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  1. A few marauders

    A few more
  2. RealAir Spitfire

    MN-M, another 350 (belgian) Sqn aircraft
  3. B-26 Marauder

  4. Spitfires

  5. Warbirdsim P-51D

    Thank you, this will be the next set:
  6. Warbirdsim P-51D

  7. Fokker F50

  8. Piano keys

    were the markings for the 20th FG Mustangs. I did a few paints earlier, and two new ones complete a quartet of the 79th FS, MC-B 'Panty Waste / Snuggle Bunny' and MC-L "EK and JayBee" with the earlier MC-U 'Georgia Boy' and MC-T 'Sneebo':
  9. Warbirdsim P-51D

  10. Fokker F50

    one more in the paintshed:
  11. Red noses

  12. Fokker F50

    this will be the next:
  13. Fokker F50

    the very nice model by Carenado, it's even easy to paint, well, for a Carenado aircraft
  14. Avianca