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  1. Just Flight are now working on the PANAVIA Tornado F.3.......checkbook alert!!! https://www.justflight.com/product/tornado-f3
  2. My ...errr....'rear end' makes a very different sort of music!!!
  3. When you can't quiet reach the high notes when singing.......
  4. A couple of interesting items of news that may have slipped under the radar for some... Razbam have released a TacPack version of the A-7 D/E Corsair II. While is available to purchase, it is still being refined. (Yes, I have it!!) Aerosoft have added the Lightning F.53 to their F.6 package. It even includes the rare desert camouflage version, which is very nice. I bought mine from FSPilot Shop and as my account for the Lightning was still valid, when I downloaded it again, the F.53 was included. Yey!!
  5. Just spotted a forthcoming Caravelle on the Just Flight website. I remember seeing those at Heathrow in a day a LONG time ago when they actually encouraged plane spotting!! Now...where is that HS Trident that I am wanting.... https://www.justflight.com/product/sud-aviation-caravelle-iii Martin
  6. I guess that the important thing is that they got the flight sim itself right. By what I see, it looks nice. It had better be better than the Flight 1 version, as I have already sold my copy of that!! Martin
  7. Some great looking 'in progress shots' of the Aeroplane Heaven's Avro Lancaster. Put me down for one.....!! (Martin now starts humming The Dambusters theme tune!!!) https://www.aeroplaneheaven.com/product_lanc.php
  8. Over here in the USA, a fanny is someone's, errr...bottom! Presumably you are thinking of chocolate muffins!!!!
  9. Some containers are more attractive than others.......
  10. Here's a blast from the past.......(I wonder remembers this??!!)
  11. Where did his poop go...? Where he sat or in the USS Enterprise....just asking!!!
  12. PC Upgrade

    OK...some of you guys know that I have been having problems with my PC. I kept getting error messages on the updated MilViz F-4 Phantom and it was suggested that I may need a more up to date video card. So, last week I took the plunge! I took the PC into a well known computer store and they installed a 2GB video card, which was a BIG upgrade from my previous one. They also did a bit of work on maintaining my ageing PC. On Saturday evening, I was informed that it was ready, so off we went to pick it up! When I got back, I found out that the VGA connector on the new graphics card no longer connected the VGA connector on my screen. So, we did a quick QRA scramble back to the store to try and get there before it closed....I arrived just as the doors were closing but managed persuade the guy to let me in! I spoke to one of the techies and he realized that the VGA was slightly altered from the older version, but I could get an adaptor to solve the issue. Guess what...they did not have one! I was told that I could order one online, but I had already been without my PC for a while and was somewhat annoyed that I was not informed of this 'little detail'. I asked what my options were and in the end, I decided to part with even more money and buy a new screen which was HD, to match up with the video card. It was also an LED screen as opposed to LCD, and a bit bigger so that was an upgrade too. So...back to my understanding wife who was waiting for me in the car. While I was fuming at the extra expense and multiple trips needed to sort the issue out, once I got things set up, my anger subsided. The screen was actually pretty cool...the picture was clearer (and larger!). The graphics card was able to handle things better with the flight sim being a lot more fluid and less stutters. OK...the FPS are not as high as I had expected, but they are a lot better and it handles clouds a lot better, which used to bog things down before. Of course, I can now fly my MilViz F-4 Phantom without error messages! Now....I will have to install the TacPac for it soon, and start bombing practice! The moral of the story is that things can be very bad, get even worse, but good CAN come out of it in the end!! Martin (now a happy chappy!!)
  13. Some updated pictures of the progress being made on Just Flight's Avro Vulcan. It is certainly looking good. https://www.justflight.com/product/avro-vulcan-b-mk2 Martin
  14. PC Upgrade

    Hi John My PC is an HP Pavilion and has a 2.6 Ghz quad core processor. It is a few years old now. I think that it was bought in 2012. It runs on Windows 7, 64 bit. I have FSX Gold Edition. I can now run the Mil-Viz Phantoms alright, but prior to the new video card, I kept getting error messages. When the Phantom was first released it was alright, but the constant updates by Mil-Viz did something to it. The Mil-Viz Phantom really is something special and I love it. I have both the Naval and Air Force version, along with TacPac for the F-4E. I also have the ADV set for the F-4E, but have yet to try that! If you like the F-4, the SSW F-4B/N is also great. Actually, I have had less problems with that than the Mil-Viz version, but I do think that Mil-Viz has helped SSW in some parts of the development. Despite the new card, I still get occasional times when flight sim freezes, but it tends to get cranky after I have it installed for a few months, and tend to have to do a full reload. Maybe I am also getting too many things loaded onto it at one time. On a parting note, what is interesting is that I have the Mil-Viz F-15E, and that one kept crashing FSX! It is a shame as I really liked plane too. I have not tried it with the new card yet, and plan to soon. Strange, eh? I hope that the info helps and good luck with the F-4!
  15. PC Upgrade

    Andrew I think that you are right! It certainly is a VAST improvement over my old one, and combined with the new monitor, things are looking up. What is difference it makes being able to see proper clouds AND have good FPS!! Best wishes from a COLD USA!! Martin
  16. The squid joke reminds me of a test that a teacher sets for her junior school pupils....... Q. Describe an octopus. To which one pupil answered..... A. It is a sea creature with eight testicles!!
  17. Seen on the wall of a toilet (restroom) cubicle... God is dead.....Nitzsche Nitzsche is dead......God.
  18. FSX buildings at airports

    I was wondering how some buildings end up in bizarre places in FSX? For instance, I have control towers put in the middle of a runway when the airfield is now owned the Army. Hangers are impossibly close to a taxiway and when ATC send you to a runway and if you follow their directions, you are doomed to a collision. Also, what is it with going to the refueling area...? The pumps look like they belong at a gas/petrol station for cars?! Can these easily be deleted as it looks so unreal? Martin (wanting a bit more realism)
  19. FSX buildings at airports

    Hi Alan I watched some of the tour over Bognor on the website link that you posted. It looks great. It was interesting to watch how they edited it too, as I am learning about editing videos at the moment! It certainly holds true that England has 'green and pleasant lands'! Best wishes Martin
  20. FSX buildings at airports

    Thanks for that info, John. I will have to look into that!
  21. Happy birthday Lucy! I hope that you are having a great day! Best wishes Martin
  22. Sim addict?

    I have been tempted by Train Simulator from time to time (I am of that age when I can remember steam trains), but have not pursued it. I have found that there is a LOT to learn on FSX and even more that you can do with it to keep you more than busy. I have a lot of planes in my hanger and it takes a lot of time to learn how to fly each properly. I also have a lot of books waiting to read and sometimes I tie in a book with a plane on FSX. I have been reading a bookazine on the Spitfire and finished it yesterday, so recently I dug out one of my FSX Spitfires and have been having a blast with that...... Hang on....there's the scramble bell indicating an air raid.....must dash to save the country..... Martin
  23. Happy Birthday Phil White

    Belated birthday greeting from Indiana. Hope it was a good one!! Martin
  24. Toilet humor at its best!!!!! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5271389/Man-discovers-having-poop-knife-isnt-normal.html
  25. Tiger Tonka

    Great. Thanks, Alan!