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  1. Just uploaded G-PBYA on the Aerosoft forum, go here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/4767-aerosoft-catalina-g-pbya/
  2. I'm currently on my way to one of the more remote parts of Australia, so I fear you'll have to be patient. Back in about a week JK
  3. I've upgraded a few of my paints that came with the original package for FSX, but that were not included with P3D:
  4. Prepar3D came with a free copy of the Milviz P-38L, and I noticed that the stars and bars was missing from one of the booms. Just before I wanted to start laughing I realised that it was one of my own paints...oops! I did not even know one of my paints comes standard with P3D, but I feel mighty proud about that, apart from that missing roundel of course, so I made an update: now with roundel! Go here to download if you want your default P-38 to be complete.
  5. two Finnish aircraft:
  6. two more for the same squadron: and I added the text to the nose art after the above shot:
  7. a squadron mate (GW-M) for an earlier paint (GW-B)
  8. Don't you just love alliteration?
  9. I use aitracker x. You fly one plane, the other follows