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  1. WOW! This REX Sky Force 3D is GREAT! Okay, I am still learning as there is a lot to take in, but the clouds are so realistic and the thunderstorms are much better than the native FSX ones. What I really like too is that I am getting better FPS than the standard FSX weather, even when getting full cloud cover! It like the difference between an old TV set and a 1040 HDI TV!! One of my best add ons...........! Martin
  2. Thanks to all you guys for your input!!
  3. One of my favorite anecdotes from WWII was given by USAAF bomber pilots....... "If you ever get lost over Europe, look for the biggest, blackest cloud and under it is sure to be England" Martin
  4. LOL @ Needles. I went to Scotland a few times when I was in the UK. At one point, I had a driving job and had to drive all the way from Nottingham to the east coast of Scotland in the evening, stay overnight then drop off at Edinburgh and Glasgow and back to Nottingham. Shame that the weather wasn't better!! Martin
  5. Great read, Needles! It shocked my American wife when I took her to the UK and she saw that there were hardly any Union Jack flags. Here in the USA, the American flag is everywhere and it is a very patriotic country. I must admit that I like that!
  6. I had seen a review of Pilot 2 ATC in PC Pilot, and it looks to complicated for me! Thanks for your reply though! Martin
  7. Ok...so the ATC is not that good in the native FSX. What alternatives are there? Please note that I do NOT have a head set, so I would need something that gives written instructions, like FSX. Thanks. Martin
  8. Belated birthday greetings, Chief! Hope you had a good one! Martin
  9. Ok.....I decided to invest in REX Sky Force 3D and have just installed it today. By what I have seen so far, I am impressed. It certainly does a 'mean' thunderstorm, that's for sure. I guess that I should say thanks to Jessica and her review in PC Pilot, which persuaded me to make this choice!! Martin
  10. Thanks John. That makes sense, as I seem to recall when I got FSX about 9 years ago, the real time weather was not too far off. I start to wonder when London has snow in June, though! Thanks for your help guys.
  11. (Martin doing his best to impersonate Basil Fawlty from the episode 'The Germans') "Don't mention the TSR2!"
  12. Bet you'll be buying the Just Flight Vulcan when it is released, Steph? I can't wait....
  13. I thought that the whole ethos of the JSF and F-35 program was for an affordable plane?!! I think that it was a BIG mistake to retire the Harrier when they did. I bet there was still more life in it. Sure, it was an old design.....but so is the B-52 and that is still going strong!