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  1. Join In!

    Film crew discovers the dangers of making commercials for John West...
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    "Ok guys very funny, now bring back the ladder. We're not going anywhere until you do."
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    "..and the the CFI said I'd be a natural at STOL...I wonder how he knew..."
  4. Join In!

    Some good entries there. The laurels for this one go to...(insert much too long reality-TV-style pause for artificial tension)...Mutley!
  5. Usually 30-45 minutes, rarely more than 1 hour. When I start flying the big iron I might go for longer cruise times since there's more "stuff" in the cockpit to look at and play with.
  6. A recent study has shown that six out of seven dwarves aren't happy.
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    "I feel a bit bad...I told the nervous lady across the aisle that God can't hear her players because of interference from the entertainment systems." (Not a contender, obviously)
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    Hmmm...my muse seems to be on strike this week, so I'll try this: (Natrually, any lines from the actual episode will result in disqualification, heh, heh.)
  9. A chess player is wandering around the city between games at a weekend tournament, when he is approached by a hooker. "Hello love, fancy a good time?" she says. "You bet!" he says, taking out a pocket set "What's your grading?"
  10. When you click "Export" which folder is it automatically opening?
  11. Jesus said to them, "Who do you say that I am?" They replied, "You are the eschatological manifestation of the ground of our being, the kerygma of which we find the ultimate meaning in our interpersonal relationships." And Jesus said, "What?"
  12. I think that explains the design...
  13. Ah...got it. How did I miss those...?
  14. Hi John, I can probably get some Irish airport charts if you'd like to upload them... Regards, Paul
  15. A bit like making jokes about dwarves with learning difficulties. It's not big and it's not clever.