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  1. I was driving to work one day when the CEO called me on my mobile. "You're promoted to assistant manager,"he said. I got such a surprise I swerved to the left. A few minutes later he called again and told me I was promoted to manager, and I got such a surprise I swerved to the right. After another few minutes he called again and told me I was promoted to regional manager. I got such a shock I swerved again and ended up on the grass verge. The police turned up and asked me what happened. I told them I'd careered off the road. (Tommy Cooper)
  2. Bay Area Dusk Tour, C152-II

    Nice flight and shots.
  3. I'm very much looking forward to their Falcon 50.
  4. Agreed. Those who criticise Carenado because they're not PMDG/A2A quality are far outnumbered by those who are just frustrated at a developer who fails again and again to get the basics right (which is why I only ever buy their products during sales). Note too that many of these complaints are fixed by other simmers, and in a short time, which goes to show that what's being asked of Carenado isn't really an awful lot.
  5. It's interesting to read this because the review I did of the Tomahawk (for the now-vanished Aerosoft Sim News) required more work than I anticipated. Not just in terms of flight testing but also in terms of putting thoughts together as in: what do I really think about X? Is it reasonable to expect Y? Am I being too hard on the developer? Am I going too easy for fear of being unfair? Etc. Nailing your colours to the mast is easy enough...the tricky bit is deciding what colours to nail. In my experience anyway. I'd link to the review but it has disappeared, although I still have my own copy.
  6. Guess the Aircraft

    It goes to show how not seeing the whole picture can fool you...I thought it was photographed from the back!
  7. Guess the Aircraft

    Agree. EA-6B Prowler I'd say.
  8. I have to agree, particularly when combined with quality control that is at best dysfunctional - from the customer's point of view - suspect it works fine for Carabeo. @Andrew Godden Andrew, you are right. I've just checked and it does work that way. I re-downloaded mine recently so maybe they fixed it in the meantime, I'm sure it didn't do that before, and Bert Pieke (see Brett's point #4 ) never mentioned it when he sent me a fix for it. That said, their aircraft look terrific, and at sale prices they aren't a bad buy. I weakened in the end and picked up the Malibu (350P) and B350i and I like them so far. Regarding the 350i gear lights, I can probably cannibalise some from another King Air and create a pop-up for that purpose. It only needs to be called up once per flight anyway...
  9. Hi guys and thanks for the further input. I may have given the wrong impression above. When I say what is modeled should work, I mean what the developer has designed to work, should work, not that everything that is visible should work. I have enough Carenado aircraft in my hangar alongside A2A, Milviz and RealAir GA aircraft to know what I can realistically expect from each developer. Non-functioning circuit breakers are not an issue, because hardly anyone does them. Things like avionics that can be started up without the battery being on are irritating, but are something I can live with, as are other minor quirks and annoyances. Some things, however, should go without saying and I would put functioning gear indicator lights in that category. Another example would be anything they have mentioned in the promotional blurb as being a feature. A case in point; the ADF in the Alabeo Tomahawk can't be tuned. They still haven't fixed it, despite saying they would. Otherwise their Tomahawk is a great little aircraft. I wrote a review on it for Aerosoft and I was surprised myself at how much good I had to say about it. The developers said they would fix the issue, but they still haven't. There is a difference between quibbling about details and being dissatisfied with substandard quality control, and there is a point at which understandable lack of depth from a mid-range developer becomes sloppy QA. Please don't mistake this for an anti-Carabeo rant. I have real affection for some of their aircraft in my hangar, particularly the Mooney M20J, Cessna 152, Cessna 182Q and their steam gauge King Air 90 and 200, and also the Navajo, which I have just picked up and is very nice. @Tim_A Agreed, and it's only at sale time that I buy their stuff too, but I still look out for mines . The Navajo has always been a particular favourite of mine and the King Air even more so. The main reason I'm thinking about their King Air is that I fear our sun will have gone Red Giant before Milviz get around to releasing theirs, and dammit the Carenado ones look good. @Andrew Godden Andrew, I hope I clarified the where I come from regarding expectations, and thanks for your comments about the King Air. Maybe I'll take a punt on it. @Captain Coffee Likewise regarding the Malibu. Thanks again, gents.
  10. Thanks all. I'm specifically interested in the basic Mirage, but what I'm more interested in is the inevitable Carenado issues.
  11. I'm considering the B350i and the Piper Malibu Mirage. Does anyone know the extent of the problems* with either and whether there are any fixes? I know about the gear down light problem with the 350i and it's a no sale for me if there's no fix for it. I don't look for PMDG-level modelling, but what is modeled should work. Note that I don't say "are there any?"
  12. Caption the picture!

    Cub Pilot: "You sure you want me to taxi in front of the Skyvan?" Tower: "Yes...he's not hungry...he just had a microlite for lunch"
  13. Caption the picture!

    Now that's a big-ass balloon...
  14. Caption the picture!

    The trouble with getting a fast turnaround in some countries is that baggage handlers insist on having their meal breaks right on schedule, no matter what else is going on.
  15. Caption the picture!

    "I told you I could get it to sit up and beg...wanna see see it roll over?"