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  1. thank you! One more for now, this one was based on USS Leyte in 1946.
  2. Here you go, good fun!
  3. It is indeed
  4. More? Here you go:
  5. and this one too: you'll find them on Ozx
  6. thank you! Brett, no cockpit shot (yet), I was too busy with the exterior:
  7. I do apologise...but nice screenshots! snif, no F3F for me...
  8. thank you! It's actually four different aircraft of the same squadron: all with subtle changes in camouflage scheme apart from the different registrations etc..
  9. the Huns are coming...
  10. Thnak you! But it turns out I had the colours completely wrong, sometimes being colorblind is not that useful.. Anyway, currently working on a series of 308 TFS F-100's:
  11. time for another Hun: