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    You know....planes remind me of church. See behind me.....? Those curtains.....?...Isn't that the confession booth for Catholics...?
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    I like flying in makes me closer to God somehow!! So, how would a ride in a submarine make you feel......?
  3. Thanks Joe. I would be interested to see your views once you have had a bit of time with the Hunter.... Regards Martin
  4. Just Flight Hunter FSX - A Quick Look I guess that any aviation fan can see that the Hawker Hunter looks very attractive and if you grew up in the 1960’s (like me), you may recall seeing them at airshows, making their distinctive ‘blue note’ as the power winds up! A few years back, I bought the Flight 1 version of the Hunter and it was pretty good. However, when I found out that Just Flight were to do a Hunter, I decided that the old one had to go and Just Flight’s forthcoming offering was a must have. I was delighted to see in the preview pictures that ‘Miss Demeanour’ was depicted, along with a colorful 4FTS machine in the red/white/grey scheme. However, I did note that the 4FTS machine had the ‘Sabrina’ pods underneath the forward fuselage, along with the cannon. These are deleted from the 4FTS machines and the cannon ports faired over. Unofficially, these machines were referred to as ’GT 6’s’ as they were quicker than the ones with the Sabrinas. I decided to inform Just Flight of the error, got a thank you e-mail and was told that the information would be passed on to the Hunter development team. I was therefore delighted when I saw their new video, that they had corrected the error and that the machine looks to be accurately depicted….. So, to make things clear, I am not a professional reviewer and I have no connection to Just Flight (apart from what I just said), so this is the initial opinion of a casual simmer who just happens to like Hawker Hunters and other airplanes. I did wonder how this offering would turn out after the teething problems of Just Flight’s Tornado and Hawk, but I decided to buy it as even if there were issues, I knew that Just Flight would make it good in the end! I am pleased to say that things are good right from the start! The cockpit looks to be suitably weathered and looks as though it has been lived in. The seat belts are well depicted and look the part. There is amazing detail on the airframe. The grills on the fuselage are modeled in 3D and look very realistic. The flaps have very realistic interior detail and the pilot looks around while in the plane. All very good!! There are options to start ‘cold and dark’ or just do the usual 'ctrl + E' route. There are options to select weapons and this is where I have a possible issue. Choosing the weapons is not a problem, but if bombs are carried, they are shown on the inner pylon and the fuel tanks on the outer pylon. I would have thought that the bombs would have been on the outer pylon…? Anyway, I don’t like the Hunter with bombs….it’s a fighter in my eyes!! Cranking up the engine, it is nice to see a turbine glow and is good to hear that ‘blue note’. Funny, even though Flight 1’s machine was supposed to depict it, I never heard it. On Just Flight’s depiction, you can’t miss it! I did note while taking the plane for a flight, that you had to keep an eye on the speed as it could drop without you noticing, inducing a stall which is not quite so easy to get out of due to older engines being less responsive that the more modern ones!! Yes…I crashed and burned!! Another thing to watch is that if doing aerobatics, be gentle on the stick, otherwise you will stall here too! This because of the high position of the tail plane and if the angle of the attack is too great, the airflow over the tail plane is disrupted by the main wings. The controls are nice and crisp, so doing a hesitation four point role is not too much of a problem. The plane does have a tendency to climb unless you trim it down a bit to achieve level flight. Landing was pretty easy without any major things to watch (apart from that speed!). I did note that ‘loading the plane up’ does have an effect on performance, which is what it should do in real life. In closing, I MUST mention the color schemes….the real star in my opinion is ‘Miss Demeanour’. It is looks so colorful and I am so pleased that this one was included. As mentioned, a 4FTS machine is included, several typical RAF machines in the usual variegated camouflage, an all-black machine from the Black Arrows, an all blue machine from the Blue Diamonds and much more. I do feel though, that this flight sim is deserving of an extra livery pack or two, as there were so many operators of this very attractive plane. (Hint to Just Flight!) Verdict….I love it!!! P.S. I am a bit short of time, so will try and do some screenshots in the next day or so! UPDATE I have now posted some screen shots on FS Snaps. Enjoy! :-)
  5. Dang! You beat me to letting the people here know! I just bought it, so guess what I will be doing today!!! I will try and get some screen shots up later today...probably this evening (USA time)!!
  6. Wow!! Just flight have a new video on their website with the 4FTS machines WITHOUT Sabrinas and the cannon ports faired over!!! I can't wait until it's released!!
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    Sneak preview of the Bud Lite advertisement for Super Bowl 2018.....
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    New devise now available to stop dogs mating.....
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    New line of dog umbrellas fails to take off......!
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    Boldly going where no dog has gone before........
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    We have a winner!! I am giving this one to John....I just love it!! Well done......over to you now!!
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    Ok guys and ladies....I know that at least one of you has a wife and I have four!! Here is Lily in a nice let's see what caption you can come up with.....
  13. I used to make model aircraft prior to moving to USA and I was us to doing research to get things just right....... Cue my new life as a flight simmer...I am soooo looking forward to Just Flights new Hawker Hunter which is close to release. notice one glaring error...the 4FTS machine has Sabrinas!! Research shows that these were NOT carried and the gun ports were faired over. They were unofficially known as GT6's, as they were the fastest without the add ons!!! I have been in touch with the said company to point this out and the info has been passed to the development will they take notice or not??? Whatever they still looks fantastic and I just can't wait to get hold of Miss Demenour!
  14. A bit windy over here too...I had Mexican yesterday!!! (Sorry...couldn't resist!!!)
  15. I can't say that I can put my trust in the F-35, but there is some video footage of Su-27 Flanker(s) at Groom Lake! Maybe we could use those!! I am kind of hoping that Donald Trump will reopen the F-22 production line, as he is keen for the military to get better stuff.