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  1. time for another Hun:
  2. very nice, Dolf!
  3. This is something to explore Belgium with, oh, and it is the same aircraft as the previous one!
  4. here's the same aircraft, 15 years later, overflying my own house near Brussels: still needs some tlc, but nearly there
  5. two more paints, both variations on a previous theme: G-AHEL as it looked in 1963, between operators, and without titles: and 48-609, the MATS Connie as it looked in the 1990's, before it went to Korea:
  6. here's "Uncle Joe's Chariot", the personal aircraft of General 'Vinegar' Joe Stilwell, commander of the China-Burma-India theatre of operations:
  7. two more paints now available: Typhoon MN875 EL-B of No 181 Squadron, a regular mount of Flt.Lt. Robbert 'Bergy' van Zinnicg Bergmann while 181 was based in Helmond, 1945. Van Zinnicq Bergmann was a cavalry officer at the start of the war who managed to escape to England, arriving there in 1942. He joined the RAF, flying Hurricanes, Spitfires and finally Typhoons, first with 181 and later with 182 squadron. He stated: 'for me, the Typhoon was love at first sight, of all the aircraft I had flown, this looked by far the most agressive'. His agression as a pilot earned him the DFC and a promotion to Flight Commander with 182 squadron. After the war, he became aide-de-camp to the Dutch Queen, in the end serving three queens as Lord Chamberlain. He died in 2004. and with the last (totally imaginary) paint I included updates for the AH 245 & 440 squadron repaints that had wrong flap textures. They now look like this:
  8. for the Typhoon:
  9. and a few more for all Tiffie fans
  10. here's a few more Typhoon paints I just uploaded on OZx:
  11. Resistance is futile...
  12. Thank you! Preview of the next paint: