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  1. Join In!

    When our boss asked to go and shoot bears, I did not know that he meant with a gun!!!
  2. Join In!

    Intrepid photographers find a new way to keep fit and avoid gymnasium costs!!
  3. Join In!

    ''This sure wasn't in the job description for the photo shoot''!
  4. Join In!

    Our last photo shoot together was un-bearable!!
  5. I didn't know that horses liked baked beans!!! Good one....
  6. My neighbor went to the gas (petrol) station earlier today. The guy was smoking a cigarette and as he was pumping the gas, his arm caught fire. The policeman was standing nearby (as it happens!) and he put the fire out. The neighbor was then charged by the Cop for having a fire-arm!!
  7. I do hope that you are joking.... Mind you, I still think that Prince Harry looks more like James Hewitt than Prince Charles!! Conspiracy.......
  8. Ha.. ha!! Say 'cheers' instead of 'Thank you' here in the USA, and they give you a funny look! Actually, I like the expression. As for shopping trollies...well a trolley is a bus and a trolley is a cart!! Just don't go to the store and ask for some fags, otherwise you might end up in hospital..... The joys of having to be 'bi-lingual' in English!!! At least we have 'feet and inches' and gallons instead of metric!!
  9. Hmmm...why does she hate you saying that??!! I thought that home delivery was nice. Mind you, the alternative was me being sent out to do the shopping, even at the age of around 11 or 12. Mom was sick...we had no was tough. The best home delivery was the baker...freshly made cakes. Also, the baker was nice and hewould take me for a ride in his van while on deliveries. Oh...the innocent days back then when there were very few untrustworthy characters!!
  10. I used to live in Bingham, Nottinghamshire. I visited Matlock a few times in the early 1980's.
  11. Yep....I remember those days of milk delivery as I lived in the UK. In fact, I was in the county next to you, Phil :-)
  12. I used to have wavy hair.....a few years ago it waved and said goodbye!! When I complained to a friend that I was getting bald, I was told to tattoo a rabbit on my head.....she thought that from a distance it would like a hare!!
  13. It's not much fun having to act your age!!! Why is it that when in Walmart, I get the urge to move the KY jelly with the other jellies, just for the heck of it!!! Maybe it is my silly sense of humor!!
  14. Isn't it related to a rabbit...???? Martin
  15. Perhaps as well as a calendar for birthdays, we need one for wedding anniversaries.....after all our 'significant others' deserve a mention for putting up with our hobby.......(and for serving us drinks on the flight deck!!) (Half serious suggestion...I would be up for it about others.....??) Martin