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  1. Happy birthday Lucy! I hope that you are having a great day! Best wishes Martin
  2. Sim addict?

    I have been tempted by Train Simulator from time to time (I am of that age when I can remember steam trains), but have not pursued it. I have found that there is a LOT to learn on FSX and even more that you can do with it to keep you more than busy. I have a lot of planes in my hanger and it takes a lot of time to learn how to fly each properly. I also have a lot of books waiting to read and sometimes I tie in a book with a plane on FSX. I have been reading a bookazine on the Spitfire and finished it yesterday, so recently I dug out one of my FSX Spitfires and have been having a blast with that...... Hang on....there's the scramble bell indicating an air raid.....must dash to save the country..... Martin
  3. Happy Birthday Phil White

    Belated birthday greeting from Indiana. Hope it was a good one!! Martin
  4. Toilet humor at its best!!!!! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5271389/Man-discovers-having-poop-knife-isnt-normal.html
  5. Tiger Tonka

    Great. Thanks, Alan!
  6. Tiger Tonka

    Thanks Alan.
  7. Tiger Tonka

    Good one! Now where did you get that repaint? Is it for the Just Flight Tornado? (I am somewhat a Tornado fan and have lots of photos of Tornadoes in special paint schemes at various airshows!) TIA Martin
  8. How does Good King Wenceslas like his pizza done? Deep pan, crisp and even!
  9. Ok...not quite jokes but it can be funny. It's cold here in the USA and somewhat windy in the UK (OK...who ate all the beans!!), so I want to encourage some nice warm fuzzy feelings and was wondering about cute/funny things that your pets do. When in the UK, I had a budgie (parakeet in the USA). Anyway, I taught him to talk a bit and one phrase he got the hang of was 'Merry Christmas'. One day, the news reader on TV said 'Merry Christmas'. Charlie the budgie, turned to look at the TV and said' Merry Christmas'. It was so cute and funny. Over here in the USA, we have a family of four cats. Coco is VERY small, despite being a senior cat. Kobi loves to chase a ball and one time it got underneath some furniture which was low to the floor. Kobi tried but could not get it. Coco went underneath, retrieved the ball and gave it to Kobi...so cute! Martin
  10. I was watching one of the Star Wars movies last night and it got me thinking....... If Yoda sang would it be like yoda-ling!!!
  11. Happy Birthday JAllard

    Happy Birthday John....hope it's a good one!! Martin
  12. Q. What's the difference between a brussel sprout and a booger?! A. You can get a kid to eat a booger!
  13. Seasons Greetings

    Merry Christmas to all the wonderful people here on Mutley's Hanger. Have a great time and watch out for Santa and his reindeer while flying on the simulator over the festive period !! Best wishes Martin
  14. A well known maker of women's sanitary products is now issuing a limited edition with a sprig of mistletoe in each box. You have to be quick though, as they are only available for the Christmas period!!
  15. You are right John. Dogs have masters.....cats have servants!!! Time to feed the cats........must dash!! Martin
  16. Lol! Cats are great really...we have four at the moment (one died about two years ago), so we have our hands full looking after them! We have two black cats, one white and one gray.
  17. Do you mean agitate the water...or agitate the cat!!! Maybe the cat would already be agitated after such an ordeal!!
  18. I love a good joke, like everyone else. So todays laugh must be courtesy of the UK Government and other higher ups who just do not know how to handle snow! It seems as though the UK goes beserk when it snows.....I heard that they had four inches and the country is all 'excited' and in a panic! Goodness me, four inches is a dusting......Yes, I moved from the UK and I know that there can be 'the wrong sort of snow that screws up railway points' and all the other 'good excuses' Over here in Indiana a few years ago, we had three feet of snow and we just got on with life without creating a song and dance. So, to the UK Government, 'Keep calm and carry on shoveling'!! As for me, it is sunny, about 50F and time to go sunbathing in my snow free back yard!! Martin
  19. Just Flight VC 10

    Well said Lucy! I just did a flight from Vancouver to Seattle in the VC-10......no problems and she looked great with the mountains in the background. I am sure that I will be flying this plane a lot in the next few weeks and can't wait until the Super VC-10 comes out. Martin
  20. Just Flight VC 10

    I bought it today and have been flying it a bit this afternoon and evening. It is nice. Go for it!! Martin
  21. Advice required for FSX

    That's an interesting thought. When I get the PC serviced in a couple of weeks, I will ask them to check it out. Thanks Martin
  22. Firstly, a Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans on this site! I did make this post yesterday, but for some reason, it did not seem to appear on site! Anyway, I am wondering if there are any FSX experts who can help......at this point in time, quite often when I do a flight of more than about 20 mins, the flight just freezes. You can hear sound, you can see the plane, but it is just there doing nothing! I have tried using F5 to try and refresh it and get it working. I have also done ctrl, alt and delete to see what is going on and it says that FSX has stopped responding. Anybody have any ideas??! While I am asking for advise, another issue is that I have Just Flight's Traffic 360 to add a bit of life and color to airports. Recently, this stops working after a while with no pretty planes to look at. I have tried increasing traffic on the settings of FSX but to no avail. The only solution that I have found so far is to uninstall Traffic 360 and reload it. Of course, the situation reappears after a few weeks! Any help would be appreciated from you great guys and gals. TIA Martin
  23. Advice required for FSX

    Happy Thanksgiving too to you John I did try FSX Steam shortly after it first came out. I did not get on well with it at all. As you said that it has been updated, I may give it another try if the issues mentioned do not get resolved. Best wishes Martin
  24. Advice required for FSX

    Hi Alan Thanks for your input. I guess that it is good that neither of us are alone now, eh?! Funny you should say about certain aircraft...I am not into long flights and usually do ones about 30 mins. or so just for fun. One route I like is Manching in Germany to Aviano in Italy...I like flying over mountains. Anyway, my point is that this problem usually happens just over the Alps!! Who knows...maybe the Burmuda Triangle has been relocated??!! I think that my memory is fine (the computer...not my personal memory.....) as I have lots left and have 8GB RAM. I am pretty good at running system checks on most days to defrag and realign files. As I said to Jess, I do plan on taking in the computer in a for a service in a couple of weeks and while I am at it, I know that they have a good system to check for any virus issues that may have eluded my anti-virus. I know that there some people here who are great with the hassles of flight sim and am hoping to see if anyone else can give advise. If so, it may now help the two of us with having the same issue! Martin