keep hearing
  3. I stick mostly to GA and my flights which are usually VFR tend to be around 30-40 minutes. A couple of days ago my longest to date was 2-1/2 hours, from Bournemouth to Blackpool, it was indirect as I took in some of North Wales en-route.
  4. Hi Fred and welcome. Google translation is a good thing.
  5. After many years of FSX I have made the 'leap' to FP11, which I believe is still beta until next month. But even in default the ground detail is breathtaking, the default planes equally so. I am not seeing any XP11 dedicated planes yet, (obviouse really,) but I did purchase the Dash and am pleasantly surprised that as a v10 plane she flies fine in v11 and the graphics are also terrific, and I agree with you: 'great detail.' My main sim will still be FSX for a long time yet due to the investment, but I am sure with time and addons becoming available, I shall drift across more and more.
  6. arm *DON'T do drugs, kids, it's not big and it's not clever!*
  7. I have some new ones here, the address is correct for me, cheers John