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  1. Happy Birthday Phil White

    Belated birthday greeting from Indiana. Hope it was a good one!! Martin
  2. Toilet humor at its best!!!!! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5271389/Man-discovers-having-poop-knife-isnt-normal.html
  3. Tiger Tonka

    Great. Thanks, Alan!
  4. Tiger Tonka

    Thanks Alan.
  5. Tiger Tonka

    Good one! Now where did you get that repaint? Is it for the Just Flight Tornado? (I am somewhat a Tornado fan and have lots of photos of Tornadoes in special paint schemes at various airshows!) TIA Martin
  6. Happy birthday Lucy! I hope that you are having a great day! Best wishes Martin
  7. How does Good King Wenceslas like his pizza done? Deep pan, crisp and even!
  8. Ok...not quite jokes but it can be funny. It's cold here in the USA and somewhat windy in the UK (OK...who ate all the beans!!), so I want to encourage some nice warm fuzzy feelings and was wondering about cute/funny things that your pets do. When in the UK, I had a budgie (parakeet in the USA). Anyway, I taught him to talk a bit and one phrase he got the hang of was 'Merry Christmas'. One day, the news reader on TV said 'Merry Christmas'. Charlie the budgie, turned to look at the TV and said' Merry Christmas'. It was so cute and funny. Over here in the USA, we have a family of four cats. Coco is VERY small, despite being a senior cat. Kobi loves to chase a ball and one time it got underneath some furniture which was low to the floor. Kobi tried but could not get it. Coco went underneath, retrieved the ball and gave it to Kobi...so cute! Martin
  9. I was watching one of the Star Wars movies last night and it got me thinking....... If Yoda sang would it be like yoda-ling!!!
  10. Happy Birthday JAllard

    Happy Birthday John....hope it's a good one!! Martin
  11. Q. What's the difference between a brussel sprout and a booger?! A. You can get a kid to eat a booger!
  12. Seasons Greetings

    Merry Christmas to all the wonderful people here on Mutley's Hanger. Have a great time and watch out for Santa and his reindeer while flying on the simulator over the festive period !! Best wishes Martin
  13. A well known maker of women's sanitary products is now issuing a limited edition with a sprig of mistletoe in each box. You have to be quick though, as they are only available for the Christmas period!!
  14. You are right John. Dogs have masters.....cats have servants!!! Time to feed the cats........must dash!! Martin
  15. Lol! Cats are great really...we have four at the moment (one died about two years ago), so we have our hands full looking after them! We have two black cats, one white and one gray.