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  1. B-26 Marauder

  2. B-26 Marauder

    paints for Milton Shupes wonderful model
  3. Marauder

    Milton Shupe seems to have hit another homerun.. the B-26 Marauder
  4. Hunter

    enjoying my recent Hunter paint around Brussels:
  5. Warbirdsim P-51D

    A2A doesn't work i P3D, so it is back to Warbirdsim (which looks better too!)
  6. Hawker Hunter

    For the Hawker Hunter by Dave Garwood, available on Classic British Flight Sim
  7. such a bad experience,.....

    I'll let you finish
  8. Gloster Meteor

    Here's a paint for the Meteor Mk.8 by Just Flight, showing the personal aircraft of Colonel van Eeckhoudt, the CO of 350 squadron of the Belgian Air Force in 1957.
  9. Gloster Meteor

  10. Douglas DC-6

  11. Douglas DC-6

    For the PMDG model
  12. more Spitfire

    the Real Air spit has never looked better than in P3D I think..
  13. spitfire

  14. TWOTTER from Innsbruck

    very nice!
  15. spitfire

    indeed it is, and it works and looks just fine I think
  16. Duck

  17. Douglas DC-6

    more love then:
  18. Brain & Brown

    playing with the PMDG DC-6, now do II put black stripes on the wings, or don't I?