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  1. Maybe this is what flight sim will look like in a few years...?
  2. Just been browsing on FS Pilotshop and noticed that Aeroplane Heaven have done a Helldiver.....looks interesting.....can I resist....???
  3. It's hard to believe that the UK was once a major producer of GREAT aircraft. Over the last years, they have made lots of very expensive mistakes and cancellations. Alan has already mentioned the Harrier, which was retired far too early, then there is the cancellation of the TSR 2 (just don't get me started on that one!! ), the Nimrod MR4A and the failure to develop the English Electric Lightning to it's full potential 'because in the future, it would be not manned interceptors, but missiles' wrong they were! Martin
  4. I would to wish all members a very happy Easter. Best wishes Martin P.S. Don't over indulge on those chocolate eggs!!
  5. OK..this is NO joke. As you know, I moved to the USA. When my wife and I flew back to the UK to vacate my flat, we flew into Manchester. The lines were not clearly marked, so my wife lined up with me to go through customs. To cut a long story short, he told her she was in the wrong line and I explained that she was my wife and the sign was not clear. He responded 'So!' When I explained this was how things were done in the USA where we had come from, he went berserk and sent me to the back of the line and her to another line. When I got though, he would not let me wait for my wife and told me to get out of the room. I waited by the door (just inside the room). He yelled across the room (full of people) 'I SAID GET OUT!!!" Man..I was so livid. He refused to identify himself. He said that his boss was on a break!! When I made a formal complaint in writing, the security footage had been wiped and they could not find a person fitting my description! This is wrong on so many levels. I was so shocked by his behavior. So much for the Human Rights Act which says about treating people with dignity and respect!!
  6. That is hilarious!!!! Now we need one to remove ISIS from the Middle East...guess that will be a bigger set!!
  7. Join In!

    OK...this one has gone quiet now, so I have picked a winner (Drum roll...................................................) And the winner is Brett with his line 'How not to instill confidence at financial institutions' Congratulations Brett.....over to you.......
  8. Just looking through the forum, I see that Red Barron has a new job!! Congratulations!!! Some people mentioned about the perfect job, so let's open things up and let me ask..... 'What would be your perfect job....'? Me...? Well, I like photography and taking photos of planes, so a job such as Jamie Hunter's taking photos of plane's in action, while in the back of another plane would be high on my list!! Guess my health would prevent that, but one can dream....!! Maybe travelling the world to take photos of planes from the ground would be more realistic....? Martin
  9. Maybe I am using the wrong wash cycle and shrinking in the wash???!!!!
  10. Yeah...that IS a great movie. We have it!! Also, the soundtrack (CD) is very good too! If I had grown up in the USA, I think that I would have done basket ball at school. After all, I had the height. I was 6ft 3ins when I was at school....I am now 6ft 2ins........ (Maybe I had too many crashes in flight sim.....) Martin
  11. Ha, ha, John!! ' Favorite adopted Hoosier'...I love it!!
  12. Well, that is another birthday under the belt! It seems as though they come around more quickly these days!! The original plan had been to visit the USAF Museum on or around my birthday, but the weather put that idea on hold. My plans are to take some photos of the CV-22 Osprey as it is now on display. I am sure that my wife will take me there in due course......Incidentally, the photo of myself in a cockpit is taken at the USAF Museum, which incidentally, is well worth a visit!! The birthday itself was quiet (apart from a lot of 'thunder-boomers') as my lovely wife had taken me out for a special meal a couple of days before. (We had heard that inclement weather was on the way). However, I did have a nice birthday cake!! So, so thanks once again for all your birthday salutations. It is great to be part of this community. Martin (another year older or should it be another year stupider!!!!)
  13. Hi Guys Wow....many, many thanks to all for the good wishes. It is much appreciated. I meant to check in earlier, but then I got distracted by some bad thunderstorms (with more to come). I guess that the weather is wishing me happy birthday too!!! Martin
  14. Join In!

    Ok...thanks. I must admit that there were some good ones. I must admit that I really like Captain Coffee's 'Hello, my name is Indigo Mousetoy. You killed my father. Prepare to die' Maybe if you have not seen a certain movie, that one would escape you! So......let see your best efforts with this one...Incidentally, I did take the picture many years ago (I try and use original photos to avoid any potential copyright issues)....
  15. Join In!

    (In best Clint Eastwood accent). 'Go ahead punk. Make my day'!! Sorry...couldn't resist......