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  1. Boeing KC-97G Stratotanker

    Thanks very much, Jury. It is much appreciated.
  2. Boeing KC-97G Stratotanker

    Wow! That looks nice. Where do buy/download you find that plane? TIA Martin
  3. New Avro Lancaster for Flight Sim........?! https://www.justflight.com/product/bomber-crew
  4. Another Reason FS Flying is Safer

    There is a small village in the UK called Tiddleywink! I drove through it a few years ago and got a photo of the village name sign. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiddleywink Martin
  5. More SSW woes

    Thanks Brett The whole SSW/Just Flight combination set up is a bit odd. You buy from JF, you download from JF and once you have loaded it onto FSX and entered the purchase number, it goes to SSW (which I think is in Italy) to get a passcode. For some reason, it passes on your computers details (specifications I think) to SSW. Because of the time difference between Europe/USA, this can take a number of hours to get an authentication code back. Anyway, they claim not to have the details from my computer once I loaded it, and said that I could authenticate it manually, which looks complicated to me. Maybe more experienced people would have no problem, but I think that the whole system and their attitude sucked. I should not have to do this when I paid more than $40 for the simulator. I have since got a refund from Just Flight. Seeing as the previously purchased F-104S got through alright and I eventually got the manuals I will keep that, but the F-104G which had more color schemes is no more! I guess that I will save the money for the Just Flight VC-10 which I am looking forward to! Martin
  6. More SSW woes

    Some of you are aware of the 'fun' issues that I had with the SSW F-104S. I decided to try the F-104G, which is my preferred version anyway and see if I could purchase that one alright WRONG!. I ordered it yesterday and as I had not got the authentication code by this morning, I contacted them. They claimed not to have got the info from Just Flight, who sell on their behalf. This being the case, they could not send me the authentication code and I had to do it manually, which looks very complicated. Quite frankly, I feel that their attitude sucks. I informed them that the manual installation process looks complicated and they did not want to know. So.......if you want a SSW F-104, while the model may be nice (at least the F-104S is), be prepared for the possibility of a LOT of hassle from what are feel is a unprofessional outfit. I have asked Just Flight for a refund and also suggested dropping SSW products. Just Flight deserve much better. Martin
  7. To those going to Cosford.

    For those of us who could not go to this event :-(, are the goodies such as Mutley's Hanger mouse mats and mugs available to us over here on the other side of the pond? Would be nice.... obviously, I do not mind paying. Martin
  8. F-14D - USS Nimitz

    Nice! Regards Martin
  9. Dogtrack Hmmm....that's odd. I seem to do okay with mine. Sure, it's not easy to land as it has no flaps, so I usually stall a bit prior to getting to the runway! I can fly it quite a distance though prior to trying to land! Anyway, that one is now about 15 years old, so a more up to date one will be welcome as far as I am concerned. It is after all, an iconic British plane. I am still waiting for JF to do a Buccaneer and Jaguar though......
  10. To those going to Cosford.

    Dang! I could have been an official photographer too if only you had paid my air fare, hotel bills, car hire, food, (oh! and for my wife to come too!). I am by no means expensive!! But...to be serious: To all who are going....have a great time!! Martin
  11. Oooh...! At last....... JF are doing the Vulcan again! About time we had one which is more up to date....I want one!! Please hurry up JF!!! http://www.pcpilot.net/2017/10/05/vulcan-inbound/
  12. That s'not funny , Alan!!!
  13. Why do women close their eyes when kissing? Because they don't like to see a man enjoying himself!!
  14. Today's grumble....

    I like a Coke or Pepsi with my Chinese food! Mornings don't exist until have I have had my coffee! Martin