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  1. Commando

  2. Beavers

  3. Milviz Beaver

    finally uploaded that French beaver: and added an American:
  4. PMDG releases DC-6 Cloudmaster

    Oh dear, and me almost ready to travel to Oz for a month....it will have to wait I fear.
  5. Milviz Beaver

    work in progress:
  6. Midsummer flights

    Nice ones!
  7. 250s

    Nice weird paint, cool shots!
  8. Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina 9767

    I spoke to a Cat pilot once who told me:" flaps? We don't need flaps, we're so slow, our only worry is bird strikes...from the rear!" Lovely shots of a lovely bird.
  9. Milviz F-100D

    Let's see if this works: fssnaps I mean, and it seems to work, excellent!
  10. a Swede

  11. Couldn't choose

    no reason to choose, they're all nice
  12. Milviz P-38L

    here's one more reason to get acquainted: P-38J-25-LO 44-23627 'Kozy Koza', pilot 1st Lt Sam Plotecia of the 392nd FS, 367th FG, 9th AF. The artwork was based on a picture of Sam's girlfriend, taken on the beach. The artist didn't forget to depict the ball and the steam boat floating in the background. After the war Sam Plotecia married the girl from the picture and they lived together till his death in 2004. Nowadays Anastasia Plotecia (her maiden name was Koza) lives in Maryland.
  13. Big bird

  14. Milviz P-38L

    P-38J-20-LO 44-23511 "ARKANSAS TRAVELER" from the 392nd Fighter Squadron, 367th Fighter Group, 9th Air Force, flown by James Owen Fincher, from Camden, Arkansas James Fincher was born December 24, 1920 in Camden, Arkansas. During World War II he flew 62 missions as the pilot of the P-38 Lighting named "ARKANSAS TRAVELER". James Fincher passed away aged 92, on October 28, 2013 at the Ouachita County Medical Center, Camden, Arkansas. link to paint: http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/6131-milviz-p-38l-arkansas-traveler/