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    "Better give it a tip or it might drop a bomb on us."
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    Pilot: "Bloody adrenaline junkies...why can't they just sit inside like everyone else?"
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    Some good entries there, but this one wins it. Over to you, Captain...
  4. Son: Dad, why is my sister called Teresa?Dad: Cos' your mum loves Easter - it's an anagramSon: Thanks dad.Dad: No problem Alan.
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    Put Jeremy Clarkson in the trainers and you'll double the viewer numbers...
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    Sorry about the delay guys. Have a go at this one...
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    Thanks Mutley. I'll put something up in the next day or so. Paul
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    Betrayal: Telling your kids there'll be Big Macs and fries on the plane.
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    "...and then I woke up in a cold sweat. It was the worst nightmare I've ever had," said Michael O'Leary.
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    "Officer, I'm glad you're here. Someone stole the leaves from my tree..."
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    Police finally track down the notorious drugs kingpin Pablo Escobear. (Sorry)
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    "Speeding? Me? You're having a laugh mate..."
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    ...and on Monday, the CEO noticed something that made him think the board was less than appreciative of his efforts.
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    "Take this cat to cuba."
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    Film crew discovers the dangers of making commercials for John West...