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  1. Spitfires

  2. the Huns

  3. Milviz P-38L

    I've upgraded a few of my paints that came with the original package for FSX, but that were not included with P3D:
  4. Milviz P-38L

    There were some of my paints included in the package, but I uploaded a few more: Mon Amy: Peggy Ann: Aboob: Italian Air Force: Sweet Sue/Nellie Ann:
  5. Fokker F50

    the very nice model by Carenado, it's even easy to paint, well, for a Carenado aircraft
  6. P3D default P-38

    Prepar3D came with a free copy of the Milviz P-38L, and I noticed that the stars and bars was missing from one of the booms. Just before I wanted to start laughing I realised that it was one of my own paints...oops! I did not even know one of my paints comes standard with P3D, but I feel mighty proud about that, apart from that missing roundel of course, so I made an update: now with roundel! Go here to download if you want your default P-38 to be complete.
  7. Finnish formation

    Don't you just love alliteration?
  8. B200 King Air

  9. B200 King Air

    two paints I just uploaded on OZx:
  10. Fokker F50

    two Brazilians
  11. Douglas DC-6

    two Finnish aircraft:
  12. Douglas DC-6

    For the PMDG model
  13. B-26 Marauder

    two more for the same squadron: and I added the text to the nose art after the above shot:
  14. B-26 Marauder

    paints for Milton Shupes wonderful model
  15. RealAir Spitfire

    a squadron mate (GW-M) for an earlier paint (GW-B)
  16. RealAir Spitfire

    I just finished uploading a series of paints for the RealAir Spitfire, you may have seen some of them in other threads. Schreiner target tug: http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/5508-realair-spitfire-ix-schreiner-ph-nfo/ MK805 of the Italian Air Force, currently in the museum in Vigna di Valle: http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/5503-realair-spitfire-ix-italian-air-force-mk805/ 'Eleonor', the aircraft of Major Jared, CO of the 309th FS/ 31st FG http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/5505-realair-spitfire-ix-usaaf-31st-fg-eleonor/ MK151 WR-F of 40 squadron, SAAF, based in Italy, december 1944. http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/5507-realair-spitfire-ix-saaf-40-sqn-mk151-wr-f/ MK210 as flown by Lt.Col Gustav Lundquist of the USAAF, Test Section, Boscombe Down. He made an emergency landing on Greenland while returning to the UK from the US. The Spitfire had been testing long range tanks at Wright Field. While waiting for spare parts, a mechanic, sgt Petta asked if he could paint nose art on the aircraft. When Col Lundquist returned, this was the result. On return to Boscombe Down, the noseart was removed and hung above the bar in the officers'mess. http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/5506-realair-spitfire-ix-raf-mk210/ MJ586 LO-D of 602 squadron, flown by the French ace Pierre Clostermann (19 confirmed victories) during July 1944. http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/5504-realair-spitfire-ix-raf-602-sqn-mj586-lo-d/
  17. Punkie & Bonny Bea

    I use aitracker x. You fly one plane, the other follows
  18. A few marauders

    A few more
  19. Spitfires

  20. RealAir Spitfire

    MN-M, another 350 (belgian) Sqn aircraft
  21. B-26 Marauder

  22. Warbirdsim P-51D

    A2A doesn't work in P3D, so it is back to Warbirdsim (which looks better too!)
  23. Warbirdsim P-51D

    Thank you, this will be the next set: